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  • Apple debuts $999 iPhone X with OLED Super Retina Display & Face ID authentication

    To me, the really good news of the evening is twofold:
    - 2 hours longer battery life
    - the fact that X is barely larger than 8 with more screen size than 8+
    Well done on that (especially the latter)
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook calls EU tax ruling 'total political crap,' cites potential anti-US sentiment

    I listened to Tim Cook trying to defend Apple's pitifully low tax rate on the BBC news this morning and it just sounded bad. Very bad PR. Attacking the EU is very unwise. All the people whose businesses pay tax at 20% are looking at this and saying why should Apple pay tax at less than 1%.
    As a life-long Apple evangelist, even I find this Apple hard to swallow.
    Fuck the EU.
    Ireland set its tax laws and Apple abided by them and greatly benefitted the country in the process.
    The most Ireland can do now is change their law but asking for back taxes is pure bullshit

    Fuck the companies that choose to pay 20% when 12% and lower is available them in Ireland.
    If these companies are too stupid or too lazy to take advantage of it then I say fuck them.  This is a competitive global economy and the EU is clearly not ready for it.

    The US government and American companies should target the EU back, hit them hard enough to get them dissolved.  To hell with any consequences to be fixed later.
    The EU is an ill conceived organization managed by idiots that should not exist.  The world would be better without them.
    So, what's your game plan?

    BTW: the EU has been at peace for over 70 years, thanks to the EC/EU. That's a record.
    By all means, this fact alone has made the world a far better place.
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  • Apple FAQ responds to investor queries about $14.5B EU tax edict

    How long before Ireland is going to be out of the EU due to Brexit? If they get out of the EU before this is settled, Ireland will just drop it.
    You're confusing Northern Ireland with Ireland
    Like so many americans, you don't know what you're talking about
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  • How the UK's Brexit vote to leave Europe affects Apple

    apple ][ said:
    Perhaps Apple could get an even better deal than with the backstabbing Irish and move their European operations to England instead now? No more harmonized tax rates to abide by, I'm sure Britain will be eager to attract LOTS of big businesses (and with that lower priced Pound too)!
    Good idea!

    England would make a great base for European Operations.

    One other positive outcome for Apple when the EU finally disintegrates, is no more ridiculous EU commissions or EU Jihads and EU lawsuits against Apple.

    Such remark underlines your silliness.
    How could the UK now be the "great base for European Operations".
    The UK just cut itself off from the Single Market.

    For your own good, please educate yourself on the matter before posting any more idiocy. 
  • EU law requiring easier iPhone battery replacement inches closer to enactment

    Mostly typical anti-EU answers.

    I know, I know: we are late, we are retarded, ... and all that stuff that will hinder us Europeans to be as amazing as Caucasian Americans living North of Mexico and South of Canada.

    That's OK.

    In the meantime, we'll have USB-C and replaceable batteries in the iPhone soon enough
  • Apple's Irish subsidiary rakes in $69.3 billion profit from global operations

    Let’s make sure Apple pays the fair 15% taxes
  • Reviewers say there's no need to upgrade to Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2

    Patience people.
    september is not over yet.
    we can expect the announcement of the upgrades any day now
  • Tim Cook included in early list of potential VP candidates for Clinton campaign

    Tim Cook for VP?
    what did he do as a CEO bur oversseing the failure to diversify (appleWatch subpar), failure in major software projects (iCloud, Maps, Siri), failure in investments for future (Titan).

    He's a hell of a COO, but he certainly isn't a CEO
  • Review: Apple's late-2016 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

    Welcome to dongle heaven.

    In the Spectrum's QL era it was considered a (fatal) flaw. Now it seems it's a feature
  • Turkey's deputy PM encourages Apple to move in wake of EU tax ruling

    Soli said:
    AdBrit said:
    In the end, all this is Apple trying to avoid paying taxes, something all of us do compliantly without begging for exception. Apple and other Corporations are simply moochers of a countries wealth whether that be the consumer's dollars or the consumer's labour. They are transient welfare bums.
    What should a corporation do? Pay taxes beyond what they are legally obligated to pay in order to appease you? I certainly have accountants looking for every possible way I can reduce how much I legally owe the gov't. You don't do that?
    Legally obligated to pay in Ireland is 12,5%.
    Not 1%, not 0.005%