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    I'm voting (and hoping) for a incremental update in mid-October and a more comprehensive update in the January-February time frame.

    How about lowering the prices back to the 550/667 points. Particularly if there is in fact an October update, the tech. will be getting long in the tooth if it isn't a major update.

    800/1000 MHz

    ATi Radeon 9000 Pro 64 MB


    That would be reasonable until February '03 when...

    1/1.2 GHz

    updated enclosure

    increased screen resolution

    internal Superdrives

    integrated Bluetooth


    The one thing in my theoretical February update that I'm hoping for October is screen resolution.

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    After reading post after speculative post- I found the time to finally chime in. It really doesn't mater how apple upgrades the TiBook in terms of 2002, what does matter is that they due it Oct.1.

    Especially after what has been going on with various college campuses selling ti800's for 2499 and 667's for 1899. At first I though these prices were nothing more then rumors untill I called a few campus booktores and told methey were legit. You would really have to be a first class fool right now to by a ti800 for close to $3000 when they were $500 cheaper yesterday! even if the upgrade is minascule there has to be one real soon, I don't see how they could sell another Tibook with May pricing in Oct.
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    Well, that shows that the October update will probably bring the current high end to the low end (perhaps standard RAM/HD will change) and a new high end, probably 1 GHz, keeping the current price points of $2499 and $3199 for retail outlets.

    If there is an update in October, it will probably be underwhelming, and all of us waiting for it will have to decide if we should buy then (assuming it happens at all) or wait for this supposed super-update in January.

    Looks like another round of the waiting game for some of the Powerbook target market...

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    Can anyone show me an example of Apple having any two updates of a product just 3 months apart? I am no expert but I cannot see Apple doing this...I wish they would! But the evidence seems to prove they will not. It also seems definate that no new Powerbook at the very begining of October will totally rule out the possibility of two updates b/n now and February.

    My honest guess is Oct. 1, 1ghz and ATI 9000 thats it.

    my hope is Oct. 1st


    ATI 9000

    higher res screen to match the card


    USB 2

    Bluetooth and better Airport reception

    but this hope is a total dream, not to mention it would be a nightmare of a waiting list for that beast, prolly a month till I saw it at least.
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    How about October/April. Instead of October/January-February...

    That is what the last 2 revisions were, Oct. 01 and April 02. We might be over thinking this a bit.

    October 02 and April 03, that makes sense.

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    Any rumors about updated iBooks coming with the new PowerBooks (if they come <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" /> ...)?

    I'd love to see the Radeon Mobility 7500 in the iBooks.
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    The general consensus has been that the iBook will get the 32 MB Radeon 7500 in it's next revision.

    When that will happen, however, is anyone's guess.

    Last time, the iBook was revised 1 month after the Powerbook, so perhaps if the Powerbook is revised in October, the iBook will be in November.

    On the other hand, last year, the Powerbook and iBook were both revised in October, so perhaps that will hold true.


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    In reference to the above posts, how does one find out how much stock of an apple product MacMall, etc has or if it is EOL.
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    CompUSA has marked the Powerbooks as EOL. They are priced at $2499.97 and $3199.97. The .97 at the end means they are end-of-lifed.

    Good sign...
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    [quote]Originally posted by Rupert:

    CompUSA has marked the Powerbooks as EOL. They are priced at $2499.97 and $3199.97. The .97 at the end means they are end-of-lifed.

    Good sign...<hr></blockquote>

    Is that a certainty? I was unaware of that policy.


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    You're full of it. If you go to the Apple section of the CompUSA website every product has a .97 at the end of it and the PowerMac is literally a couple of months old...check it out here: <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;
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    Sorry, I guess I made a mistake.

    Way to jump down my throat Dave Hagan...

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    silly statements like that deserve to be jumped on...just look at my apple phone post.
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    So, if inventories of PowerBooks aren't diminishing, for example MacMall has around 500 Ti667s and 500 Ti800s, then how are we to believe that there will be a bump soon? Or do you think that Apple might retain both the 667 and 800, and introduce a 1Gig model and drop prices on the 667 and 800 leaving a three model lineup?
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    [quote]Originally posted by Power Apple:

    <strong>yeah, just because they are "testing" 1.2 GHz processors doesn't mean they plan to ship them anytime soon. Just like they maybe are "testing" the GPULs. </strong><hr></blockquote>

    I agree, they have been testing quad processor towers for three years.
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    Check out <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; - they updated the site to the Lucida Grande text. Could this mean they don't plan on putting out new models anytime soon?
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    [quote]Originally posted by Jon Rubinstein:

    <strong>Check out <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; - they updated the site to the Lucida Grande text. Could this mean they don't plan on putting out new models anytime soon?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I doubt it

    Why update a web page the day before you change the whole thing.
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    jcjc Posts: 342member
    you can have your october speed bumps

    All I am waiting for is DVD R

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    I snapped.

    I bought a refurb Ti800!

    So I guarantee new models will be announced next week!
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    I have just noticed something, which is probably nothing at all, however; if you go to Apple's hardware page, the only product not pictured at the top is - lo and behold - the PowerBook. Just some food for thought.
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