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  • Messages in iCloud: Everything you need to know

    From a user perspective, If I enable Messages on iCloud, I would have to pay monthly fee for iCloud service immediately. Saving the iCloud costs in three years mean I can get a 128GB iPhone instead of a 64GB, or a 256GB iPhone instead of a 128GB.

    I am happy to stay with Messages on current “Apple cloud”.  All messages are readily searchable on all of my devices includind iPhone, iPad, multiple Macs even without internet. I don’t have any synchronisation problem among devices. Why do I need to enable Messages on iCloud? It doesn’t make any sense to me.
  • Law firm that extracted $450M settlement in Apple e-books case is going after company for ...

    1. Capacity depleted up to 20% of design should not fail to deliver peak power required by the iPhone;

    2. Running down to 30% energy left after a full charge will still provide peak power required by any iPhone;

    3. Not mentioned by any battery-gate article editors that all lithium-ion batteries have their own circuit processors managing the batteries. It should not be the iOS business to throttle it.

    4. iOS should not “assume” all batteries of the same age depleting at the same rate by the iPhone model, iOS version or the time-stamp of the battery on the iPhone and throttle the iPhones accordingly!

  • Developers must disclose screen recording analytics tools or face expulsion from App Store...

    I bought a food scale with Bluetooth connection. It was made in China and the Modern Chef app was also developed by a mainland China company. Once installed, the app  goes beyond telling me the weigh of food. It immediately harvests all my personal and health data from the iPhone and send back to the server in China in seconds. All IoT apps can do the same.  The app should be pull of from the App Store immediately and installed users should be notified immediately and suggestions should be offered by Apple to those installed victims.

    Asking for disclosure is only on paper for legal formality. Banning an app is “catch me if you can”, and 2 versions leap forward, the developer can reinsert the analytic codes again without being noticed. Once private data leaked, is leaked forever. 

    iOS 13 should fix it, or not capable for Apple to do so?
  • Apple disallows developers from collecting and sharing Contacts data

    Contacts on iOS and macOS and iCloud should have field-level security and be stored in seperate databases according to user specified category and security level. 

    Apple is just not doing good enough.
  • Editorial: The mysterious curse of iPhone 6, lifted with... the headphone jack

    1. Apple may consider 2.5mm headphone jack if 3.5mm is too “big”.
    2. Headphone jack can be put at the top right corner, so the extra thickness just balance the odd camera pop-up and make an iPhone perfectly stable on a flat service.
    3. Not listening to customers, like what Microsoft did, would eventually staked them up and wait for the last straw to come. And they’ll go away one day without hesitation.
  • Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts to depart in April, hands mantle to Deirdre O'Brien

    Wrong hire. 
  • 'Apple News Magazines' subscription service spotted in iOS 12.2 beta

    RBdigital and Zinio do not give what I want:
    1. Clip / Share / Export an article / paragraphs / phrases / text & pictures, not just a link; and DO NOT remind me about copyright like what Apple native Notes is doing now;
    2. Tag and keep an article in iCloud even though the magazine has been removed from the device or returned;
    3. Select and Lookup, speak, translate words and paragraphs; add selection to a list / app with a single tap;
    4. Searchable / Smart searchable of words / phrases in a single / category / library of magazine(s). E.g. “black hole”.
    5. Integrate with Apple Books and Notes apps. 

    Cant do it? Forget Apple News Magazines.
  • Does YouTube's new dark theme save iPhone X battery life?

    Dark mode to read; white mode to print. As simple as that.
  • Apple kills Google's enterprise development certificate because of Screenwise Meter

    I am soooooo sick of Data Miners .....Google and Facebook...they disgust me and should everyone else for their deplorable behavior . Data mining 13 yr olds for crying out loud...!!!!
    It’s not Data Mining. It’s Privacy Mining.  Disgusting?  It’s shameful and disgraceful!
  • iPhones could cost up to $160 more if China tariff threat is followed through

    "People could stand that very easily."  People could mean Apple investors, Apple shareholders, Apple top executives,.
    Apple could even lower the prices of iPhones by the equivalent tariff and still make huge profit.