Analyst predicts 1M Apple Watches sold over launch weekend, 2.3M by June



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    I figure you can get whichever size band you'd like a la carte, but I wonder if this means you can choose the band size independently of which Watch size you get during pre-order.  Imagine how any SKU's there would be =0

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    Originally Posted by friedmud View Post


    Several of the bands have multiple sizes.... even for the _same_ size watch (38mm or 42mm).

    Yes, what a logistical nightmare ... are they going to estimate based on averages how many small, med & large configurations they need on some models to send into the supply inventory, or will they take pre-orders and fill them based on those numbers? It seems like they've given themselves two weeks to pack boxes accordingly.


    I'm sure Apple has it under control as they are masters at managing the supply chain, but wouldn't it have just ben easier to sell the watch and the band separately? I suppose there's a risk that someone might opt for a stainless or gold band on a Sport, and supply would run out for the matching watch, but it seems unlikely. Most people want their jewelry to match finishes.

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    Originally Posted by Benjamin Frost View Post

    However, I'm prepared to lower the bar due to its accessory status. Nonetheless, it does mean that if they fail to hit 10 million, it truly is a failure.



    I tend to think that if they can get 5 Million sales and keep getting 5 million sales then it will be a hit because it will soak up all the developers working on watch applications.    This is about the future a few years down the road when you can have a phone on your wrist.   If users want a bigger screen they can choose to carry an Ipod touch or iPad that will connect to the phone via blue tooth.

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    Munster has never had an accurate call yet. There's no substantiation for his prediction This is a new Category for Apple and there is no way to guess what customers will do
    Time will ttell but certainly not Munster
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    Originally Posted by BUSHMAN4 View Post

    This is a new Category for Apple and there is no way to guess what customers will do

    While that may be technically true, certainly Apple did a certain amount of guesswork to decide to even enter into this market. Surely they expect a certain threshold of customers for it, unless they decide to label it a "hobby" like the ?TV, merely to lay the groundwork for some future wrist-phone.


    It will certainly sell well. But nobody NEEDS an ?Watch. It's not like a smart phone, which arguably everybody needs, and at which subsidized price point Apple competes on an even playing field. So I agree there really is no way to guess how wildly Apple may succeed. But it seems reasonable to assume it will not share even the same kinds of launch numbers as any other new product category Apple has introduced this century.

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    The Apple Watch certainly did make some of the established watchmakers sit up and notice them eh... Considering people were saying that wearable technology is still unproven and existing players (notably Samsung) is not doing well, bla bla bla...

    And while the actual debut date is April 10, I wonder when it will come out in Malaysia and Singapore... Looking forward to try one out when the Watch makes its way here!
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