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  • Apple says hidden Safari setting led to flawed Consumer Reports MacBook Pro battery tests

    This basically invalidates anything Consumer Reports does, test, or publishes in the future. Possibly in the past too. They knowingly changed settings that would not reflect an actual user's configuration, and deceitfully posted fraudulent results.

    If that's how they operate I have no interest in any other opinion they have to offer on any product.
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  • iOS 10.3 now available for iPhone, iPad with Find My AirPods, Apple File System, more

    Find My AirPods is a great idea in theory...but it is so limited in its ability to locate them that I can't imagine it will ever help. In the several weeks that I've been running 10.3, I've had at least 3 legitimate occasions where I was trying to find an AirPod, and FMA failed to be of any use.

    For reference:

    1. It can't find them if they are in the case, so if you misplace the case you're SOL.

    2. It can't find them if they are not connected to the device. Seems obvious but...since the AirPods disconnect from the device automatically when you take them out of your ears, this is guaranteed to be the case every time. You need to connect them first, and hope they connect. In my experience, if they are not in the immediate vicinity (within 3-4 feet) and not plainly exposed (not hidden under blankets) they aren't likely to connect.

    3. Obviously, it can't find them if the battery dies. Not complaining, but another reality about AirPods is that the battery is draining if they are not in the case, and won't last terribly long. Just another scenario where a misplaced AirPods is likely not going to be findable.
  • Apple COO Jeff Williams 'aware' of iPhone, Mac price concerns

    It’s always the same story. Our puny minds can’t comprehend the expenses Apple has. Well, every company has expenses that are not materials cost. Is that really the customer’s burden to bear? I think what customers want is for some of that past R&D to start to amortize, and result in stable product lines. This unpredictable continuous rise in prices for no compelling reason has everyone concerned. 

    Meanwhile, our puny minds can comprehend the balance sheet, and profit is obscene. The same old story doesn’t fly. 

    Dont get get me wrong I think it’s perfectly fine for Apple to have a wide line of iPhone, but they’ve pushed the envelope on what a flagship model can cost and they’re not doing anything they weren’t doing 5 years ago when a flagship iPhone was $650. 
  • Apple debuts 2019 iPad Air with A12 Bionic chip and enhanced 10.5-inch display

    tipoo said:
    Not being picky but it's a small but important distinction, I don't think this is the successor to the 'budget' iPad - they're still selling that alongside it, and this gains the Air name. 

    So I'm assuming this brings back the laminated and antireflective screen to gain the name back? 

    Edit: Page confirms antireflective screen is back. I'm assuming laminated but not sure yet. 
    It is just a more expensive iPad. Nothing else to see here.
  • British MP urges schools to confiscate iPads, says children use tablet to bully

    Years ago, to take care of a bully, a group of non-bullies would get together and beat the ever loving shit out of the bully. And the problem went away.

    Today, the blame is place on everything and anything except where it belongs...the bully.

    They hold hour long assemblies in school on bullying, playing up nothing but victim suffering.

    Victim culture is a disease.

  • First look: Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display XDR [u]

    It’s hilarious to read how misunderstood this product is. 
  • Samsung warns of revenue shortfall due to 'weakening overall demand' for smartphones & com...

    Market may indeed be saturated but has anyone even seen what passes for the top of the line Samsung phone? On a rare walk through Best Buy last weekend I saw them and stopped to take a look, as I do once every couple years just to see where they're at. What a POS. It still looks like some confused relic from the palmOS era, and I can't believe they're still pretending like anyone wants a screen with curved edges. As is well known, this was a bad bet Samsung made in the run up to the iPhone 6 release, where the always-wrong rumor mill was flinging around the idea of a screen that curves at the edges...when of course it was just Apple curving the glass on the edges to make it nice to hold and swipe. But Samsung doubled-down on the rumor to try and beat Apple to the punch, and they did...with something no one ever wanted, and Apple never even considered.
  • Apple debuts 2019 iPad Air with A12 Bionic chip and enhanced 10.5-inch display

    macgui said:

    HAHAHA. I knew it. Of course they did not update the low end iPad with a compelling offering. Nope. Just invented a new price point to gouge people even more.
    Bullshit and FUD.
    No it isn't. This is pretty obvious to anyone who wants to see it.

    Apple used to update their products with compelling new offerings, and value-added proposition. Now they invent new tiers every time they have something new to offer, so that they can charge more.

    By all accounts these modest updates should have applied to the iPad. But instead Apple creates another iPad (and reaches into the well for the iPad Air name) so that they can charge $499 instead of $329. That is all that happened here.
  • With AirPower canceled, here are the best alternative Qi wireless iPhone charging pads

  • iTunes isn't dead! It's faster, streamlined and renamed Apple Music in macOS Catalina

    The best part about all of this is iOS device syncing moved to the Finder. It looks like it has been there all along, and in a few years we'll have forgotten that it was ever any other way. It makes so much sense it is almost silly that it wasn't this way sooner.