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  • Tested: Mac Studio with M1 Max vs. Mac Studio with M1 Ultra

    darkvader said:
    Does anyone else think that paying $400 for 32GB of RAM or $200 for 512GB of SSD space is a bit expensive? Like perhaps four times what the parts should cost? I guess we will just have to upgrade them our... oh snap!

    No.  It's not "a bit expensive".  It's highway fucking robbery.

    Even if it was reasonable NOW (it's not) it'll be absolutely outrageous in 2-3 years after purchase which is the point when most people realize there's not enough RAM or storage and upgrade.

    The storage is the stupidest part.  The VAST majority of people don't know how much storage they'll need in the future when they buy a computer.  512GB is rarely enough.  And the only advantage of having the computer be a cute tiny little box is GONE when you've got to have an external box for the storage you'll need, the minuscule speed advantage of soldered storage is GONE when you're booting from that external box because the internal SSD is worn out.
    It looks like you forgot to share links to comparable spec upgrades by other companies...

    Oh, wait. Someone else here already did that a few comments above yours, except those still aren't quite to the caliber of what Apple offers. 
  • Leaked plan shows Intel will try to be more efficient than M1 Max by late 2023

    So, in other words, Intel is admitting they're an easy 2 years behind Apple in chip development. Because, you know, Apple's 2023 M-series chips will be... more powerful and efficient than the current crop...

    Where was Intel's motivation when Apple was a dedicated customer all of those years? How long ago did the rumors of Apple's plans to make computer SOCs start flying? Why didn't Intel attempt to get into gear then? They had plenty of time to attempt to retain Apple as a customer, but kept dragging their feet. This is starting to sound a little like the Blackberry story, or was it called the Blueberry? Those are such a distant memory anymore. 
  • If you thought printer cartridge DRM was bad, Dymo is forcing users to buy RFID paper

    chadbag said:
    Not sure that using a firmware falls under copyright.

    I hope they (Dymo) get their wee wee slapped really hard  and they end up paying a ton of legal fees on a losing battle. 
    More than likely, a competitor like Zebra can use this to market their competitive products. 
    Except, Zebra doesn't compete in the consumer market. The cheapest Zebra printers are already 3+ times more expensive than any Dymo, because they offer industrial-grade products that can be several thousands of dollars per unit. 
  • Compared: iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Pro versus Samsung Galaxy S22

    LOL anyone thinking battery life will be better due to capacity STILL doesn't know anything about Android's power-hungry deficiencies versus Apple hardware & software. That's pretty bad coming from an Apple-centric site. Real-world testing has always shown that bigger batteries in Android devices really never mean they come close to being anywhere near as efficient as Apple's devices with smaller batteries. I'm surprised there wasn't any gloating about the S22 Ultra having more RAM, because we know that always means better performance for Android devices... 🤣
  • Compared: 14-inch MacBook Pro vs MSI GP66 Leopard gaming notebook

    MplsP said:
    Not sure what the point of the article is - would've been a much better comparison if you actually had a MacBook Pro and could run benchmarks.
    My thought, too. We’ve seen several articles essentially comparing hypothetical performance of the new MacBooks with other machines. What’s the point? Wait a week or two until you have an actual machine to test, then write an article that’s actually relevant and informative. These are little more than all of the rumor articles.

    I did find the power supply comparison amusing and rather apt - the leopard has a 280W supply while the Apple has a 67W (or 96W) supply. That pretty much sums up the problem with intel processors!
    The 16" only comes with the 140W power supply, even with the base Pro 10/16 SoC. I'm not seeing the 96W included with any of the 14" versions.