Apple's iPhone to wirelessly stream YouTube content



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    Originally Posted by TBaggins View Post

    Side note #2:

    Anyone else getting tired of the AI forums being down so much? They seem to be on their back more than a Bangkok masseuse, if you'll pardon the comparison.

    I've spent a good amount of time over at MacRumors lately, not by choice, and I gotta say that if this keeps up, I may be giving up on AI.

    Great site, but what's the point if I end up going over to MR anyway half the time because AI's on the fritz again? Blah.


    It's true. The part that bothers me the most though, and I've tried to bring it up, with no response, is that we never get informed about problems. Every other site is good about that, except MOSR, which is the other reason I don't go back there any more.
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