It is past time for Bloomberg to retract or unequivocally prove the iCloud spy chip story



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    All this time on from its original earthshaking claim, Bloomberg is staying quiet and hoping we'll forget about it. That doesn't sound like a news organization with a fantastic story and it doesn't sound like a responsible news organization either. It's making Bloomberg sound much more like a news organization whose desire for attention overrode its journalism.
    You mean like every single other news organization in America now?  Including CNN, FoxNews, ABC, CBS, and NBC?  All any of them care about is clicks and views.  None of them care one whit about fair and accurate reporting anymore.  It is quite a shame.
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    AppleExposedAppleExposed Posts: 623unconfirmed, member
    normm said:
    Welcome to the club. Now that your ox has been gored, maybe you will listen a bit to people who don't believe that the mass media is accurate or truthful as a whole.
    This is not the mass media, this is a single bad actor, Bloomberg.  This seems to me to be a deliberate anti-Chinese rumor blown up into "news" without any physical evidence.  How could Bloomberg publish an article about spy chips everywhere, without first finding a single spy chip anywhere???  

    Science works by a skeptical and reproducible search for physical evidence; conspiracy-theories advance by ignoring physical evidence and scientific consensus in favor of confirming prejudice.  This is a conspiracy-theory.  There are plenty of mistakes and inaccuracies and laziness in the mainstream media, and even some lying for profit, but there is not a coordinated conspiracy.  I don't understand, for example, how people can believe that all climate scientists and mainstream media are conspiring to invent a fake climate crisis, and only the spokespeople for the coal industry are telling the truth.

    Dude, it's anti-Apple.

    Anti-Apple IS mass media.

    avon b7 said:
    I think the same way as expressed in the article. If you are going to publish stuff like this you really need something solid to support it.

    On the face of it, it seems there is no evidence to back the claims up. The only thing I would accept as reasonable for the silence would be pressure from government for national security reasons but we would probably not get wind of that for a long time. That would pre-suppose the claims were more or less correct but admitting to them publicly would do more harm than good but that veers too wildly into conspiracy theory for me.

    Meanwhile your knockoff iPhones/knockofff iPads that stole tech from Apple are freely data mining users and no one gives a sh**. But but but FACEBOOK!!
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    lkrupp said:
    muaddib said:
    The story was probably hatched by Definers
    You know, I never put 2+2 together on that idea but now that you mention it I wonder.

    What does that mean?  What are Definers?
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