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  • Netflix blames account sharing for first subscriber loss in a decade

    - has the price increased dramatically in a very short time ?
    - should one need (to pay for) 4 'channels' simply to access 4K image quality ?
    - would offering 4K 'channel' options @ 25% of the current forced bundle cost increase subscription numbers ?
    - has content become less varied / clever ?

    I find myself searching longer now to find compelling content, and if I didn't have an (as defined) 'household' sharer I would have dropped the subscription some time ago, just revisiting the question last week. Indeed I find kanopy (free) reminds me more of the early Netflix when documentaries and films from indy distributors such as mongrel seemed more commonly available.

    Presumably COVID production limitations and increased consumption may have been a factors ?

  • Compared: 14-inch MacBook Pro vs 2022 Razer Blade 14

    Opencl is deprecated, on the Mac so how is graphics comparison for opencl even relevant?

    how about a test for real life performance?   No doubt the razed is better at gaming, but who cares, no one buys a Mac for gaming
    ...perhaps some may benefit from (or need) legacy compatibility, and can one compare metal vice versa...?

    Based on specs I've long wondered about the 17" 4K touch screen w/3080 GPU...  
    admittedly more of a portable desktop than laptop...

    Is it still early days for Mac ARM optimization...?
  • Apple's Mac Pro gains new Radeon Pro MPX graphics card options

    zimmie said:
    crowley said:
    Seems odd that the better card is only available with the lesser amount of memory.
    All of the new options are 32 GB per GPU. The ones which show 64 GB have two GPUs on one card.

    The single-card prices are right in line with retail for the Radeon Pro line. It's more than a little weird that one the pairs are all $400 more expensive than buying two cards individually, though. Maybe that's the cost of the "Infinity Fabric Link connector"?
    No stats on power - perhaps a PSU in the mix...?
  • Kuo: Demand for new MacBook Pro models tepid due to high prices, disappointing specs

    ...I wish we could run our MacOS of choice, for compatibility, and get AppleCare support for such,
    rather than new hardware forcing users onto the barely out of beta Sierra...

    Other than tabs I can't see a feature I find compelling enough to implement by choice for working,
    and tabs existed in the pre X days in more primitive windowed form, so to me kind of a throwback, if useful...

    Siri, Photos (scans), iCloud (and thus Handoff/Copy), Storage all seem legitimate potential privacy risks.
    Anything iCloud is actually technically illegal by statute (privacy) where I work (jurisdictional storage only),
    so a local, internal private server iCloud might be the only way to solve this limitation...?
    Auto Login requires the watch. ApplePay requires iPhone 6+/watch. Emoji is a feature? Really?
    Could these features really sales drivers, and some actually work distractions,
    or even ways Apple can keep tabs on us, or building out an AI database...?

    Improved memory management, power efficiency & better retina graphics aside,
    if I could run even Snow @ 4x the speed (ie. on new hardware) I think I'd be happier, a buyer and focussed on the work,
    vs risking unknown issues, lost legacy app/file/data access & potential peripheral obsolescence...

  • Dual-lens camera to remain iPhone Plus exclusive in 2017

    I wish they had gone (much) wider... One can always zoom in, but if one can't get the shot...
    Apparently the wide is 28mm equivalent (35mm) while I'd most appreciate a 24mm or better, 21mm equivalent...
    Building wide angle in such tiny glass may in fact be an impossible challenge,
    and yet a tack sharp 21mm ultra wide f2 or better prime would be just so remarkable...
  • Tim Cook's fundraiser for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton set for tonight much of an economy will there be if global warming & 6x destroys the planet, the plains turn to desert & the great lakes are drained beyond repair for drinking water...? I've been impressed with what Stein says, and such would seem to align with the current governance of the longest peaceful shared border to the north...? Let the flames begin... ;)
  • Apple preparing changes to MacBook lineup this month

    They can pry my 17" macbook pro from my cold dead hands for portable professional computing work... Ironically I was looking at the air too, as it's GPU has improved so much, if ultra portability is desired, with some actual horsepower, alas no retina display... Finally I've been looking at the HP Spectre, partly because I'm just so worn out with the MacOS merry go round of annual 'upgrades' to feed the developer gravy train, drivers failing, app updating... W7 pro set & forget it...