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  • How the Apple TV+ adaptation of 'Foundation' differs from its source

    I have not read the books and do not know the story. I am looking forward to watching this. 

    I plan on reading the books, just as as soon as I finish reading The Lord of the Rings for the umpteenth time!
  • These are the iPhone 13 rumors that got it wrong

    This has got to be the most disappointing WWDC I have ever seen. All products announced have minimal changes from previous versions and nothing to get excited about.  

    WWDC was over a few months back. You are late in complaining. Also, if you were expecting hardware announcements at WWDC, then it is your own expectations that got the better of you.

    If you're talking about the California Streamin' event, then your opinion is as subjective as everybody else's.
  • Report suggests Apple's A15 Bionic lacks significant CPU upgrades due to chip team brain d...

    swineone said:

    appleinsider said: 
    Apple failed to detail the relative performance gains achieved by its new A15 Bionic SoC during Tuesday's 
    iPhone 13 reveal, a rarity for a major hardware launch.

    Not true. Apple made exactly the same kind of performance claims as last year. No comparisons with the previous generation were made there either. So why does the media continue to serve this clearly false narrative? On the one hand, of course, to generate clicks, and on the other hand, to promote moronic elaborations like this one from Daylan Patel. He already spread stupid stuff about the A14 last year, and this year you could also set the clock until he would once again spout absurd nonsense about Apple's chip development on his ridiculous rumor platform. This time the hook is: Apple is suffering terribly from the loss of engineers and therefore had to postpone its core development. Yes, of course. In 2019 about half a dozen Apple engineers (and not more than 100 as good Daylan claims) went and founded Nuvia, a startup that until today has produced nothing more than hot air and bizarre graphics sheets, but created so much wind that they were bought by Qualcomm. And since then, nothing more has been heard from them. Two more engineers went to Rivos this year and that's it. Daylan, who likes to speculate about how unbelievably startups will change the chip scene and who also claims that Google's self-developed chip (in reality a modified Exynos) will replace 10 million Intel chips, simply can't stand the fact that Apple's chip development generates such enormous performance increases year after year. So, he tries to fight it year after year in the short time frame between keynote and launch to get at least a bit of media attention. Okay, at the end of next week the spook is over. Until next year. 
    DED, is that you?
    You swine!!
  • Report suggests Apple's A15 Bionic lacks significant CPU upgrades due to chip team brain d...

    rinosaur said:
    I noticed this comparison to the “competition” vs. the previous chip in the presentation and feared the worst… 
    In the real world, there really isn't anything to fear. The iPhone 12 is a beast even now and the iPhone 13 is better.
  • 'Tiny Wings+' set to debut on Apple Arcade soon

    I've said it before and I'll say it again - bringing these older/ classic iOS games in is the best thing Apple has done for Apple Arcade. The value of Apple Arcade just jumped up exponentially.