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  • Samsung exec says Galaxy Fold finally 'ready to hit the market'

    chasm said:
    I’m not sure how Avon B7 was unaware that indeed, dozens if not hundreds of units shipped ... to reviewers. In the US, at least, the majority of them “broke” (had catastrophic failures). Um, that’s sorta the reason the review units were recalled and the preorders cancelled and the official launch delayed, Avon ...

    It isn't that he is unaware. It's just that he doesn't care.

    He's been one of the irritating trolls here. I've put him on my ignore list, but he seems to be walking the line between not enough people ignoring him and a little too many people responding to him, so I see most of his comments quoted by responders.

  • Review: iPod touch is exactly what it needs to be in 2019

    Latko said:
    Stunningly, with lPod Touch, Joni did it again !!
    Pairing the utmost in design and dedication, he completely redesigned iPodTouch into the bezel-less rectangle design with an optimal, modern 5.5” screen size.
    Loosely but courageously playing with its original lines, it took audacity and a firm stance towards lamentation - as sitting on his laurels could have been temptative with the decade old award-winning, classical design statement. 
    However, he resisted that and went into stunning detail: Every individual molecule not only became carefully reassessed but also meticulously redimensioned. Every atom got retrofitted and recommitted towards its inner essence, and evaluated in its main aim: to contribute to the overall concept‘s style and elegance. 

    Except that it didn’t happen: the project got killed by Tim the Clerk who decided the 10 year old design could be milked out further onto the extreme

    Please stop. Your passive-aggressive, troll comments have just shifted gears from "mildly amusing" to "expected taunting". Try finding a different tune once in a while.
  • 13 hidden iOS 13 features you didn't know about

    elfig2012 said:
    Guys wait and see until the fall 
    Wait until fall to see what? Why?

    I assume he's referring to those features in iOS 13 that are only available when the new iPhone launches.

    I'm loving these improvements in iOS and I'm looking forward to picking up the next iPad Pro with iPad OS when it becomes available!

  • Mizuho analysts suggest 2019 iPhones will 'lack novelty' for consumers

    If 'novelty' is paying almost twice the price of an iPhone for a phone with a foldable screen that stops working after 1 day of use, then I'm happy with iterative changes.

    As is always the case, in the eyes of the analysts, "There's nothing different about the new iPhone, except for all the new changes".

  • Google Stadia game streaming launching in November with $129 'Founder's Edition' hardware

    Hmmm.  It's fundamentally a different model to Arcade. It seems to boil down to another digital store front for third party games, whereas Apple is actually pumping its own money in for exclusive games. 

    I guess it depends on the price of the top tier games in Stadia. If they're priced similar to PS or XBOX. I don't see why anyone would buy this compared to one of those. 

    In an alternate timeline, Google's Stadia will merge with Arcade. The service will be called Stadium Arcadium.