Apple plans new 16- to 16.5-inch MacBook Pro in 2019 aimed at pro designers



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    HwGeekHwGeek Posts: 15member
    How much longer you think Apple will wait for Intel's new 10nm CPU's? 
    for Macboock Air they can go for their own chip, but what about MacBookPro? Another round of overheating i9 8C/16T?
    I am sure they would love New AMD APU with Vega graphics like they are used too with very slim body, what could be the breaking point for them? they already stopped counting on Intel's 5G modems- what next?
    If they keep using Intel they will be force to make higher Z height case for better cooling and better keyboard, or go for slimmer design with 7nm APU's that gonna run cooler and going to be cheaper for them.
    Intel must have good 10nm chips for them by now so they can release new Macbooks till end of year.
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    As an accountant, miss the 10 key on the 17" MBP.  Haven't bought an Apple MBP since, for obvious reasons. 
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    DuhSesameDuhSesame Posts: 665member
    henrybay said:

    From my experiences though, most talks about the butterfly keyboard I've found so far are way hypocritical.  I'll say it's more a love-hate relationship because when it works it's great.  Key travel is enough once you adjusted your typing style, which to me better be gentle and quick.  Keycaps can be disassembled with ease once you learned how which way easier than what everyone tries to say.  Two major flaws are reliability and tolerances, I don't need to mention about the first one, but the latter cause some keys click different than others, which is irritating.  Finally, the keyboard can be disassembled from the top case, which means you can take it off and get it completely clean, but that's very time-consuming, to me this is a bit ridiculous.
    It’s true you can get used to the shallow travel of butterfly keyboards, just like you can get used to cramped airline seats. But it’s much harder to make this adjustment after you’ve tried business class seats. The contrast is stark. For example, if you want to be reminded just how bad Apple’s butterfly keyboards are, try typing on a Lenovo X1 Carbon for a few minutes and then return to the MacBook. The X1 offers a deeply satisfying, tactile experience with good key travel - whereas the MacBook feels like typing on a kitchen counter. It feels dead to the touch. 

    I have an older MacBook Air which has a great keyboard, and I certainly won’t be upgrading to a newer model until Apple completely redesigns its keyboards. 
    I saw the travel as a difference, not a compromise.  When you moved from familiar to something new, it takes time, hence why I said “adjusting”.
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    Arne VimanArne Viman Posts: 1unconfirmed, member
    Even a 17 inch is realistic given how mechanical advances today allow the actual display to extend close to the physical width of the case. So it could be more compact than the original 17inch in width height and *much* thinner/lighter. Time has come for a realization with today's technology.
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    orthorimorthorim Posts: 158member
    mjz2325 said:
    I do hope it's the 16.5" option, as this would be so close to a 17" that it would meet my screen needs. I'm using a 2011 17" at the moment, and I won't upgrade it because of the lack of decent screen-size availability. If Apple are genuinely going to do this, maybe they're finally listening to us!
    I want a 16+ one too but have been running my retina 15" at 1920x1200 - same resolution as my previous 17", just slightly smaller pixels ;)
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    fastasleepfastasleep Posts: 3,171member
    cpavilla said:
    As an accountant, miss the 10 key on the 17" MBP.  Haven't bought an Apple MBP since, for obvious reasons. 
    There was no 10 key on the 17" MBP... 
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