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  • Android Xiaomi Mi 8 shamelessly copies iPhone X

    ... so the question is why do these copycats still need a bezel at the bottom? They put the finger print sensor on the back.
    Because they aren't using the more expensive flexible OLED panels that Apple's using. They need the chin to house the connections for the display, while Apple's folds underneath, keeping all connections underneath the display, instead of at the end of it.
  • New rumor claims 2018 iPad Pros will be smaller, drop headphone jacks

    jkichline said:
    They should just replace the Lightning port with USB-C which would allow audio, 4K video, MIDI, pHigh-speed ower, etc all from one port. That would be “pro”.
    Um... Lightning has offered this since it started with the iPhone 5... 

    I HATE USB-C on my MacBook. It's a pain in the ass compared to Lightning. 
  • Apple's 2017 iPad vs. 2016 9.7" iPad Pro: Which model is right for you?

    ireland said:
    How do we know the new iPad doesn't have a laminated display? And if it does not, why does it not? And no mention of the True Tone display, better camera and four speakers.
    Read the article. It's all laid out in plain English. clearly lists the differences.
  • iPhone SE preorders top 3.4M in China, gold & rose gold most popular - report

    lkrupp said:
    Well that’s interesting because c|net is trashing the SE bigtime.
    C|Net, and its large number of fellow troll readers/commenters, are just about the Faux News of consumer electronics anymore. That's why I stopped visiting that site. There is no such thing as a meaningful discussion on C|Net. 
  • Jailbreaking takes a hit as Cydia "app store" shutters

    I haven’t felt the need since iPhoneOS 4.2.1. The risks and upkeep just weren’t worth it.
  • Apple loses ground to Samsung in European smartphone market

    KidGloves said:
    Apple is selling the 256GB iPhone 8 for more than a 512GB Galaxy S10. There's your problem right there for Apple.
    In a world where top-line Android phones are decent all-round machines, Apple is seen a being greedy. As a 30 year Apple user who has bought tens of thousands of pounds worth of Apple gear in that time, I'm getting totally fed up with the high prices and limited choice in each segment such as desktop Macs.
    In the past, it was worth it as Windows was a nightmare world I didn't want to enter into. Now though Windows and Android have got to the point of being passable. I might just make the move.
    There used to be an old saying that went something like... “You get what you pay for.” If you’re happy with “just good enough,” then have at it. 
  • 'iPhone 12 Pro Max' design detailed in new video

    digitol said:
    Seriously. Kill the Notch.
    When technology advancement allows it, Apple will do it. It won't happen a moment before. Apple isn't Samsung, or any of the companies who make an iPhone X me-too phone.

    The notch serves a very crucial purpose at this point. I've had the X, XS Max and now the 11 Pro Max. Seriously, the notch really doesn't matter. At the screen ratio, stretching any video crops it anyway. No videos are natively at that ratio.

    The notch doesn't matter.
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  • Apple iPhone XS Max allegedly explodes in Ohio man's pocket

    This man’s an idiot, and just trying to get his 5 minutes of fame. He sits on his phone, rupturing the battery (and likely cracking the glass), and expects Apple to give him a phone, new clothes and kiss his rosey red ass (pun intended). Bye Felicia!
  • Cricut Maker review: Extremely versatile machine that needs software innovation

    I had a Cricut Explore Air 2, and used it less than 3 times, before upgrading to a Silhouette Cameo 4. Silhouette Studio is also much more robust, especially if you find a deal on the Pro version (I got mine for a one-time $50). Cricut is very limited, and the pricing is insane for all the better quality you get. The almost-required monthly subscription is another slap in the face to Cricut users.

    When you want to step up in the world of plotters, look into the offerings from USCutter. I had their SC2 28" before our home burned down last November. It was a solid budget machine that's Mac compatible. The included Sure Cuts A Lot Pro (the Mac-compatible app) is very capable, and I upgraded to the latest version at a very reasonable price on their website. When I replaced it, I went with their PrismCut 28", which has WiFi. It's a great pro-level plotter for under $1,000. 

    The only thing made by Cricut that I buy is their weeding tool. Those truly are nice. As for their vinyl? Overpriced garbage. EasyPress? For the money, buy a real heat press. 
  • Compared: iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Pro versus Samsung Galaxy S22

    LOL anyone thinking battery life will be better due to capacity STILL doesn't know anything about Android's power-hungry deficiencies versus Apple hardware & software. That's pretty bad coming from an Apple-centric site. Real-world testing has always shown that bigger batteries in Android devices really never mean they come close to being anywhere near as efficient as Apple's devices with smaller batteries. I'm surprised there wasn't any gloating about the S22 Ultra having more RAM, because we know that always means better performance for Android devices... 🤣