Bill Gates sides with FBI on Apple encryption fight, says scope is limited to one iPhone



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    Sorry, Bill. Now it's 13 phones.
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    Misery Loves Company!
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    How can anyone be surprised after this
    Philantrope up my a**!

    Even FB's Mark Suckenducker took stand for the good in this case!

    FBI should simply admit they are wankers and ask NSA for help
    tallest skilpoksi
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    Oh, by the way, Gates was on Bloomberg this morning offering a very smart, balanced view regarding the current situation.  He said earlier reports clearly were incorrect when characterizing his position.  This entire thread is irrelevant.
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    Simple: 1) create a development project, estimated time to completion, 5 years 2) send the FBI the estimated bill for said project. 3) have Obama ask congress for the money
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    1 - decrypting one phone would demonstrate the possibility of decrypting others - ruining Apple's business. Of course "Bill Gates" supports it.

    2 - FBI could have gotten the data but instead they changed the password. There's no chance that was lost on them. What they want is not data, they want backdoors.

    3 - Bill Gates is not a smart person. He invented spam. He has ruined 100x more value than he's created and he's probably causing irreparable damage with 95% of his charity projects - because of exactly the brand of cluelessness that would lead him to think complying with FBI is a good idea.
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    lwiolwio Posts: 105member
    FBI "Okay thanks for unlocking that phone Apple, btw here's a court order to hand over the software etc that you used. I know we promised but there you go."
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    tmaytmay Posts: 5,941member
    Oh, by the way, Gates was on Bloomberg this morning offering a very smart, balanced view regarding the current situation.  He said earlier reports clearly were incorrect when characterizing his position.  This entire thread is irrelevant.
    I read the a report of it.

    Bill basically reiterates the same flawed arguments that the FBI is making; it' only this one time, but we already know that the DOJ, not to mention other Law Enforcement Agencies have many more iPhones that they want opened.

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    This really shouldn't come as a surprise given Microsoft's longstanding relationship with the government dating back to opening backdoors since Windows 95. The PRISM project explicitly highlights that as a benefit, and what makes Windows 10, Cortana, Skype, and any other service they make completely lacking in privacy/security. Bill Gates endorsing the FBI's request is tantamount to validating his job security.
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    jbdragonjbdragon Posts: 2,268member
    john673 said:
    I hope the US government gives them an ultimatum to pay their taxes that they've been evading for years or deport them all to Ireland
    Apple has paid 100% of all taxes owed following the Tax Laws of the countries!! Just because you don't like it, that's another matter. I'm sure you're all over the Government having full access to everyone's phones also. You might as well allow them full access to your house along with the Criminals. Just to go in and check and make sure you're not doing anything wrong.
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    And in the meantime other news state that the FBI already has the next 12 iPhones ready and waiting to be unlocked "just this one and only once. Promised"

    edt: here is the link to the WSJ article:
    James Comey and the DOJ are such liars. This was never going to be about just one phone. If Apple creates this new iOS software, the flood gates will open up. Apple will have no choice but to start breaking into every iPhone they get a subpoena for. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple was forced to create this new software, the DOJ would end up filing a motion for Apple to give them a copy. 
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    cornchipcornchip Posts: 1,931member
    Well, fuck you too buddy. I've convinced most of my family to switch to Apple products years ago. All your humanitarianism can't make up for the junk software you foisted upon the population of the planet. And now this. Disgusting.
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    Microsoft founder Bill Gates said he disagrees with Apple's decision to not provide the FBI with a software workaround that breaks iOS, and instead sides with a narrow reading of the government's request for assistance that supposedly precludes wider dissemination of the as-yet-uncreated expoit.

    Source: Forbes

    Gates weighed in on the hot button topic on Tuesday, telling the Financial Times that technology companies, including Apple, should comply with government requests for assistance pertaining to investigations into terrorist activity. Further, he disputes Apple's claims that the creation of a so-called backdoor would set precedent both for the Justice Department and international state players looking to get their hands on consumer data.

    "This is a specific case where the government is asking for access to information. They are not asking for some general thing, they are asking for a particular case," Gates said. "It is no different than [the question of] should anybody ever have been able to tell the phone company to get information, should anybody be able to get at bank records. Let's say the bank had tied a ribbon round the disk drive and said 'don't make me cut this ribbon because you'll make me cut it many times'."

    The U.S. Department of Justice, as well as FBI Director James Comey and the White House, argue much the same, noting the requested software workaround would be limited to an iPhone 5c used by San Bernardino shooter Syed Ryzwan Farook. A federal magistrate judge last week ordered Apple comply with FBI requests to assist in the unlocking of Farook's iPhone, which is currently protected by a passcode.

    For its part, Apple and CEO Tim Cook contend that the mere existence of a proof-of-concept exploit inherently weakens iOS safeguards, which is why the company is pushing back in court. Apple has been working with law enforcement officials on the San Bernardino case since January, and in doing so provided iCloud backups associated with Farook's device.

    Despite a cavalcade of tech industry bigwigs coming out in support of Apple, a Pew Research Center poll on Monday showed a majority of respondents side with the government. It is unclear if the poll group understood the underlying digital security issues, as 51 percent of respondents said Apple should "unlock the iPhone."

    The situation is made more confusing with the DOJ's side campaign for public opinion. It came out over the weekend that U.S. Attorney Eileen Decker and San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos asked a California lawyer Stephen Larson to file an amicus brief on behalf of the government. Larson's filing represents an unknown number of victims and families affected by the San Bernardino attack.
    Bill Gates you are an idiot! It is not about 1 phone. It is about everyone's privacy including your own. If the precedent is set that they can get access to this iPhone then they can get access to everything. Including Windows, Android, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, HP, Samsung, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and so on. Nothing electronic with any type of encryption will be safe period.
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    I ask again, if this is a one time thing, run the phone over to Apple and have them do it in house. No risk of this being released into the wild.
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    snova said:
    I wonder how the US government would react if the the country which was asking for back door tool from Apple was Iran or China? 
    Yes if Apple is forced to do this they should do it for everyone else, then we will see how fast the government and politicians back pedal. Also its so great how we like to screw with our own American companies, no wonder they are all moving their stuff out of this country.
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    Tim Cook is a misguided liberal fool, putting his own small minded thinking above common sense.  His lies about the scope of this operation in question are another loss of credibility at Apple.  Jobs would have handled this in a much more realistic, low key manner.  The cat's out of the bag, and Tim let it out.  Again, if there was going to be a bombing or uzi attack on Apple headquarters, you can bet that Tim Cook would open ANY phone to thwart that action.
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    mattinoz said:
    staticx57 said:
    Slippery slope, Bill, slippery slope.
    It's not a slippery slope. Legal president is more like a jagged cliff.
    You have no 'right' to hide material evidence in a criminal case.  End of story.
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    I find it interesting how we can have so many people posting responses to things that are not based in fact. We do not know what the FBI is really asking Apple to do. The FBI tells the media a story, not the truth but a story. Apple has discussions with it's lawyers and says what they have to say in response. Those responses are in the context of the threat of breaking certain laws if they tell the world what is really happening. The media reports the two lies and off the blogosphere goes giving a response to what is not the truth. We know from a technology standpoint that the phone could be opened by Apple or a number of "hackers". Why does the FBI just find someone to do that? Because that is not what they want. They do care about the contents of this one phone. If they did they would find someone to hack the phone. If the FBI is really only asking for the data off this phone why would Apple be talking about back doors and all the potential implications of that. Look at the behavior not the story. All Bill Gates has done is shown that he also has turned into a sniveling little fear ridden bug, all because some people crashed planes into the trade center, and our government tells us everyday it could happen again and they could be crashing into your head any minute. It certainly seems like we have a better chance of being killed by a person with a bunch of guns going into a school or a theater. We say kill terrorists at any cost but don't talk about taking guns away from crazy people. That is just un American. So everyone just keep telling yourself the story you want to believe and that satisfies your irrational fears and gets you through the day. But don't kid yourselves. This is not about the data on one phone.
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    ibillibill Posts: 400member
    koop said:
    Bill is allowed to respectfully disagree if he wants to. While this is red meat for a lot of Apple enthusiasts, keep in mind that this issue is not black and white and is really complex not just from a technical standpoint but from a moral standpoint as well.
    It isn't really that complex.
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