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  • Pedestrian killed by Uber self-driving car, testing stops in all cities

    I am so proud of Uber. They just made history. This will go down in the history books!

    First pedestrian killed by a self-driving car. Way to go Uber!

    Duh! I think we all knew this would happen sooner or later. I'm sure there will be more "sacrificial lambs" before autonomous cars really take off.
    You clowns might want to get some more facts concerning this event before commenting.  I'm not for or against autonomous cars; if anything I don't really have an opinion at this point because I think it's a long way off in the future.  At any rate, the accident occurred at night and not in an intersection.  It may easily be the case that the person left the sidewalk to cross the street at the worst possible moment, just as the car was driving by.  Having a driver in the car may have been no help in such a case.
  • Decade-old Apple Car project may be completely dead

    M68000 said:
    jas99 said:
    kkqd1337 said:
    i think this was just too big of a challenge for apple

    maybe those staff can have another go on the AirPower 
    No. This was an excellent decision. Apple should stay as far away from the automotive industry as possible.
    Perhaps they should have made “decision” 10 years ago.  It seems pretty clear that electric car sales have stalled along with possibly interest in them from large majority of consumers.  Cold weather battery issues and heavy tire wear of EV’s are just 2 of their problems. The hybrid approach is gaining ground while current ICE cars are not going anywhere anytime soon and other fuel technologies could be available to more consumers soon?  It seemed that Apple would only have been interested in a full electric vehicle, correct?  If so, could these latest market trends have been the final straw so to speak for Apple to end whatever they have been doing?
    Somewhat surprisingly your post is the first to discuss what’s been going on in the EV market over the last 6 months. Apple is canceling the car because reality just set in across the EV auto landscape: all the rich people who want one have largely bought one, government subsidies have mostly run out, repair costs are abysmal on an EV because even the slightest accident can cause fire risk in the battery, leading to increased insurance costs, and public charging costs have gone up.  Of course there’s the ever-present issue of long charge times/range anxiety/charge station availability. EV’s are the first large scale product that the public is having to deal with and consider in their economic choices in the government mandated “green revolution”, and the EV’s are losing.
  • Apple's diversity efforts are 'selfish & practical' says head of developer relations

    DeSantis just comes off to me as someone who enjoys being cruel.
    In that case you should probably get better informed before spouting your opinionated feelings. Disney made a choice to get involved in a political issue they had zero business being in. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. 
  • Employee COVID outbreak forces Apple to close Texas store

    KTR said:
    If people do not follow the rules or implement standards, this virus WILL NEVER go., Oh well.  The country will go broke.
    Dude: the virus isn’t going away, ever. 

    lkrupp said:
    KTR said:
    If people do not follow the rules or implement standards, this virus WILL NEVER go., Oh well.  The country will go broke.
    A member of the Illinois legislature has introduced a bill that would require non-vaccinated people hospitalized with Covid to pay the costs of their hospitalization out-of-pocket, whether they have insurance or not. Hit someone hard enough in the pocketbook is usually the only way to get their attention. The bill probably won’t get far but I think it’s a great idea to ‘encourage’ vaccinations.
    I guess we should also require anyone who doesn’t drive a tank to and from work to pay their own hospital expenses when they are involved in a car accident, whether they have insurance or not. 

    sflocal said:
    This is human stupidity at its finest.  The selfish, moronic, conspiracy-loving anti-vaxxers are putting people's live at risk.  They are just too stupid and ignorant to accept it.  I'm all for personal choice and keeping the government out of my body, but what's it going to take to get these people to understand that COVID is here to stay until they get vaccinated?! 

    One can only hope that Darwin will take care of things, but even then... that's years down the road.
    In addition to all the comments above, I’d add that it’s interesting how you and others have immediately jumped to conclusions about the vaccination status of these Apple employees. And like I said at the top of this comment: this virus isn’t going away, ever. It’ll be just another flu strain to contend with every year. 

    Texas……where a virus has reproductive rights but a woman doesn't!
    There are no such things as “reproductive rights”. Roe was based on a right to privacy.
  • Secret Service and government agencies illegally used smartphone location data

    Michae1 said:
    All the glib comments worry me a little.  This year alone a federal court found our government guilty of working with big social media platforms to sensor free speech, while the attorney general issued a memo to the FBI allowing parents who speak out at school board meetings to be classified as ‘domestic terrorists. Now we see a report that our government is using our technology to track us.  Aren’t we past the point for jokes?
    Not on this forum. Most of AI’s readership is pretty progressive (shocker) and don’t seem to mind the government trampling on basic civil liberties. 
  • Apple Board of Directors shuffle sees Al Gore & James Bell retire

    emoeller said:
    That’s President Al Gore you’re speaking of and he deserved to be on the BoD.
    Please enlighten us as to his contribution?

    "An Inconvenient Truth" is considered a seminal work on climate change and bringing attention to it the general public.  Apple changed the industry to consider "performance/watt" instead of just raw performance.  Apple has been pushing green initiatives and recycling in a higher profile way than any other large tech company and probably any other corporation period.  It pervades their entire image.  
    An Inconvenient Truth is a pile of pseudoscience. It was debunked the moment it was released.  Please, get your information from reliable sources. Al Gore isn’t one.
  • M3 MacBook Air vs M2 MacBook Air -- Compared

    It's fair to say that Apple's update to the MacBook Air line is muted.”

    What were you expecting? I think this update falls in line exactly with what Apple has done in the past.  If anything it’s nice to see them get the 15” updat in sync with the 13.
  • Second-generation M2 Apple Silicon chip arrives in MacBook Air, MacBook Pro

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    All I can say is get in line behind all of those who are waiting to take a test drive in an Apple Car. 
    Apple Car isn't going to happen in the near future.

    Autonomous driving technology needs to be heavily tested on public roads. Companies who are developing such technology are required to apply for permits to do so. Apple does have this permit here in California but the program does not have the same vehicle miles as companies like Waymo or Nuro.

    For Apple to get California DMV and US DOT approval to market a mass-market autonomous vehicle they will likely need to show tens of millions of miles of successful prototype vehicle tests in a variety of conditions (dense fog, black ice, snowstorms, heavy night rainstorms, high wind), not just leisurely cruising through residential neighborhoods in Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Mountain View on sunny days.

    Apple simply has not logged many miles. There are a few months where there were very few test vehicles and their actual mileage was extremely minimal. You can download the reports from the DMV website.

    All of the major auto manufacturers are working on this, plus a bunch of startups. Many of these prototype test vehicles don't advertise their affiliation.

    Recently I've seen a Mercedes with the typical array of odd appendages and instrumentations on the road. Realistically there is only one company on this planet who would pick a Mercedes to be a test platform for an autonomous vehicle: Daimler-Benz. I've seen a Toyota with a discreet marking of "Toyota Research Institute" on it. I'm keeping my eyes open for Porsche and BMW. They are probably around and I simply haven't seen them yet.
    Autonomous vehicles are turning into the same technology god-send as fusion power: it’s always a few years away. I wouldn’t hold your breath on them. Ten years ago everyone was chattering about how within a decade almost no one would own a car anymore because we’d all be getting around in an autonomous Uber.  Turns out autonomous driving is far more nuanced and complicated than most engineers thought. Personally I don’t think we’ll ever have fully autonomous vehicles driving on our current “dumb” road network. It’s going to require some kind of sensor network built into or near the roads to work. 
  • Rumored 15-inch MacBook Air release could be in April or May

    timmillea said:
    Americans are always blind-sided by a desire to have everything bigger. The MBA is designed to be small, light and fit in an envelope. A "15-inch" MBA would be a similar crime against sensibilities as the Mac Studio. We don't need another monstrous carbuncle. Apple has soiled it reputation enough. Small. light, thin and great battery life. If you want a bigger display just plug it into one. If these rumours are true, it appears even common sense is in short supply at Apple. 
    I think the appeal of a 15” MBA is for customers who are plenty happy with the current MBA power but just want a bigger screen. Right now the only option for a bigger screen is to get a Pro at a much higher starting price. That said, I would have expected that a 15” MBA would retain an M2, not an M2 Pro.
  • Apple holds premiere for climate change drama 'Extrapolations'

    Extrapolating is about the only thing the global warming cabal has been doing the past thirty years; and getting it wrong every time.