Apple unveils iPhone 4S with A5 CPU and 4G-like data speeds



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    The keynote vid has been posted:

    Apple Special Event - October 4, 2011
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    snovasnova Posts: 1,281member
    Does it really matter what its called? They could have called it iPhone 5.. it delivered on ALL the goods except a new enclosure and screen. Since I am completely satisfied with the enclosure and its size in my pocket I could care less.

    A rose by any other name is still as SWEET!!!!
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    Originally Posted by andrewoliv View Post

    Same girl different dress. Not worth trading my 3GS in for, sell the stock now the unit numbers will disappoint through the end of the year.

    If you're still using your 3GS and haven't actually used a 4 let alone and obviously not the 4S you have no idea what you are missing out on. The IP4 experience is far superior to the 3GS in every way.
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    Originally Posted by anonymouse View Post

    Well, realistically, 90+% of the people complaining are Apple haters and fandroids who were just waiting for AI to post the article so they could start their nonsensical trash-talk. The rest criticizing the 4S don't really understand what they are talking about; as pointed out numerous times in this thread, everything is new but the case and screen, and those are both still the best available by a long shot.

    Yeah, I read the coverage and thought: Apple took a very successful product and made it better without raising the price, then lowered the price on last year's models to compete on the low end. How is this a failure? Most fandroids are complaining about the same things they complained about before: lack of 4G speed, same antenna, no dual core CPU, no voice command, clunky notifications, lack of an 8 megapixel camera. Oh wait, never mind. They're just complaining it looks like the 4 and is called 4S instead of 5.
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    asdasdasdasd Posts: 5,686member
    Originally Posted by spliff monkey View Post

    Yup and America is still Apple's largest and if you are buying out of contract how tempted are you to spend nearly $1,000/ year on a new phone even if you aren't tied to a contract? If you're ok with that you do what I do and have two iPhone plans and upgrade one phone every other year. I'm pretty sure I am as well as those who would buy a new phone out of contract EVERY year are few and far between.

    Two major problems with that argument

    1) America is not the majority of iPhone sales

    2) the market isn't mature so it is not about getting the upgraders from two years ago but new users.
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    I have a 3gs and will wait for the iPhone 5. Disappointed with this update. After 16 months there should have been more.

    Here's what the iPhone 5 will have, plus more. It will pass the competition, not just catch up to it.

    Faster processor than the 4s has.

    1 gig of ram or more. The 4s only has 512, same as the 4.

    Much better battery life.


    4K video

    Different design with bigger screen

    Better camera

    Apple's own GPS that will do turn by turn and more

    The screen on the 4 and 4s is nice but the 5 will make a much bigger leap.

    It's worth waiting for it. I can't afford to get locked into another 2 years for the minor upgrades the 4s has.

    Very disappointing Apple. A classy MS move here.
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    Originally Posted by tt92618 View Post

    Are you kidding me? The shape of the phone is not 'game changing innovation', and that is unfortunately what everyone has fixated upon: the form factor.

    Siri and iCloud are game changers - it's really sad how few people have the capacity to grasp that.

    Simply amazing that on an Apple forum I had to read to post #67 before someone states the obvious?!

    This update is very much an update to pave the way for Siri and iCloud but it seems that only a few select people have been able to grasp this! Keeping this in the same enclosure with the same screen is genious from a logistic and manufacturing perspective since they are already making millions of these components a month as we speek. Margins on these things are going to go through the roof! It sure is a great time to be a shareholder

    Siri seems simply amazing! Very interesteing to see if this tech is easyly adapted to minority languages like by own native tounge, Swedish. If not I will have to speak English to Siri. Not a problem since I need the practice anyway

    I'm on a 3GS and for me this is a great update!
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 13,377member
    Maybe even sadder is that many here don't value software. To deliver this update it took the engineering resources of a large company and those people spent a lot of time getting to iOS 5.

    Originally Posted by delToros View Post

    Actually, you can't compare 3g-3gs evolution with 4g-4gs. Let me explain you why

    Both these iphones had speed upgrade. But in 3gs you could actually "fell the difference" - tons of new improved games and apps.

    But this dual core cpu is worthless.

    That is BS. All one has to do is look at the performance differences between iPhone 4 and iPad 2. The new processor should go a long way to making use of the 4S more fluid and responsive. That without even bringing games into the equation.


    For more than a year of ip4 run we saw only few games/apps, which could show us "magic" of a4 cpu. a5 maybe good for infinity blade 2, but this is a) the only game for next six-seven moths which will use full potential of dualcore b) very stupid and boring game. I've bought it once to see graphics, but now I don't need some minor shadow/light improvements.

    There is more to the world than iPhone games. Even then you are simply wrong.


    There is no possibility to use these speed on iphone. Such speed requires bigger screen and better inputs (aka mouse or keyboard).

    Non-sense! Even things like complex PDFs will be rendered faster and be easier to manipulate.


    Antenna? I really dont want to disappoint anyone, but 90% of speed depends on your carrier, network load and other factors. You could attach satellite dish to iphone, but you will still be in limits of average (NOT THEORETICAL) speed.

    I think you are confused, the speed increase is due to supporting new transfer protocols.


    The only real improvement - is camera, but still smartphone is not a camera even with 10Mp

    I won't jump to conclusions here but modern cell phones out perform many of the old film cameras from the past. Considering the quality of the original iPhone 4's camera I suspect this one will indeed be even better. Compared to the days of the disc camera and cameras based on 110 film iPhone is a high performance camera.


    Voice-control-thing is funny, but in real life nothing more than "Oh, look what my iphone can do"

    That is why this presentation is sad

    It is only sad because you close your eyes and refuse to value any of the new features in iOS 5. You also don't want to recognize that the hardware is all new. Tear downs of this phone should be very interesting.
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    Originally Posted by Shrike View Post


    It's not just a good phone. It's the all-around best phone on the market. A lot of people need the iPhone to out-spec Android phones because that's generally the way nerds talk and value things. So, LTE, Wimax service is a key talking point even though it is not available to most of the people in the USA and not available to the vast majority of the people around the world. Apple will get here with this. If people can't wait, they should switch to an LTE/Wimax phone now. Maybe Apple will convince them the next go around.

    A flagship phone in 2011 without LTE or WiMAX capacity is BS!!!

    2 years of contract to get 3G until end of 2013 is not worthy.

    I live in south Florida and just got a Sprint and the WiMAX signal is perfect...
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    tenobelltenobell Posts: 7,014member
    Yes their will be differences in common tasks because the software is also changing to adjust to the faster hardware. Hardware is always the limiting factor of software.

    Faster hardware enables common things like switching from watching an HD movie to another task and switching back smoothly without pauses and jitters.

    Web languages such as javascript and CSS are being given more complicated tasks that will require power. You can see clear differences in rendering and playback of web animations between the 3GS and the 4.

    Originally Posted by lionelhuts View Post

    I'm not denying that the A5 is faster. I'm an electrical engineer so I can definitely appreciate the technical differences. However, the business part of me still has to ask about the change in experience for the typical user. In terms of the tasks that most people will do on their phone, will they really notice a difference?

    Sure, games (for instance) may run better, but is that enough? Honestly, I use my iPhone for running Safari, Email, Music, Phone, and maybe a few simple games. At a certain point, the additional power does not become useful.

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    One thing I haven't seen mentioned...

    The way the roll out of the pieces is staggered!

    The developers hit Apple's servers today, the preorder, the general availability, later iCloud and iTunes Match...

    Developers have been chewing on and exercising these bits for a month or more.

    It seems Apple learned the lesson of MobileMe: "Don't try to change everything at once"

    I think we're seeing the influence of Eddie Cue at work!
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    gwlaw99gwlaw99 Posts: 134member
    Everyone is right -- for themselves.

    I am dissapointed because I wanted to swtich from Android after getting an iPad and loving it. But the screen is too small for my eyes and I do not want to wait another two years to get LTE. So I will get my iOS fix from my iPad and probably get an LTE Android phone sometime this fall which I will tether to my iPad.

    But that is me. It is not the right phone for me. So I am not going to buy it. For someone else it might be the perfect phone because the screen is big enough for them and they don't need LTE (I am not switching from Verizon to AT&T).
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    snovasnova Posts: 1,281member
    Originally Posted by Tony411LA View Post

    The iPhone 4 design is CLASSIC. Look at all the imitators. At just over 1 year old, it's design is too early to replace. Apple did just what I thought they would do for this iteration...up the hardware specs, and a major OS upgrade. Next year when the newly designed iPhone 5 comes out, iOS 6 won't be as compelling but people will want the new iPhone 5 and that will drive sales. I think this will be their release cycle going foward. I don't think they would achieve their ROI, if they released a major OS upgrade AND major product re-design each year.

    you got it 100% right.. the design cycle has become clear. Apple does not like to change industrial design often. once a year industrial redsign would be too often and too low ROI.
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    resnycresnyc Posts: 90member
    Originally Posted by asdasd View Post

    Nonsense. A good 50% of the tweets in my twitter feed and Facebook wall, most from non techie iPhone users expressed disappointment.

    Here is the FT: investors disappointed in Apple.

    Also they probably wanted to produce an iPhone 5 this year. Otherwise why wait? This is a cockup not a strategic move.

    50% of tweets could mean anything and most likely means nothing - self-selected, smartphone obsessed and admittedly non-techie, which may or may not mean non-informed.

    Stock went down as it ALWAYS does after a keynote, and bounced most of the way back already maybe because the market's ultra-short-term gyrations mean almost nothing - and if you do read FT you would know that. And a month from now, when sales are documented, AAPL will be setting records, again.

    As informed writers here are pointing out: this release not intended to impress existing iP4 owners (at least in the U.S.), as they are locked into contracts anyway and can't upgrade until next summer.
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    sargessarges Posts: 94member
    Originally Posted by spliff monkey View Post

    Yup and America is still Apple's largest and if you are buying out of contract how tempted are you to spend nearly $1,000/ year on a new phone even if you aren't tied to a contract? If you're ok with that you do what I do and have two iPhone plans and upgrade one phone every other year. I'm pretty sure I am as well as those who would buy a new phone out of contract EVERY year are few and far between.

    where did you get the info that Apple sells so much more iPhones in USA? I do differently I have one unlocked iPhone and choose the carrier, whenever I am in the world and I upgrade yearly if the new version justifies it, and this damp squib of 4S certainly doesn't. The cost of the phone is a lot less than 1,000 bucks, unless you guys are being ripped off twice over.
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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    Originally Posted by alienzed View Post

    Sure, iPod touch has had 64gb for 16 months. That's proof no?

    Proof of what? It seems significantly less units than the iPhone and uses cheaper components than the iPhone as noted by the displays, bother 960x680 Retina Displays, but the iPhone 4 is and IPS panel and the iPod Touch is a TN panel. That should be a red flag when comparing the two.

    That means they would A) might be able to support them in the Touch over the iPhone if production was still low, 2) use slower and/or less power efficient chips because it's not a flagship device and a phone, a lifeline device, and 3) they might be able to get away with considerably worse data retention levels compared to what they offer in the iPhone line. Those are just the most common reasons that NAND might not be an ideal option despite having a single good spec about capacity.
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    Originally Posted by AdonisSMU View Post

    Apple should've just issued a press release and updated the website for this non-event.

    I think Siri was enough of a cool new feature that it got a press demo. Otherwise, a spec bump might warrant a press release, like when the MacBook Air was refreshed.
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    Windows Phone rolls out mango and gets great reviews, as their app count rolls past 30K apps.

    Microsoft shows off Windows 8 at build, which has serious potential on the tablet front esecially for corporations that use Microsoft product

    Microsoft continues to enhance its hotmail/skydrive/webapps at a fast pace holding an actual press event yesterday.

    Andriod on on phones is on fire by all accounts with the darling Galaxy II S just hitting the US.

    Amazon releases the Kindle Fire which is a SERIOUS attack on the iPad and sells 95,000 in one day.

    Tim Cook at HIS first Apple event releases the iPhone 4S...S for So What.
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    I always enjoy reading the complaints around the Net and watching how Wall St punishes Apple for not giving them everything they wanted after every presentation by Apple and then I wonder why Apple never hires these specialists...

    If I didn't have an iP4 on a contract until sometime next year as well as an iPad with a contract and a pocket wifi with a contract, I would update now. As it is, I will hold off until two of those contracts end.

    Siri is seriously interesting, and the camera looks awesome. Form factor: don't have to spend money on new cases, docks, etc. That is great as it does add up each upgrade.
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