Apple Watch preorders, 12" MacBook sales go live with limited availability [u]

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Apple's online storefront reopened at midnight on Friday to accept Apple Watch preorders and sales of the new 12-inch MacBook, kicking off global sales of two hotly anticipated products.

The Online Apple Store returned to service after going offline for Apple Watch preorder preparations Thursday night, but showed extremely limited availability for the device, with many models shipping in four to six weeks.

Supply for Watch started out severely constrained, it appears, as the only models quoted to ship by Apple's promised April 24 date being the 38mm Apple Watch Sport and, for a few minutes, the 42mm stainless steel version. The 42mm Sport variant was quoted at four to six weeks out, the same dates currently applicable to the stainless steel Apple Watch lineup. Apple's rose gold Apple Watch Edition ships in May, while customers buying the yellow gold version will have to wait until August.

MacBook supplies are less constrained and all configurations of Space Gray, silver and gold color schemes are shipping within one to three days.

In-store Apple Watch previews kick off today at brick-and-mortar Apple Store locations and specialized boutiques around the world including colette in Paris, Dover Street Market in London and Tokyo, Maxfield in Los Angeles and The Corner in Berlin and select Apple Authorized Resellers in China and Japan. Reservations are already live in Australia, East Asia and Europe.

Unlike Apple's most recent iPhone launch, preorders went up on time, though some users had to order through the Apple Store app instead of Apple's Web interface.

Those planning to buy an Apple Watch can read AppleInsider's preorder guide to get a handle on their options.

Update: Half an hour after preorders went live, Apple Watch launch supply is nearly depleted, though 38mm Apple Watch Sport showing availability for April 24 shipment. According to the Online Apple Store, 42mm Apple Watch Sport and mid-tier Apple Watch models ship in four to six weeks, as does the 38mm stainless version. Space Gray stainless steel Apple Watch models have been pushed to June and both rose gold Apple Watch Edition variants now ship in July.

MacBook availability remains high and only spec'd out gold versions have been pushed out three to four weeks.


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    nolamacguynolamacguy Posts: 4,758member
    well that was easy. ran thru the process twice and got two. used the app.

    ordered the 38mm SS with leather strap, email sent 12:03, it ships on time. the second one was a space gray sport, but by 12:05 it's 4-6 weeks already. Apple must be "constraining" that one on purpose, eh? heheh, jk.

    guess I should have ordered the grey sport first.

    just scheduled at appt to try some on for Saturday...
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    boltsfan17boltsfan17 Posts: 2,294member

    I had to use the app and was able to get one. Looked at the store and seems all the watches are 4-6 weeks delivery now. 

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    well it looks personal pick up was not available for sport watch???? delivery was only option 4/24 -5/8 expected ship date
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    dachardachar Posts: 330member
    I have ordered a space grey sports watch immediately the store went online in the UK at 8.01 AM. Delivery time 4 - 6 weeks or 2 May, 2015 - 26 May, 2015 by Standard Shipping
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    4 to 6 weeks for both Sport sizes for me.
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    phone-ui-guyphone-ui-guy Posts: 1,019member

    The web site took so much longer to come online. I'm glad I checked the app or it could have been worse. May 13 - May 27 

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    boltsfan17boltsfan17 Posts: 2,294member

    Originally Posted by Phone-UI-Guy View Post


    The web site took so much longer to come online. I'm glad I checked the app or it could have been worse. May 13 - May 27 

    Yep. Best to always use the app for product launches. It always is available before the website. 

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    owen35owen35 Posts: 15member
    My wife chuckled at me thinking "I was crazy" to up this late to get the 42mm Milanese. The site didn't appear until 12:13 and I ordered fast with a ship date in the middle of May! I can only imagine the wait time if I had ordered in the morning (like most human beings).
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    alphafoxalphafox Posts: 132member

    Ordered two using the app as soon as it would let me, 42mm Sports black and 38mm sports pink. both say 'Delivers 4/24 - 5/8. guess I was lucky!! makes up for my iPhone 6 Plus order I couldnt get in on time... :)

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    brobcbrobc Posts: 8member
    I'm just here to gloat. Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Gray expected on my doorstep on April 24th. I used the app and it was smooth.
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    alphafoxalphafox Posts: 132member

    now the website says June!

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    I got in at 3:02 EDT (via iPad), and placed the order for the 38" Black SS; yet, it said "Available to ship in June." Obviously there's a serious supply constraint on this one.


    Changed it to my second choice, the regular SS w/Milanese Loop. Will deliver between 4/24 - 5/8.

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    nolamacguynolamacguy Posts: 4,758member
    boltsfan17 wrote: »
    I had to use the app and was able to get one. Looked at the store and seems all the watches are 4-6 weeks delivery now. 

    I'm not seeing that yet - some sport and SS SKUs still available.
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    alphafoxalphafox Posts: 132member

    the sports says june while the SS says 4 - 6 weeks currently.

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    Got in fast with the app, but the Apple Pay option threw me off my game (recently had to have a credit card replaced and hadn't updated it in Passbook). Still got my 42mm Sports White with 4/24 - 5/8 .

    All others saying 4-6, but I notice the Black 42mm Sports says just "June". I figured that one would be the "chase" model.
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    Why even have a "Launch" date if what they really meant was... we will ship your watch when we feel like it. I stayed up all night and ordered right when it came online and I got the 42mm black stainless and it says it is shipping in JUNE!!!!!


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    Started trying the Apple store on both the phone and the Mac at 2:58. No joy as 3:01 rolled by. Finally got into the app at 3:06 and ordered the 42 Milanese. Delivers "April 24 - May 5." Attempted to use Apple Pay.. because well you know.. it's an Apple service. My address would not verify. For any of the 5 cards I have in Apple Pay. Had to manually enter the CC info with the same address Apple Pay was showing. This crap would not have flown 5 years ago. Back then stuff HAD to work. (BTW the online store finally came up around 3:11 EDT)
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    sockrolidsockrolid Posts: 2,789member

    Space Gray 42mm Sport with black Sport Band, 4/24-5/8 delivery.

    Ordered on my iPhone through the App Store app in about 10 seconds with Apple Pay.

    Favoriting that model a few weeks ago really sped up the order process.

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    Got it! 42 SS with white band. Kept refreshing the Apple Store app and everything went smooth. I was really hoping for an in store pick up option, but at least the shipping says 4/24 - 5/8. Can't wait!

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    I was able to order a 42mm sport with white band and it is supposed to deliver between 4/24-5/8. Problem is, I wanted store pick-up, but it would not allow that as an option. It would on,y allow me to have delivered to my home. Unfortunately, in my city, that means that I may never actually get it. We have had the worst package delivery record of anywhere. No idea IF or HOW I can fix it. #applefail
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