Samsung responds to iPhone 6 with premium metal & glass Galaxy S6, counters Apple Pay with Samsung P



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    Whay was the outcry from Android users so loud when the iPhone doesn't have removable batteries, nor SD Cars slot? It must be a large number of users who wanted this on their 'Android' phone, seeing this being repeated over and over as to why the iPhone was a 'dumbphone'.

    Vocal minority.
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    Really, people in this forum should be nicer to Android for making the business case to Apple for NFC, notifications, slide-up control panels, multitasking, customizable keyboards, turn-by-turn GPS navigation, larger screens, home-screen widgets, and a user-addressable filesystem. Oh. Right. Apple hasn't "innovated" those last two from Android yet. I love my iPad, but will keep my Android phone until Apple finishes playing catch-up.

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    So where are all the complaints about the top and bottom bezel? And the camera bulge in the back. I seem to remember when the iPhone 6 came out a lot of fandroids mocked the bezels and camera bump. My iPhone 6 barely rocks at all on a flat surface. The GS 6 does not lay flat. Oh and how about all those who mocked iPhone because it didn't have micro SD, removeable battery and wasn't waterproof. They're all completely silent now. image

    You seem to be taking this personally. Repeat after me: "You are not your phone."  Ok, good.


    That said, the forums are full of unhappy people (like me) that consider lack of expandable memory to be a deal breaker. HTC proved with their One m8 and m9 that a unibody design could still accommodate a memory card. Unfortunately the new m9 also moved the power and headphone jacks to wrong sides of the phone, and the camera (like the smaller iPhone 6) doesn't have OIS for decent low-light shots. I'd gladly trade a camera bump for a nicer camera. Also, given that Samsung abandoned the 810 for their own chipset because of overheating issues, I'd be surprised if the m9 doesn't either have similar issues, or else low performance due to underclocking.


    I'm hoping the LG G4 doesn't make the same compromises.

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    Good points. I didn't see any complaints about the chin and forehead on other forums. I also didn't see anything about the excessive camera budge. I did see someone ask if that large area for the lens in sapphire, like the iPhone has been for years. I'm guessing it's not because thats a big piece of sapphire.

    If you layed the s6 flat and tried to tap on either edge, it's would rock on the table, much worse than the iPhone
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    The Galaxy line has had similar prices to the iPhone for a long time now.

    This phone is going to have horrible battery life, though. Look at its specs; it's got a quad-HD display and only a 2550 mAh battery.

    Has a 14nm SoC!  That means battery consumption will be 30-40% less. 

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