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  • FaceTime alternative ToTok is a spy tool, purged from App Store

    So the only difference between ToTalk and Facebook is that one f's you up while the other makes a profit off you and then f's you up.

    One of my relatives lives in the far east and the iPhones she buys there don't have the FaceTime either.

  • College student caught trafficking drugs through iOS app, title still available on App Sto...

    Unless there was an obvious way to request for drugs or there was a flashing banner on the app saying "REQUEST DRUGS", it is very unlikely that Apple would have withheld the app.

  • Apple TV+ versus Disney+ compared -- the streaming wars escalate

    Looks like the title "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series" was suggested by the Department of Redundancy Department.
  • Arizona Senate declines to vote on App Store payments bill

    Apple is now against free government? Great. Well I guess we know now why China loves them so much.
    Give it a rest. Your constant anti-Apple rhetoric is tiresome. 
  • Apple's MagSafe Duo Charger now available for $129

    mobird said:
    Another "most hotly anticipated MagSafe accessories" product from Apple.

    Does anyone here know of anyone who was "hotly anticipating" this MagSafe accessory?

    I guess I lead a quiet life...

    There was a lot of buzz around it when it was originally showed in the keynote video. 
    All the buzz turned to dumbfounded disbelief when the price was announced.

    In my opinion, none of the pros for this outweigh the cons. If I ever do pick it up, it will be on EMI so I do not feel the pinch, but I just cannot justify purchasing this.
  • Apple reduces price of accessories not included in iPhone 12 box

    I have lots of iPhones and iPads. What I don't have is even a single USB-C charger.

    Apple makes a strong case for the environment, but their argument that people have dozens of chargers lying around falls flat when this will be the first iPhone with a USB-C charging cable.
  • New Apple TV Siri Remote incompatible with some tvOS games

    One of Apple's biggest missteps with gaming was the requirement that games for the Apple TV should be playable using the Siri Remote. I speculate that the requirement pretty much killed any complex games from being developed and destroyed the potential of the Apple TV for games.

    I can understand that it didn't make sense for Apple to allow for games on the Apple TV, but not have any dedicated first-party controller - hence them deciding to set the Siri Remote as the official controller. 
    It may have been better for them to have debuted Apple TV games with a dedicated game controller. 

    Of course the have access to all the data points they need and I guess it didn't make sense for them to make a controller. 
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  • US House approves report accusing Big Tech of monopolistic behavior

    wizard69 said:
     Healthcare, student loans, lethal gun/police violence, disinformation and the resulting civil unrest...  so lawmakers give us... a review of Netflix?

    None fo these things you have listed are real problems.    Healthcare, Student loans for example are mostly of interest to people to lazy to work for a living.   The imagined gun problem is more about the lack of effective police violence against the people that can't become viable members of society.   In other words we really need a death penalty in the USA that addresses people that don't want to work within the system.   Civil unrest is due mostly to people that don't want to work within the system.  

    So Yeah your attempt to draw attention away form a real issue, the harm big companies are doing ot the average American with scam issues is simply not valid.   These monopolies are harming far more people than anything  your listed.

    Your dismissal of the other issues seems pretty silly and pig-headed, but your "imagined" gun problem opinion is absolutely gobsmacking.

    Do you seriously think that a person on a shooting spree does not already have a death wish? Do you think the death penalty would be a successful deterrent against people like that?

    If you cannot see that the US has a serious gun-violence problem, then you are really too close to the problem. 

  • SharePlay isn't arriving with macOS Monterey, iOS 15 launch

    Ugh these stupid, ignorant comments on every article now. 
    And they even get a thumbs up. 
  • AirTag hacked and reprogrammed by security researcher

    OT: @Soli, nice to see you back. Where have you been?