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    Alexandre LeboucherAlexandre Leboucher Posts: 2unconfirmed, member
    The one thing that never gets discussed is the companies behind these products. 

    Where do you go for support? The company or the carrier?
    How does a Android phone manufacturer support the OS or does it?
    Who repairs the device if it gets broken?
    What kind of turn around time is a repair and how long is the warranty on the repair?
    How long is the warranty and what about coverage for accidental or liquid damage?

    If you have to go thru your carrier for support then no way is it worth it, even if it was a free phone.
     I wouldn't want to pay a deductible to get a rebuilt device with 3rd party parts that might fail prematurely and then I have to pay another deductible to get it replaced again. 

    With all of the efforts on the right to repair your own device being advertised, no one talks about how, in general, you never see a manufacturer authorized repair place for Android phones. You either take it to a quickie repair place or send it somewhere and wait for it to be fixed or worse, pay the carrier to give you someone else's broken device that was refurbished.

    Some might argue that Apple does that when they replace your phone. Not true. Apple gives you a rebuilt device (by Apple) or a new device.
    Apple doesn't care since both are from them and they are the manufacturer, so no 3rd party parts.   A refurbished device from your carrier comes from a 3rd party that takes broken or liquid damaged devices and rebuilds them with non OEM parts. 

    When I shattered my screen I got it repaired in 7 days including shipping delays. Very good RMA, service done by approved repair-centers in the US. OnePlus also provides a coverage similar to applecare.
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