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  • Western Digital debuts My Book Duo with up to 20TB of external storage

    macxpress said:
    Who the hell needs 20TB of space? Thats a lot of stolen music and movies. 
    Well this product is great news for people like me who are involved in modern DNA sequencing projects, where individual data files are in the range of 50-100 GB each.  A single 96-sample run can generate 5TB of data in a few hours, and yes this often means hard drives are express-shipped to customers.  "Never underestimate the bandwidth of a US Mail truck full of hard drives, traveling down the highway at 65 MPH"

    Skeptical? The human genome is 3 billion base pairs of DNA.  Even with only 20-fold redundancy (needed for assembly) that's 60 gigabases, which is 60 Gbyte of ascii data.  Now think about the companies offering full- genome sequencing to the public, and the many people willing to pay a few thousand bucks each for the service. 

    Now think of all the plant, animal, and microbial research being done in the world, and understand that many of these organisms are having their DNA being sequenced by someone.  And not just once, but multiple instances of each species....  Data storage is a major issue.  PS: the last Mac I bought is outfitted with 128 GB of RAM....
  • iRobot CEO insists company won't sell Roomba home data [u]

    Forget selling the data, I ALSO wouldn't want the data to be GIVEN away.  Nor do I want it to become accessible to Google, when Google buys iRobot.  In short, I don't want iRobot to be transmitting ANY data outside of my home.  The data belongs to ME, not to them.  They should not have it AT ALL.

    Far too many companies are able to "buy" data simply by buying the company that holds the data.  Happens all the time.  Should be stopped!

    Similarly, this is why there will be no Alexa in my home.  Ever.
  • All-new Mac Pro with modular design, Apple-branded pro displays coming in 2018

    "The $3,999 model gains 8 cores and dual D800 graphics cards."

    FALSE.  AI needs to think about what the words mean.  They meant to say that the $3,999 model gained 8 core configurability.  Also, this is pasted from the Apple Store: "
    Configurable to dual AMD FirePro D700, each with 6GB of GDDR5".  That's dual D700, not dual D800.  Not sure who's got the typo on that one, but when ordering online it's a D700 that's offered for an extra $600.
  • All Mac & iOS CPUs affected by 'Meltdown' and 'Spectre' chip flaws, some fixes already in ...

    pslice said:
    I’m so tired of crooks trying to make off with my personal information. If we could see the death penalty for a hacker maybe some of this crap would stop.

    Well it appears you might have missed the phrasing "...there are not currently any known exploits taking advantage of...".  So really, no crooks are trying in this instance.  It's true that someone left the jewelry store unlocked, but so far nobody is sneaking in after hours to steal the goodies.  Rather than getting angry and establishing a death penalty, you could take heart and celebrate that for all these past twenty years, nobody has done evil with this.  :)
  • Call with Apple Watch Series 3 saves kitesurfer from shark-infested waters

    ibgarrett said:
    Apparently all water is shark infested... great it worked, but even the original article there weren't any ACTUAL sharks seen in the water. Could there have been sure... but there weren't, so "infested" is a tad overkill.
    Well the article did also say that it was a GW nursery area.  Having swum in the waters off Ventura's beaches, I am glad I never knew that.  But then again, as far as I was concerned, every minnow was a shark.  Today, here in the midwest, I'm more afraid of loan sharks... I wonder if the watch can help in such a circumstance?  :)
  • Inside iOS 11: The coolest Apple ARKit demos created so far

    I guess this means absolutely everyone will be sporting puppy ears or flowers in their hair......  How did the world survive without it?
  • Growing glass crack appears at Michigan Ave. Apple store in Chicago

    Atomic77 said:
    Perhaps Apple sees the crack as no big deal or can not afford to fix the window in that store.
    Nearly choked on my dinner while reading this!  While Apple can quite literally afford ANYTHING, I'll agree with your sentiment that they may see it as unimportant... Apple doesn't like to fix broken glass.  :)

  • Safari 10 brings fast, native App Extensions to the macOS browser, web content

    So is Safari 10 available for download?  The article keeps switching from present tense to future tense and back again, so it's unclear.  It says it's for Sierra and ElCapitan, but doesn't actually say if this is a beta or something available NOW.
  • Editorial: Sorry Android bloggers, but Samsung's Galaxy S7 didn't outsell Apple's iPhone 6s

    Uhm, @teaearlegreyhot , 'Flagship phone' is a term that is used world wide for the best phones a company has to offer. For Samsung: that's the S7/Edge, for Apple that's currently the 6S/6S+. Please, keep your posts on an intellectual level. 
    I'm saying it's a metaphor that has lost its meaning and therefore should be abandoned.  NOBODY ever talks about a flagship that is actually a ship.  So use of the metaphor obscures, rather than enhances, communication.  And that, (sir) is an intellectual point, just so you know.
  • Hunter launches Signal ceiling fan with Apple HomeKit support

    lkrupp said:
    TurboPGT said:
    In terms of a quality, great ceiling fans can be had for $100-$200.
    Baloney. See what happens to the motor of that $100 fan twenty years later. I know, do you?
    Haha!  The same thing that happened to my Mac Plus after only ten years.....  dead!