Speculative doodle: New iMac design



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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,427member
    i clicked on lthis forum and got a pop up of HP stuff that i couldn't turn off for 15 secs---hey stop that
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    Does anyone think that the new iMac will have a monitor capable of being rotated and incorporate the sensor like the iphone to readjust the image into the current mode?
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    knowing apple, it will turn out like none of these predictions. Though, I do like the original mock-up very much. i think the optical drive in the base idea is also very good.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,271moderator
    Originally Posted by jtrwallace View Post

    i think the optical drive in the base idea is also very good.

    I think so too and I also think the hard drive should go in there. Keep the user serviceable components in an easy to access place (the Ram is at the bottom of the screen) and the circuitry inside the back of the display.
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    spindriftspindrift Posts: 674member
    I'd like something like this:

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    Looks very interesting and small, except:

    That keyboard would be very painful to use... carpal tunnel syndrome would become a common word and Apple would proably face a class action suit.
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    dentondenton Posts: 725member
    Originally Posted by SpinDrift View Post

    I'd like something like this:

    Unless that's a 40" screen, there is no place to put the actual "computer." It's a pretty picture, though -- and perhaps we'll see a computer like this in 10 years or so...
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    That looks like something out of minority report. But, it does look cool. Someday...
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    visionaryvisionary Posts: 118member
    I like the iPhone inspired new iMac. Good job Fagin. I wouldn't be surprised one bit to see that the new iMac looks exactly like your mock-up -- with a black stand of course. As a matter of fact, Apple is going to be hard pressed to do something better.

    My only comments and suggestions are why keep the chin and what about adding speakers? If the new iMac can lose the chin then that would be fine with me. I see no form or function to it. As for speakers, if Apple built some speakers in on the right and left side, made them black, then the new iMac would look even more like the iPhone. Plus, it would keep the desktop less complex. Add a wireless keyboard and mouse that match the black-with-chrome-edging concept and you have the best looking computer anyone has ever seen.

    As for multitouch, I say include it but don't make it manditory for operating the computer. Give people a choice and let them experiment with it. If it gets rave reviews then Apple can take it further in the next release. If it bombs, then Apple hasn't jeopardized their product. I'm guessing multitouch will work very well for some apps and not for others. It will cause a buzz in the industry and one can never have too much buzz.

    As for the old iMac designs, notice how dated they get so fast? I never have been a friend of the white plastic look and as for the initial color versions, well let's just say they were cute when Apple needed all the help they could get. However now, Apple needs to project class and sophistication. I like the current metal look of the Pro line but have to say, if Apple does the Fagin iMac, it will make the current metal Pro look dated.
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    OMG, I would buy that thing in a heartbeat! It looks gorgeous!

    I wonder if Mr. Jobs visits AI's forum pages to see how beautiful that thing looks?
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    replying to the original mock-up, I doubt it's going to look like that. at all. First of all the reports have been saying they are being designed to fit the higher-end models, like the MBP and cinema displays. But moreover, look at the diffrence between all the other iMac designs. They're all completely different, whereas this mockup looks very similar to the previous iMac. Jon Ive's going to blow us away once again with a totally new look that no one will expect.

    Oth the other hand, it does look like a pretty nice machine. Good job with that
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    aplnubaplnub Posts: 2,605member
    Originally Posted by Joel Fagin View Post

    Just a doodle in Photoshop but it struck me as being a plausible idea with a clear precedent. At any rate, having doodled it, I felt I had to do something with it so here I am. *waves*

    - Joel Fagin

    Looks great!!!!!! I'd buy it and I thought I was going to hate black. Done like that, it would rock!!
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    jonnyboyjonnyboy Posts: 525member
    Originally Posted by backtomac View Post

    The black version will have a slightly larger hard drive and cost $150 more than the white model.

    and i can laugh at everyone who wastes their money purely for image
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    I'd love this one.. but they /Apple don't really have a rep. for easy solutions. But if the ini really is on its way out, it might be a REALLY simply way off leverageing knowhow.

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    gordygordy Posts: 1,004member
    Originally Posted by jonnyboy View Post

    and i can laugh at everyone who wastes their money purely for image

    You'd go hoarse. Don't waste your breath.
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    jousterjouster Posts: 460member
    Originally Posted by Dave K. View Post

    Umm. You realize that they can make plastic that looks like chrome. It wouldn't be actual chrome, only plastic.

    Well, that looks like really crappy, cheap, fake chrome.
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    applesapples Posts: 1member
    hmmmmmmmm sleek and very promising design? any ideas if they will release that machine in that design you got there?

    i mean that pic?

    probably touch screen too.....
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    kurtkurt Posts: 225member
    Does anyone have a guess to the new specs?
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    backtomacbacktomac Posts: 4,579member
    Originally Posted by Kurt View Post

    Does anyone have a guess to the new specs?

    Sure I'll guess.

    Take the MBP specs, add a larger HDD and there you go.
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    jonnyboyjonnyboy Posts: 525member
    Originally Posted by gordy View Post

    You'd go hoarse. Don't waste your breath.

    my brother just got the black macbook!
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