Dancing in the streets?

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So i hear on the BBC news this morning that the people of Bahgdad were dancing in the streets this morning, peeing on images of Saddam, trying to rip down his statue(s).

do you think this is an honest reaction?


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    haraldharald Posts: 2,152member
    Yep. Ding dong, the witch is dead.
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    I'm watching a bunch of Iraqis with a rope around the neck of one of the biggest statues of Saddam in Baghdad, right before the Palestine Hotel, trying to pull it down.

    Well, good.

    I always said that this campaign would be quick, bloodless, and popular.
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    Oh look, now they've put the American flag over his face.

    Way to fück up a symbolic moment.
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    That's more like it: stars 'n' bars down, Iraqi flag up there now instead.
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    Bring that bitch down!
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    Originally posted by Hassan i Sabbah

    Oh look, now they've put the American flag over his face.

    Way to fück up a symbolic moment.

    very stylish me thinks.

    i hear that red, white, and blue is the new black.

    it's all the rage.
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    Oh, get ON with it, marine.

    I have work to do.
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    Right. If this regime isn't changed in five minutes I'm turning the TV off.
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    He's wobbling.
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    THat marine with the US flag was a moron. You'd think they'd understand the political situation at least basically.

    Our troops seem to be much better at blowing shit up than at pulling down statues. They've been working on this shit for an hour. I don't think it is even a very good statue. He looks more like Lenin than Saddam.
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    They're dancing on the motherfuurgh!
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    danmacmandanmacman Posts: 773member
    Hell yeah! It's in the Bagh baby!
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    They're gonna have to work on their rock throwing skills if they are gonna play the same role in our post-modern Oil candyland as the Palestinians do.
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    I'm going to buy some chocolate.
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    Oh, er, I mean, what a SICKENING victory for US imperialism.


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    fangornfangorn Posts: 323member

    Originally posted by Hassan i Sabbah


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    Heh. Come on. It's Saddam. I'm allowed to be glad. He was, after all, the planet's biggest wanker.
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