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  • Comparison: Which Apple MacBook is right for you?

    scottw2 said:
    I'm a developer. I want a machine with:

    1. Quad core i7 for fast code compilation
    2. Tons of (preferably upgradable) memory to run all these virtual machines for test
    3. SSD storage (512GB) that I can upgrade myself or at least have reasonable OEM prices
    4. A decent keyboard to type all day long
    5. USB-A ports to connect to virtually every type of devices out there, including iDevices
    6. HDMI port to connect to projectors and TVs in meeting rooms
    7. SD card slot to import photos from my camera to Lightroom when I go on vacation.

    I don't mind a little of thickness. The touch bar doesn't impress me. For the $500 difference, I could have bought a 9.7" touchscreen also known as iPad.

    Sadly, Apple does not make one.

    I'm a developer too. Full-time enterprise work.

    - I want lots of RAM* which I will max out on Day 1 and never worry about again

    - I want SSD storage that I'll never upgrade myself

    - I don't need USBA since I work via wifi, git repositories, etc. In the rare event I need somebody else's drive I have no problem using a small, simple adapter 

    - I have never, ever used a SD slot, probably because consumer cameras aren't part of my work. My prosumer gear uses CF, and even that I use on my desktop and not my portable.

    - I loathe thickness and want it as thin and light as possible. 

    Happily, Apple makes great options of me.

    * I currently work on a 2014 rMBP and 2011 iMac, maxed out. They work pretty well for me and run VMs, IDEs, etc, so I can't see how the latest MBP could struggle for dev work. In fact this guy's real-world testing put that nonsense to rest:

    Here’s a list of everything I ran at once:

    • VMwarei Fusion: Two running virtual machines (Windows 10, macOS Sierra)
    • Adobe Photoshop CC: Four 1+gb 36 MP professional, multi-layer photos
    • Adobe InDesign CC: A 22 page photography-intensive project
    • Xcode: Four production Objective-C projects, all cleaned and rebuilt
    • Microsoft PowerPoint: A slide deck presentation
    • Microsoft Word: A 20+ page document with graphics
    • MachOView: Analyzing a daemon binary
    • Mozilla FireFox: Viewing a website
    • Safari: viewing a different website
    • Preview: Three PDF books
    • Hopper Disassembler: Performing an analysis on a binary
    • WireShark: Performing a live network capture as I do all of this
    • IDA Pro 64-bit: Analyzing a 64-bit intel binary
    • Apple Mail: Viewing four mailboxes
    • Tweetbot: Reading all the flames and trolls in my mentions
    • iBooks: Currently viewing an ebook I paid for
    • Skype: Logged in and idling
    • Terminal: A few sessions idling
    • iTunes
    • Little Flocker
    • Little Snitch
    • OverSight
    • Finder
    • Messages
    • Veracrypt
    • Activity Monitor
    • Path Finder
    • Console
    • Probably a lot I’ve missed

    The result? I ran out of things to do before I ever ran out of RAM. I only ever made it to 14.5GB before the system decided to start paging out, so I didn’t even have the change to burn up all that delicious RAM.

  • Here are the five biggest iPad Pro problems, because no device is perfect

    There’s a whole lot of nonsense in this opinion piece, but this is the absolute most absurd:

    having a trackpad or mouse is another fundamental requirement to making a computer a computer,

    ...yyyyeah. That’s not a requirement for a computer, at all. Do we really need to enumerate the huge list of computers sans mouse? Ironically, it was mainframe computer techno-priests who decried PCs as not being real computers, and then PC techno-priests decrying mouse+GUI machines as not being real computers. 

    Congrats - you’re the new techno-priest decrying the new thing is not like the old thing. 
  • Apple has destroyed the potential of the Smart Connector on the new iPad Pro

    If this were the only shortcoming of the new iPads there would be reason to get upset. As it stands, Apple's walled garden has shut out the iPad Pro from the pro market. iOS is seen as a toy operating system. It makes it impossible to do so many things that pros need to do like manage thousands of files or compile code or manage a network or ...
    It is neither a toy nor consider one by any non-hater. Tablets have many use cases, including professional, which are different than desktops or laptops. Not performing desktop or laptop use cases doesn’t make it a toy. That’s nonsense. At Shell we had an app for viewing offshore platform piping in 3D models, which inspectors used during walkthrus to make notes and do other review. Is that a toy? Nope. It’s a tool, and one that a desktop or laptop could not replace. Different use cases. 

    Likewise I’ve used mine for reviewing documents and conducting business in the field. Managing thousands of files or compiling code are use cases I perform on my desktop, a different tool. (And even a laptop is a poor tool for enterprise software development use cases, lacking twin 27” monitors at ergonomic positions, etc.)

    Neckbeards gotta get it thru their heads — different form factors, different use cases. 
  • Apple debuts 5.8-inch iPhone XS and 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max with OLED screens

    Trying so hard to be excited. It’s just not “magical” anymore. Loads of meh...
    This kind of whining is predictable. Every year the smartphone grows more and more mature as a product category. The initial growth spurts are in the rear-view mirror, my friend. If you're deriving your personal happiness on surprises from tools like smartphones, you're in for a lifetime of disappointment. The more important questions are -- does this tool perform the jobs-to-be-done I have for it? Do I like it better than the alternatives?

    "Magical" is in your mind.
  • Why Apple is now focusing on users, not units in Fiscal 2019

    The real value of Apple's business has never changed. The real reason why Apple has always been uniquely able to sell premium hardware in a marketplace full of less expensive, generic commodity is its ability to successfully reach people [...]

    Essentially, Apple doesn't sell people units. It sells units of people on Apple.

    ...this is it. whether it was macs, ipods, iphones, or whatever, Apple is selling more than the SKU. Few corps have been able to achieve this, and none have ever done so as well as Apple. Trolls, haters, pundits, and neckbeards simply can’t understand that. Thankfully, they don’t have to. 
  • Tim Cook tells Tulane University grads that 'my generation has failed you'

    As a local, with friends and family graduating, I thought his speech was excellent. Despite the antagonistic headline, he said “in some ways”, which is obviously and irrefutably true.

    Calling these demotivation speeches means you’ve just missed the point. Not surprisingly, since you’re not the target audience of the speech, and in all likelihood are used up and past the point of anything motivating you to do anything other than watch television. Shrug. College grads are different. They’re ready, and hungry, and can use the advice. As a successful southerner, Cook did not disappoint. I hope our new grads take it to heart and do some great things. (Tho anything will be better than bitching on a rumors forum!)
  • Apple agrees to pay French government $571M in back taxes

    spice-boy said:
    williamh said:
    ireland said:
    The blue collar worker pays their due taxes, and so should the biggest corporations.
    In the end, the customer pays for everything.  That includes the blue collar workers enjoying Apple products. I'm not saying corporations shouldn't pay what they owe,  I am saying that when you go after corporations as if they're golden geese, the money will come from somewhere - a corporation doesn't just suck it up.
    The cool aid too many Americans drink is that endless consuming and low  prices is the most important thing in life. Affordable healthcare, affordable higher eduction, paid time for new parents, low rate loans, the important stuff which really makes for a better life don't exist in the USA but cheap meaningless consumer products are everywhere. 

    I know this is an Apple centric website but guess what Apple products are used in Europe as well and those people have governments which provide the things I mentioned. How those governments accomplish this is with their tax laws. Corporations as well as individuals pay their fair share unlike the upside down tax laws here in the US. Some 30 years later American's still believe that by not taxing the rich we all benefit sooner or later. Guess what trickle down economics don't work. We have returned to the era of the Robber Barons circa 1900. Carnegie = Bezos, Frick = Gates and so on. Why do so many Americans take pride in huge corporations which only benefit the wealthiest? 
    There have been psychological tests to study why. It seems to do with people’s desire to be wealthy themselves one day, and to defend their own position. In tests where subjects could either give some of their test-issued money up to the person with more than them, or down to the person with less, they usually give it upwards. Why? Because that person can’t threaten the giver’s position in the hierarchy, while giving to the person below their standing can as it emables them to climb upward in rank. 

    Social-economic defensive maneuver, it seems. 
  • Tim Cook tells Tulane University grads that 'my generation has failed you'

    Notsofast said:
    That's the part that is the subject of debate; i.e., how much of the current climate change cycle, which are always occurring, is caused or changeable by man.  We know so little that we can't answer that question yet. 
    Nope. We already know the answer and ended the debate. Real scientists did, anyway. Only American conservatives pretend “we can’t know!”

    Evidence for man-made global warming hits 'gold standard': scientists

    Evidence for man-made global warming has reached a “gold standard” level of certainty, adding pressure for cuts in greenhouse gases to limit rising temperatures, scientists said on Monday. [...]

    “The narrative out there that scientists don’t know the cause of climate change is wrong,” he told Reuters. “We do.”

    Mainstream scientists say the burning of fossil fuels is causing more floods, droughts, heat waves and rising sea levels.

  • Apple has destroyed the potential of the Smart Connector on the new iPad Pro

    "Apple has destroyed" - heavens! 

    "isn't a great call" - if only Apple had someone to warn them they were about to make a bad call. ("It was a bad call, Ripley.")

    If you wanted to remove the keyboard but keep the back, sorry, that's too bad." - why would you want to do this? Keeping a cover on the *backside only* has got to be a fringe case. Nobody is going to not improve something for a fringe case. And based on what I've heard on The Talk Show podcast w/ Gruber and Merlin, it's much improved. 
  • Editorial: Apple is making us wait for a new iMac for no good reason

    BittySon said:
    The wait is not for no good reason.  The company is in a hot mess right now, leaderless and drifting out to sea.  Tim Cook has to go yesterday.  His lack of vision and holding people accountable for timelines has finally caught up to him.  The company just isn't as good as it was a few years ago, and as it should be.
    I realize that iPhones the bulk of the profits, but there will be no profits in the future if they don't get innovation AND execution right soon.
    Pure nonsense. The company is bigger and more successful under Cook by every metric, from profit to consumer satisfaction ratings. The entitled whining of techies on a rumors sites are infinitesimally marginal. Normal consumers don't care about the shit you guys care about, trust me. Cook is one of the great CEOs of the modern era, and only a complete fool would suggest he be fired. Get real.