Mac growth running out of steam as 'switcher' motivation diminishes - report



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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    Blah, blah, blah...

    Aha! I see it's jump on the bandwagon and dump on Apple day again. Stock down 2.5% as of this moment...all of course based on nothing. Ha!


    Stocks dropped 2.7% coz of the emotional constipation Apple investors suffer from fueled by the market :) No big deal !

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    This is a little like saying Ford, circa 1910, is in trouble because they aren't selling as many horse-drawn carriages. Now, I don't think the laptop will completely go away . . . of course, neither have horse-drawn carriages.

    To pretend the tablet or iOS doesn't exist is folly.
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    Originally Posted by auxio View Post

    It's obvious they're focusing all of their effort on the iOS and cloud versions.


    Also desktop, which is receiving an update between September 21 and December 21.

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    Even though new ones were just around the corner I had to upgrade and old iMac and an old Mini with new 21.5" iMacs. Ugh! What a delight they are.
    PC users will not upgrade to Win8 unless they absolutely have to and then they might as well go Apple. I see it happen in my real estate office all the time.
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    So Apple's iPhones and iPads are eating into Mac profits? So what? If a product from another competitor would do that, they would be saying the exact same thing. So the fact that at least it's Apple's other products doing it doesn't make these a$$hat analysts stop for a moment to think "Gee, at least the money is still staying with Apple"?

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    Originally Posted by kenaustus View Post

    Apple doesn't need to upgrade their lines as fast as a PC company, but they are waiting too long between upgrades on the Mac line. The iMac is a classic example - why wait as long as they do before upgrading when a new chip is out.

    Apple has also fallen behind their previous pace when it comes to consumer software. iWork and iLife are two critical products that can be used to get potential customers to switch. When was the last time that iWork was updated - not counting the cloud?

    Now FileMaker is dropping Bento - a reasonably decent consumer database. What do you think the odds are that Apple will bring Bento in-house and use it to boost the desirability of iWork?

    The irritating thing is that Apple has the money to maintain a strong development staff for consumer apps - and that is where some money should be spent. Especially since you can tie consumers to three Apple platforms if you keep those suites fresh.

    I agree with what you said about iLife, and I'd like to extend that to Aperture and there might be other products also, which are mediocre, either because they have not been updated in a while, or because they crash and are unreliable (iPhoto). I think Apple could improve the quality of their software. Remember when that was one of the best things about using a Mac, the software that came with it allowed you to elegantly do many things. Because this is still the case, they should be more diligent in keeping these applications in tip-top shape.

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    Originally Posted by xZu View Post

    no games.... no fun...

    Not that I agree with it but the future is pretty clear.

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    This is a typical investor opportunity trick. Say something bad about a company that's about to bring out new products which have the potential in driving the stock up, advice your cronies to invest when the stock tanks, reap the benefits when the new products hit the shelves.

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    Originally Posted by nikilok View Post


    Stocks dropped 2.7% coz of the emotional constipation Apple investors suffer from fueled by the market :) No big deal !

    macro market behavior today.   does not have anything to do with Apple.

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    Where's the chart or statistic for people who have switched from Windows to iPad? I ask because I have at least six friends who, after buying iPads, tossed their Windows laptops in the computer recycling bin.
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    Apple outdoing themselves and superseding their own creations (in quality and desirability) is not a problem. 


    It's a typical "Apple problem." Something Apple's competitors would love to have. 

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    It's just a lop sided article when it could have been quite interesting.

    "Mac has shrunk to 20% of apple" - you don't get much more misleading than that.

    I would like to know how the revised air with the extra extra battery life is doing and how other haswell pcs compare. I'm loving my 11" air, the battery makes a hell of a difference and with mavericks battery saving tricks around the corner it will be really interesting to see how it increases the performance further.

    Pcs have had it - Microsoft really messed up with their desktop/tablet one size fits all windows 8. Now pcs are also tablets and notebooks all rolled into's messy innovation that's not working or delivering.

    I've got a pc too (which I use under the tele for games with steam)...,and although windows 8.1 is's just not all there. I've got the preview - took 2 weeks for them to sort out the wireless - couldn't connect my keyboard. Clever chaps.

    Apple has been saying for years that it is a post pc era, but like everyone has said here already - too many factors around mac launches both last year and this to really know how the mac is performing. My guess is if its showing as slightly declining the truth in the bigger picture will show it's still growing despite a changing market.

    What is switch and how you accurately measure that is something id love them to explain.
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    These guys can't assume that every PC sale lost is converted to a Mac sale. If PC sales are declining [I]faster[/I] than Mac sales, it means either people are not upgrading as often, or they are replacing their PCs with something else *cough* iPad *cough*.
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    I can completely see a good chunk of those who would have switched to a Mac, switching to an iPad instead. This phenomenon has already been underway to whatever degree since 2010. 

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    Stupid argument. Mac sales are down because all PC sales are down. This is the post-PC era. People buy iPads now instead.
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    Originally Posted by walletinspector View Post

    I just switched from a G4 Power Mac to a Mac Mini. Switching still happens, just depends on how it is defined.

    That's not how it's defined.


    I imagine most "switchers" are moving to mobile devices.

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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post


    Also desktop, which is receiving an update between September 21 and December 21.


    Interesting.  I wonder if they'll be mostly web based (with the missing features implemented natively)?  If the iCloud version is truly that good (at least, in the latest OS X version of Webkit), then it wouldn't make sense to maintain both native and web-based versions.

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    I believe when the new MacPro is released we will see a surge of purchases by content creators. It'll be like a tank showing up at a pen-knife fight. The small devices -- from the MacBooks to the iPod Touches have increased the incidence of creative projects, but the emergence of the MacPro will increase the vitality of creative projects. No matter how small and powerful computers become, the human mind is still faster and desires more. The MacPro will rush into that unrecognized (except by Apple visionaries) gaping hole.
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post


    Also desktop, which is receiving an update between September 21 and December 21.


    Tallest, what knowledge do you have that this is the case?  Just curious as to why you said that.

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    Originally Posted by Mike Eggleston View Post


    Tallest, what knowledge do you have that this is the case?  Just curious as to why you said that.


    He doesn't...he just loves to spout out like the apple fan boy he is. Don't ever say anything bad about Apple...its a sin to him!

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