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  • Apple hires former Tesla engineer to bolster its self-driving car project

    It is very distressing how litigious the U.S. is. I just feel very strongly that we should take personal responsibility. The crash was not the fault of the car. It was the fault of the driver. I still, after all of these years, think about the woman who sued McDonald’s because she spilled hot coffee on her lap. I of course believe that people should have the right to sue, but people take it way to far. If people are trespassing on my property without my consent, they should not be allowed to sue me for example.
    You should learn more about the hot coffee facts, and not the corporate PR campaign aimed at tort reform. The coffee was extremely hot and the cup flimsy - she required hospitalization and skin grafts for the third degree burns. The damages were punitive because it turned out McDonald’s had 700 prior burn victims but never changed their protocol or cup materials to make them safer. Now they have.'s_Restaurants

  • Apple Maps, Weather app now shows Crimea as Russian territory

    svanstrom said:
    Never would have guessed that I’d go from long term Apple fanboy to phasing out Apple products due to them sucking up to China and Russia. Crazy times. 

     spliff monkey said:
    Jesus Christ. I’ve owned Apple computers since they were beige. I’ve had enough. Legitimately done. 

    This is disgusting. What a topper to Kowtowing to China and fucking over Hong Kong protesters. 

    I think this is the proverbial straw for me.  
    Hope you aren’t planning to switching to Google — they did the same thing:

    ...because that’s the law in Russia, and they’re required to follow the law in the countries they do business in. Only other option is to pull out of Russia. Perhaps worth it, I don’t know. I’d love for them to give Putin the finger and exit Russia. But it’s silly to say Apple shouldn’t follow the law they’re currently compelled to follow if they wish to operate in Russia. 
  • Apple sued for '$2 priceless trillion' following 2018 iPhone repair

    apple ][ said:
    Making fake 9-11 calls is a crime and making fake lawsuits should also be a crime. [...]

    In the good old days, we used to lock up the mentally insane. Now, we allow them to walk around in public.
    You have no comprehension of how the legal system works, evidently. There is no such thing as a "fake" lawsuit. A plaintiff can make a claim and present it to a court, and it is up to the court to determine whether it has merit and evaluate the claims of the case. Sometimes the court rules in the plaintiff's favor, sometimes the defendant's. It's not fake. 

    We can talk to Reagan about why the mentally ill aren't hospitalized and receiving treatment; he repealed the Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 in...1981, the first year he was in office. The mentally ill weren't a concern for him and his supporters in congress.
  • Mark Zuckerberg claims Apple's App Store charges 'monopoly rents,' stifles innovation

    For this to be true, there has to be no viable market alternatives. Yet iOS is not the majority market share, as Android provides a wide open plain of alternatives -- multiple app stores, as well as side-loading. There is inarguably room there for this supposed stifled innovation to thrive. 

    Apple cannot have a monopoly on their own store, no more than McDonald's has a monopoly on their own store & menu by not allowing Whoppers, or sushi vendors, etc...
  • Apple debuts new $5999 Mac Pro with up to 28-core Xeon processors

    The cheese grater lives! Booya... Watching now, this looks sweet. Way overpowered for my needs, but damn....I waaant it.
  • Apple's Federighi says child protection message was 'jumbled,' 'misunderstood'

    mfryd said:
    NYC362 said:
    Come on already.  Google and Facebook have been doing this for years.   Suddenly when Apple wants to do the same thing, everyone gets twisted.

    It is just like the 1000 gas powered cars that will catch on fire get not a work of national attention, but one Tesla goes up in flames and there's a world wide news bulletin like it's the end of the world. 
    While Google and Facebook have been scanning user data for years, they are honest and open about it.  They make their money by selling information they glean about their customers.  Google doesn't charge for Gmail because they learn more about you when you use their services, and hence make more profit selling that higher grade information.

    On the other hand, Apple prides itself on protecting the privacy of their customers.  A key sales point in buying into the Apple ecosystem is that Apple does everything they possibly can in order to protect your data.  They even fight court orders requiring them to add back doors to iPhone local encryption.

    Under Apple's new policy, every image you upload to your iCloud library will be scanned, and compared against a list of blacklisted images.  If you have too many blacklisted images, you will be reported to the authorities.  

    Initially, the blacklist will only contain child porn images.  I can easily imagine a narcissistic leader ordering Apple to add to that list images which are critical to the government.   Imagine a photo of a President that makes him look foolish, shows him in a compromising position, or reveals a public statement to be a lie.  Such a President would have a strong incentive to add these photos to the list.  Remember, Apple doesn't know what the blacklisted photos look like, Apple only has digital fingerprints of these images (it would be illegal for Apple to posses Child Porn, even if it was for a good cause).
    You can imagine whatever you like, but the system uses the same NCMEC child porn database utilized by Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Twitter, etc.. Your little fantasy about the POTUS adding images to it would affect every one of those major cloud storage providers, not just Apple. 

    There is nothing new here. You’re not forced to use any of these commercial cloud services to host your images online. 

    And reporting child porn libraries to the authorities is not some choice Apple makes — they’re required to by law. As are the other cloud storage services. You can’t store child porn, it’s against the law. 
  • Jony Ive's exit from Apple caused by company culture changes and growing frustration

    Beats said:
    I wish Tim would be less of a beta feminist
    Holy incel nonsense. That is such an idiotic thing to say. Chin up, lad, one day a girl will talk to you. 
  • Goldman Sachs lost $1.2 billion in 2022 mostly because of Apple Card

    Due to Apple Card benefits such as no fees and a competitive interest rate

    …really? For who? My SO and I were given a predatory rate of almost 25%, despite excellent credit.
  • Apple's Federighi says child protection message was 'jumbled,' 'misunderstood'

    darkvader said:
    The message is not the problem.

    The spyware is the problem.
    It’s not spyware. It’s the exact same child porn hash checking used by Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Twitter, and Tumblr. Nobody wants to host child pornography on their own servers, and they won’t let you upload them. If you use any of those services, you’re already using CSAM hash checking. 

    You are free to not pay to use iCloud Photos and your problem is solved. 
  • Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Review: Great, but controversial

    tommikele said:
    As usual , with charging devices and cabling, Anker offers a superior product and much better value than Apple.
    Define value, please. From what I’ve read Anker is like the others - less efficient and unable to charge rapidly when plugged in. Two things this battery is better at. Also, reserve charging via one cable plugged into the iPhone. These all offer value.