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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook, other tech leaders call on North Carolina to repeal anti-LGBT law

    eideard said:
    I don't expect many politicians whose heads are embedded in the outflow end of the Confederate alimentary canal - to respect or listen to the leaders of modern industry and technology.  They only provide jobs and income.  Southern religious tradition is worth more than that to these pitiful leftovers from the lost cause of slavery.
    A response typical of a big city ivory tower type who looks down on flyover country. 

    This bill doesn't make things hard on business, and it's time state governments stood up to bullies. 
    Long time reader, first time poster. Your comment is so misinformed I was forced to open an account to respond. Nice of you to have empathy for "flyover country." Too bad you can't extend the same courtesy to your fellow human being. If you can't see how passing discriminatory legislation against LGBT people makes it harder for Apple to hire the best people (and convince the best people to move to North Carolina), then it just demonstrates how irrelevant your opinions are to Apple's business practices, anyway. Calling Apple and the plethora of other companies "bullies" on this issue would be laughable, if the practice of policing bathrooms and shaming children wasn't so horrific.

    I can see based on the other comments in this thread that you are not alone in your ignorance, however. Take comfort in your majority in this virtual space. I pray that if someone close to you comes out as transgender you have the civility to hold your hateful tongue.
    roake said:
    Personally, I don't want some hairy guy wearing a dress in the bathroom with my 6-year-old daughter.
    This is the line, isn't it? The misinformed premise used to sell this disgrace of a law to the uninformed. If you're so concerned about child molesters (I assume that's your actual fear, unless you're actually afraid of guys in dresses), then why aren't you worried about boys being assaulted by creeps in the men's restroom? Why not women assaulting girls? Your assumption that someone who is transgender is more likely to cause harm to a child is patently offensive and absurd.
    NemWan said:
    North Carolina politicians seem oblivious to the high quality...
    You seem oblivious to mental illness.
    Oh, are you a doctor? If you are, I pray you never have a transgender patient. Let me guess, you'd prescribe shock therapy? Or are you one of those "pray the gay away" types?

    If these forums actually modeled the high standard of excellence and originality that Apple itself aspires to in its rhetoric and products, then the dialogue expressed on this topic would be a cause for shame in this community. As it stands, however, I am fairly certain that my words will be baselessly attacked with hateful language, if my comments are not first deleted by complicit moderators.
  • Apple, 67 other businesses file against North Carolina's HB2 'bathroom' law

    (1) Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;’ Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’

    (2) Transgenderism Is A Mental Illness, Not A Civil Rights Issue


    (4) Jerry Springer-I'm Happy I Cut Off My Legs!

    (5) Adult Gender Identity Disorder (GID) Can Remit

    (6) Transsexualism, Dissociation,and Child Abuse

    (7) The frequency of personality disorders in patients with gender identity disorder

    (8) Personality Disorders in Persons with Gender Identity Disorder

    (9) Increased Gender Variance in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    (10) Gender Identity Disorder and Schizophrenia: Neurodevelopmental Disorders with Common Causal Mechanisms?

    (11) A Follow-up Study of Boys with Gender Identity Disorder

    (12) Psychiatric Comorbidity of Gender Identity Disorders: A Survey Among Dutch Psychiatrists

    (13) Psychiatric Axis I Comorbidities among Patients with Gender Dysphoria

    TL;DR: 1. Coming to this part proves you don’t give a fuck. 2. Yes.

    Tallest skil, I would have expected you to think twice before posting these garbage links again, but here we are. Let's take a look, shall we?

    (1 and 2): These are both conservative media, which (before you pound out GENETIC FALLACY) doesn't mean they aren't worth considering. It does, however, lend to an argument that you are presenting a biased consideration of evidence.

    (3): This is a clinical study that actually concludes with the opposite of your point: "Psychological evaluation has shown that sex reassignment increases the well-being of transsexuals, but it should not be considered as a cure-all; it is rehabilitative relieving gender dysphoria, but some transsexual subjects may still experience other problems (e.g. comorbid psychiatric problems, social isolation, troubled relationships, prejudice, and discrimination)."

    (4): An absurd video to be sure, but I shouldn't need to tell you this is anecdotal.

    (5): Broken link, this was also broken last time. Thought you would have removed it.

    (6): This is an unusual study to say the least. A sample size of only 45 patients, done outside of a clinical setting. Where is your academic rigor?

    (7): A medical journal published by the Islamic Republic of Iran—not saying  it isn’t worth considering, but it is important to consider the source. The actual conclusion of the study is similar to 8, 9, and 11--see below.

    (8, 9, and 11): The conclusions of these studies broadly support the argument that patients with gender dysphoria have other mental health conditions at a higher rate than the population at large. Unfortunately, this isn't the argument you are making, and correlation does not imply causation, so using this to claim that gender dysphoria results from a separate mental illness is shaky at best. So if you wanted to make the argument that people with gender dysphoria should be in therapy and evaluating a range of treatments based on their overall mental health, I would agree with you.

    (10): This study concludes that signs of transgender identity can often be seen in childhood, and there are statistically more transgender people with a bisexual or homosexual orientation. Unless you’re arguing homosexuality is also a mental illness--I assume you are, but let's stay on topic--this doesn’t really relate to your point.

    (11): Conclusion: “These data suggest that there is little consensus, at least among Dutch psychiatrists, about diagnostic features of gender identity disorder or about the minimum age at which sex reassignment therapy is a safe option. Therapy options proposed to patients with gender identity disorder appear to depend on personal preferences of psychiatrists. These results underline the need for more specific diagnostic rules in this area.” Sure, more research is a great idea and can only lead to better treatment.

    In case anyone is wondering how someone like Tallest Skil could find the time to put together all these resources, apparently without reading them, this is the page where they were copy/pasted from. The name of the thread is "Need Anti-Tranny Material," with the original post: "I need anti-tranny material for an upcoming argument. Sources needed. Please try to link more scientific studies with peer reviews and shit but a little more shady shit and maybe some particular stories of them being disgusting welcome."

    I'm not sure if Tallest Skil reposting these sources repeatedly counts as SPAM at this point, and I assume there probably aren't any rules against behavior like this, but it's certainly something that readers of these forums should be aware of.
  • Steve Jobs tasked Apple to fix healthcare and Apple Watch is part of the answer

    This is a goal truly worthy of the company's attention. I count eliminating the need to pilot a vehicle as another such goal
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook, other tech leaders call on North Carolina to repeal anti-LGBT law

    londor said:
    jet23 said:

    Or are you just going to paste the same sentence 6 more times?
    Copying and pasting is the only thing he seems capable of because it's clear he doesn't understand the things he's posting.
    So, I just googled some paragraphs from tallest skill's rants and it turns out almost everything he said was actually plagiarized from other parts of the internet.

    Here is the source of his off-topic essay about libertarianism (CMD F "The fact of the matter is that libertarians can’t admit that their ideology is dying"):

    And here is the source of his "The words “gender” and “sex” have been skewed by feminists" rant:, in addition to the list of all of the sources he posted on page 2 as his evidence (this explains the general poor quality and broken links).

    The name of the thread is "Need Anti-Tranny Material," with the original post:
    "I need anti-tranny material for an upcoming argument. Sources needed. Please try to link more scientific studies with peer reviews and shit but a little more shady shit and maybe some particular stories of them being disgusting welcome."
    Of course his information about David Reimer was copied from Wikipedia. I don't think he was trying to hide that.

    Amusingly, his (I assume auto-biographical) short story about wanting to be Napoleon appears to be original.


    tallest skill, you got an F on the paper. You also got kicked out of school.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook, other tech leaders call on North Carolina to repeal anti-LGBT law

    tallest skill said:
    In David’s own account, he did not identify as a girl.

    Can you read your own words?

    List literally one, since I’ve done no such thing and you’ve provided absolutely nothing WHATSOEVER to back your claims other than “it hurts my feelings”. I’m not fucking playing around here. You don’t get to say whatever you want and have it be taken as fact. You don’t get to pretend that your feelings dictate reality. Have a fucking argument.

    Are you kidding me? I listed sources. You ignored them.

    I'm not saying that sources from conservative publications are wrong because they are conservative (which would be a genetic fallacy) but that your biased consideration of evidence and confirmation bias in compiling your sources does nothing to advance your point.

    Your false equivalency? How about that short story you wrote about identifying as Napoleon. Give me a break.

    You still have been unable to provide a single legitimate source backing up your point of view.

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook, other tech leaders call on North Carolina to repeal anti-LGBT law

    jet23 said:

    ...a fallacious premise (i.e. the man was not actually transgender)

    HE. IS. THE. REASON. THAT. TRANNIES. ARE. GIVEN. ANY. AMOUNT. OF. TIME. AT. ALL. The fallacious premise is that trannies are sane. The fallacious premise is that trannies are normal. The fallacious premise is that trannies are healthy. ALL OF WHICH ARE BASED ON LIES TOLD ABOUT HIS LIFE AND EXPERIENCES.
    I can see my words are still going over your head. You are building a straw man. You are misrepresenting and drastically simplifying the history of the transgender rights movement in order to make an argument from fallacy, which is also a fallacy of the single cause. Saying the same thing over and over again does not make it right. That's an argument from repetition. Claiming that others have failed to prove their claims when you have demonstrably failed to provide sufficient evidence of your own is an argument from silence. Seriously, someone could write the textbook on you
  • Apple, 67 other businesses file against North Carolina's HB2 'bathroom' law

    Screwed up my own numbering. Last three sections should say:

    (8, 9, 10, and 13)