FINAL MWSF Predictions: The writing on the wall

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NOTE, 1/5/02: This thread was created before the slogans began. Upon further thought on the matter, it's possible that all the slogans point to a very fast machine that's capable of winning a bake-off with a PC. It's been done before, so that's nothing new, BUT Big Daddy S.J. said Apple would be *closing* the Mhz gap. This implies that Apples will soon match the Mhz of PC's. All things considered, I believe that Apple and Motorola aren't ready to release a G5, or ANY chip that can get to 2.2Ghz. All that said, my original predictions stand, slightly modified.

It's probably reasonable to assume that nothing else will be released or updated until MWSF now. After the recent update to the TiBook, miscellaneous rumors and articles, FCP 3 being released, etc., what are your final predictions?

Mods: Please lock this thread shortly before the keynote.

The Rules:

-- 1) Write only your thoughts on what you REALLY think will be released, updated, etc. IOW, serious predictions.

-- 2) Please only one post per user. Edit your post if your predictions change.

-- 3) No arguing or replying in rebuttal or support of someone else's prediction. This thread is not for discussion (goodness knows there's enough of those already), but predictions only.

-- 4) Please be fairly detailed. Don't just say "LCD iMacs and G5's," and leave it at that. Make your best prediction of basic specs.

My Predictions:

Steve walks out: "2001 was a great year. I'd even venture to say that it was the best year Apple has ever had. We released OS X AND X.1, two amazing portable computers, Final Cut Pro 3, yadda yadda yadda. Now we're looking to the future, and we believe that we've promoted this event as something worthy of what we're going to show you this morning. In fact, we were so excited about what we're releasing at this Expo, that we wanted to bring it to you a day earlier. So let's get started..."

Preview OS X.2 available early March.

Tout OfflineRT in FCP 3, demo FCP 3

Release & demo iMovie 3

-- OfflineRT, Better audio editing, in/out points, etc.

-- Available for $29.99 or free in new machines.

(But what ARE the new machines, Steve?)

Introduce new PowerMac Apollo G4's:

867Mhz/256MB DDR/60GB/Superdrive/NVidea GeForce 3/$1699

1.1Ghz/256MB DDR/80GB/Superdrive/NVidea GeForce 3/$2299

1.3Ghz/512MB DDR/100GB/Superdrive/NVidea GeForce 3/$2899

Dual 1.1Ghz/512MB DDR/100GB/Superdrive/NVidea GeForce 3/$3499

Steve: "These machines are FAST! And to demonstrate, we have [fill in the blank] from Adobe with a demonstration."

-- Mac to PC bake off

-- Preview of Photoshop X.

Steve: "Although a lot of software is now native in OS X, there's still more that you want. Today, we have some new key programs for you to use natively in OS X."

-- Intros Macromedia guy with Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash for OS X.

-- Probably a couple other companies.

Steve: "So we've updated the PowerMac G4. I bet your wondering about our displays."

Price drops:

15" now $499

17" now $799

22" now $1999

Steve: "So all of our computers have LCD's across the line -- except iMac. Today we're going to change that. Since it's release in 1998, iMac has had the same basic form factor, and it's served millions of schools and home users very well. With the advent of the LCD display, we wanted to redo the iMac, and that's what we have to show you today. Introducing iMac LCD:" Now with Sahara processor.

600Mhz/128MB/40GB/CD-RW/15" TFT/Gigabit Eth./$1099

700Mhz/256MB/60GB/CD-RW/15" TFT/Gigabit Eth./$1399

800Mhz/256MB/80GB/CD-RW/15" TFT/Gigabit Eth./$1599

-- Other features: 15lbs., 1foot square footprint, Indigo/Snow/Crystal colors

Steve: "So we've updated the Power Mac, iMac, previewed OS X.2, released iMovie 3, and dropped our display prices. You would think there's nothing left. But...we have ONE MORE THING. Presenting:

The "iPod Camera" & iPhoto software

Camera: Based on same architecture of "iPod MP3", 3 Megapixel camera, 1.5in. LCD screen. Can ALSO play MP3's, and connects to iPod MP3 for extended storage. $499.

Software: Simple image editing incl. red-eye-reduction, titles, cropping, rotating, color correction, brightness/contrast, yadda yadda. Avail. on new Macs and free from Apple web site.

I know I'm off on some of the specs for the camera, IF it even is coming.

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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member

    Processor: 7460

    Speed: 867Mhz, 933Ghz, 1Ghz, Dual 933Mhz

    RAM type / Bus: DDR-RAM, 233Mhz

    RAM installed: 256/ 256/ 512/512

    Optical Drive: CD-RW / SuperDrive / SuperDrive

    Video : 4X AGP with the same old **** GeForce 2MX across the board

    Case: Same as QS

    Price: 1999,2499, 2999, 3599 &lt;---Yeah...Apple wants to rip off their customer again.

    Running Photoshop. A 1Ghz G4 is 20% faster than 2Ghz P4



    Processor: New IBM Sahara processor

    Speed: 600Mhz, 800Mhz, 900Mhz, 1Ghz

    RAM type / Bus: SD-RAM / 133 Mhz

    RAM installed: 128/128/256/ 256

    Optical Drive: CD-ROM / CD-RW/ CD-RW / Combo

    Video: ATi Radeon 16MB VRAM

    Case: New case with 14" LCD for the others

    Price: 999 / 1199 / 1399 / 1599



    No change until after Spring Break


    On the software side......

    OSX 10.2 preview

    OS 9.2.2

    Adobe demostrates Photoshop 7

    ps. I DO hope we would see G5

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    IBM "sahara" (4stage 512L2 256bit ) is likey to BLOW past G4 7450's at similar clock speeds, in non Altivec stuff (not that there is much) should do alot for notebooks less power and way more speed. if G4's haven't scaled well? we may not see em for a while. whatever it is it better be good.

    G4s-same case (needs sound input come on)

    866,933,1000 all get some kind of cheaper GF3

    imacs-???case GF2mx

    733,800,866 or 700,800,900 if no new board



    ti book


    who knows they need a lot

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    If the forthcoming powermac is what you've both stated above in term of speed... then I won't buy one..

    MWSF will be a huge let down even worst than the MWNY 2001..

    Here is what I expect



    1.1 dual

    All based on an Appolo

    At last, a new case with two full size front bay (Quicksilver IS NOT a new case but just a slight design change)

    DDR 266

    ultra ata 100 or better

    and a new kind of tranfer technology between the CPU and the motherboard

    The GeForce 3 ti 500 as a built to order

    I know that we have to be realistic but the cofigarations stated above are very depressing don't you think so guys?
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    addisonaddison Posts: 1,185member
    LCD iMacs with G4 top model will have superdrive.867,933,1ghz

    Powermacs in a new case and G5 processors. New case will have two optical drives. The new 10.2 disk burner has a disk copy function which is usless if there aren't two optical drives. 1.2,1.4,1.6ghz

    Ti and iBooks to get speed bump, but nothing else.

    I have no idea about prices.
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    cobracobra Posts: 253member
    Here goes:

    1. G4 Apollo Powermacs"

    Speeds of 933, 1 GHZ, 1.1 GHZ

    Dualies on the 1 GHZ

    HD's - 60, 100, 80

    Optical - combo, super, super

    Ram - 256, 512, 256

    ATI Radeon 8500 across the board!

    Also, faster bus, DDR ram, Firewire 2

    Same case basically

    Price: 1699, 3499 (Dual 1 GHZ), 2499

    2. LCD iMacs

    15" LCD on all models

    Speeds of 700, 800, 900 G4's!

    HD's - 30, 40, 60

    Optical - CDR/W, Combo, Combo

    Ram - 256, 256, 512

    ATI Radeon 7500 across the board!

    Price: 1099, 1349, 1599



    iMovie 3



    Some kind of new digital device.


    That is all!


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    What happened to the G5 hype??

    I still believe there will be a PM G5.




    1.0 GHz G5

    256 MB DDR


    GeForce 2MX


    1.4 GHz G5

    256 MB DDR


    GeForce 3 or Radeon 8500


    dual 1.2 Ghz G5

    512 MB DDR


    GeForce 3 or Radeon 8500
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    I'm not gunna be overly optimistic, set for a letdown if so (worse/better possibilities)

    I'd expect:

    G4 867/933 (x6.5/x7.0)

    G4 1.2ghz (x9.0)

    DP G4 1064 (x8.0)

    Everything gets bumped a good 200-300mhz, and I am happy

    Let the G5's roll out in July. Frankly, July fits me best, as rev B's in Jan - I'll be in the market for a powermac then! Rev B G5 @ 2000mhz DP multicore all the shnitz! hehe (jk about multicore...)
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    PRESS RELEASE - 01/08/02

    [quote]Apple Macintosh breaks the gigahertz barrier across the board with the introduction of a new class of powerful processors. Lead by the release of the Motorola G5 in it's PowerMac line starting at 1 GHz in the base model.

    The new Macintosh drops the "i" and is simply called the "Mac", it features a design that morphs the iBook onto the back of the 15" Studio Display. Powered by the Motorola "Apollo" chip, also at 1 GHz.

    In the portable line Apple has upped the iBook to a Ghz by using IBM's "Sahara" chip. The TiBook joins the GHz club with the same "Apollo" chip used in the new Mac.

    In a stunning "One More Thing" Steve Jobs unveiled a new class of Apple device, the Mac Pad, a "Remote Desktop" Tablet like device that uses AirPort to communicate with, and control, any nearby AirPort equipped Macintosh. Using Gigawire, the next generation IEEE 1394 specification the includes wireless transmission over AirPort cards the Mac Pad is able to display anything the host macintosh can display including DVD movies and streaming content.<hr></blockquote>

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    Here's the plan, Stans:


    G4 933 MHz/256 MB DDR RAM/60 GB HD - $1,699

    G5 1.2 GHz/256 MB DDR RAM/80 GB HD - $2,399

    G5 1.4 GHz/512 MB DDR RAM/100 GB HD - $2,999

    *** All with the next version of Firewire, new PowerMac tower case, and SuperDrive standard across the line.

    iMac - $1,099 & $1,299

    Basic Specs:

    15 inch LCD

    PowerPC G4 Processor at 800 MHz

    256 MB MB PC133 RAM

    40 GB HD

    Also new version of Firewire

    Higher end model will have larger hard drive and more memory, plus Combo Drive (not SuperDrive)

    Also, the new Mac Tablet.

    10.2-inch screen with Stylus and Handwriting Recognition

    1-inch thick

    OS X 10.1.2



    15 GB HD


    128 MB RAM

    PowerPC G3 processor at 900 MHz

    Gigawire (for screen sharing with another Mac OS Client or Server)

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    imacfpimacfp Posts: 750member

    Speeds: 867Mhz, 933Ghz, 1Ghz, Dual 933Mhz

    RAM/ mobo: DDR-RAM, 233Mhz

    RAM: 512 across line

    HD: larger

    Optical Drives: SuperDrive across line

    Video : same video card

    Case: Same case as QuickSilver

    Price: same prices

    (shipping delays on 1Ghz and 933 duals)


    Speeds: 700Mhz, 800Mhz, 900Mhz, 1Ghz

    Bus: 100 Mhz bus

    RAM: 128/128/256/ 256

    HD: 40, 60, 70, 80

    Optical Drive: CD-ROM / CD-RW/ CD-RW / Combo

    Video: Ati Radeon 16MB/ 32 MB high-end

    Case: new case except for low-end

    Screens: 15" CRT/ 14" LCD/ 14"LCD/ 15" LCD

    Prices: 799 / 1199 / 1399 / 1599


    OS X 10.2 preview

    photoshopX preview with shootout

    AppleWorks 7.0

    iMovie 3.0

    iTunes 3.0

    One Last Thing Not sure what it could be.

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    sdw2001sdw2001 Posts: 17,991member
    PowerMac G5




    266 DDR






    266 DDR



    1.6 GHZ



    266 DDR


    Airport Standard


    Dual 1.4GHZ





    Airport Standard


    15" LCD iMac

    Apollo G4@1GHZ















    ibook: Same until MWTO (then speed bump)

    PB: same as ibook (then speed bump)

    New Product: I really have no idea on this one. The Mac Tablet sounds cool.


    Announce Photoshop for OSX progress and reason for delay (being threaded for MP?)

    OSX: Sales, progress, "really happy about it", "we have listened to your feeback". Some lame demo stuff....

    FCP3 Demo

    iMovie updated possibly...but not iMovie 3...

    So, most time spent of iMac and PMG5. I know some will say a G5 is wishful thinking...but seriously, folks....this is what Apple should be building. All the components are there....the motherboard, the drives, the RAM. They just need that G5 class PPC. There is no reason on the face of this earth that Apple shouldn't be building products like above. You may think those specs are nuts....but for what Apple charges that is what they should have in them. I would also be OK with Apollo G4's at 1.0, 1.2 and 1.4, with G3's in the iMacs except for the top model. But Apple needs better components and faster processors right now. I'm tired of making excuses. 1.4 or 1.6GHZ will put Apple REALLY CLOSE to AMD (I don't give a damn how fast that POS Pentium is!).

    I won't buy unless G5's come out. One reason is that if not this MW, then definitely in July. These specs are totally possible, and they are what is needed to even be competitive...much less ground-breaking.

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    well, I'm otimistic this expo, considering Steve lenghtining the time and all:


    933mhz, 1ghz, 1.2ghz, Dual 1ghz Apollo

    128mb, 256mb, 256mb, 512mb

    60gb, 80gb, 90gb, 90gb

    Gforce2 on 933 and 1ghz, Radeon 8500 on highend

    GigaWire ports

    CDRW, Combo, Superdrive, SuperDrive

    $1499, $1699, $2499, $3000


    800mhz, 900mhz, 1ghz Sahara G3

    15in LCD , 800mhz CRT

    128, 256, 256mb

    40, 60, 80gb

    Ati Radeon 32mb, 16mb on 800 and 900

    CDRW, Combo, Combo

    $899 $1199, $1399


    10gb model, price cuts.


    Beats me....


    No change


    No change


    Photoshop X

    Dreamweaver X

    iPhot editing software
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    PowerMac G5 @ 1.2 - 1.4 - 1.6 Dual 1.4

    DDR Ram - New Improved Superdrive(faster better stronger) - Will have Choice of ATI or nVidia cards - Gigawire -

    New 19" Studio Display - elimination of 15" model

    New iPodesque FireWire Digital Camera - OR maybe even DV Cam

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    Processor: G5

    Speed: 933Mhz, 1.2Ghz, 1.4 Ghz Dual.

    RAM kind / Bus: DDR-RAM, 233Mhz

    RAM 256/ 256/ 512/512

    Optical Drive: All Superdrive.

    Video : 4X AGP with GeForce 2MX in lower two models and geforce 3 in high end.

    Case: New.

    Price: $1,999,$2,499, $3,499



    Processor: G4

    Speed: 500, 667, 733

    RAM kind / Bus: SD-RAM / 133 Mhz

    RAM: 128/128/256

    Optical Drive: CD-RW / Combo/ Superdrive

    Video: ATi Radeon 16MB VRAM, upgradeable to Geforce 2

    Case: New case with 15" LCD f

    Price: $999 / $1,399/$1,599



    Processor: G3

    Speed: 600,700,700,700

    Ram: 128 MB acrosss the line.

    Optical Drives: CD-Rom/ DVD/ CD-RW/Combo.

    Video: Geforce 2 Go in DVD models and up/ Rage Mobility in low end.


    New Digital Device
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    PowerMac G5

    1.2 GHz / 256 DDR RAM / Combo / Gigawire / GeForce3 Ti 200

    1.4 GHz / 512 DDR RAM / SuperDrive / Gigawire / GeForce3 Ti 200

    Dual 1.0 GHz / 512 DDR RAM / SuperDrive / Gigawire / GeForce3 Ti 200

    iMac G5 LCD

    1.0 GHz / 256 DDR RAM / Choice of drive: DVD-Combo-SuperDrive / Gigawire / GeForce2 MX

    Apple Studio LCD 17" / 19" / 22"

    And One More Thing?

    Tablet - iPad G4 (Apollo)

    733 MHz / 128 SDRAM / Gigawire / ATI rage Mobility


    iPhoto with iCamera (iPod Style)

    FireWire - 5 Gb HD

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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Power Macs

    - No G5

    - GHz-busting G4s in 933, and two other above-1GHz models

    - Possible dual-processor option on one or all models?

    - 256MB RAM in all models

    - No hard drives less than 40GB

    - SuperDrive on all models


    - 800-900MHz G3

    - 15" LCD (1024x768)

    - Combo drive, at least as an option

    - better video card than currently used

    - 128 and 256MB RAM

    - Will be like the iBook and have one processor speed and the line be differentiated by choice of optical drive

    - No hard drives less than 40GB

    - Glossy white enclosure...really cool-looking and SMALL. Smaller and thinner than anything predicted/mocked-up so far. It'll be a breath-taker. That'll be the "hook" small and thin it is. We'll be like "HOW in the hell did they fit all that crap in there?" because it'll look NOTHING like anything we've imagined. It'll be a small engineering marvel.


    8x combo drive bump

    Titanium PowerBook

    No changes

    AppleScript Studio

    Or whatever it was called. That thing demonstrated back in July that you can build apps with and all and automate processes.

    New iApp dealing with digital photography

    What iMovie and iTunes are to digital video and music, this new iApp is a cool, easy-to-use, intuitive basic photo editor and nice little addition to the whole "digital hub" strategy. Removes red-eyes, crops, retouches, rotates, add type to photos, borders, etc. Consumer-level "fun" photo editing for all these new post-Christmas digital camera owners

    Apple display price cuts

    15" now $499, 17" now $799, 22" Cinema Display now $1999

    "Oh yeah, one more thing..."

    I can't even imagine, but it'll be something totally out of left field, BUT something that we'll all go "of course! How come nobody's thought of that yet! AWESOME!". Some sort of non-Mac digital device, I'm sure. Beyond that, I have no clue.
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    G4 'Apollo' 1/1.2 (Duel)/1.4 Ghz

    266Mhz DDR,ATA-133

    Ati Radeon 8500/NVIDA GeForce 3 Ti

    DVD/CD-RW standard (Super Drive optional)



    G3 'Sahara' 800/900/1000 Mhz

    133 Mhz SDRAM

    NVIDA GeForce 2 MX

    CD-RW Standard(Optional DVD/CD-RW)



    No Changes

    iPod-addons (maybe Mic or Remote or 'Gigawire'?)

    Maybe new Digital Hub Product (Something with Wireless Communication maybe)

    New Displays-same sizes, new look (maybe a 19 in.)

    G5 in April

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    256/512/512MB (DDR300)

    Gigawire ( Technology)

    2xFirewire (if Gigawire isn't the wireless Firewire - else just 1 Firewire for older equipment)


    New Case (Metal Look)

    New Mouse (Metal Look)

    Pro-Keyboard (Metal Look)

    GeForce3MX and optional better ones



    60/80/100GB ultra ATA/133

    Gigabit Ethernet

    Dual Processor optional on each Model




    TFT 15"

    G4 at 733/800/867 Mhz

    128/128/256MB (PC133)

    40/40/60GB Ultra ATA/100



    Gigabit Ethernet

    New Look (metal)

    same New Mouse & Pro-Keyboard as G5 Tower

    (touch screen or handwriting recognition -

    Display can be used horizontal or vertical)



    iBook speed bump

    TiBook speed bump


    OS 9.2.3

    X still 10.1.2


    iPod update (new functionality and optional things)


    New TFT-Displays at 15",17",19" and Cinema Display at 23" or 24"


    just my thoughts



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    marcukmarcuk Posts: 4,442member

    933 Apollo

    1200 Apollo

    dual 1.13 Apollo

    266mhz ddr


    700 mhz G3 CRT

    800 mhz G3 LCD

    800 mhz Apollo+Superdrive+LCD

    iBook+Powerbook relatively unchanged

    OSX 1.2

    And one more thing...
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    [quote]Orignally posted by Macintosh:


    Processor: G5

    Speed: 933Mhz, 1.2Ghz, 1.4 Ghz Dual.

    RAM kind / Bus: DDR-RAM, 233Mhz

    RAM 256/ 256/ 512/512

    Optical Drive: All Superdrive.

    Video : 4X AGP with GeForce 2MX in lower two models and geforce 3 in high end.

    Case: New.

    Price: $1,999,$2,499, $3,499


    If the Dual 1.4Ghz G5 is with these spec and price I will ditch my DP 500G4 for it without second thought
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