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  • iPhone 11: How Apple makes tech of the future affordable

    avon b7 said:
    This may be thr most hypocritical article I've ever read. On 8/28 the same author posted this about night sight on Android phones:

    What's often left out is the fact that the processing needed to deliver these low light images requires that users hold their phone still for around 6 seconds

    14 days ago that was posted to discount the value of the night sight feature. Now in this article he praises the new iPhone for taking a night sight photo in around 5 seconds. 
    The quote here is taken out of context. The fact it takes 6 seconds is not the main point. It is not even close to the main point. The main point about night mode with Google Pixel and Huawei Honor in that DED article (link below) is that it doesn't actually work very well, and results in fake-looking pictures if you are photographing anything other than still life images.

    So when Apple introduces this capability, it uses an image of a person. iPhone does it better. This is pretty much exactly the point of DED's prediction article from August 28 -- the iPhone 11 will advance Apple's lead in mobile imaging. True to form, Apple now does night mode better than the competition.
    You need to read the comments on his pieces to get a better idea of what is real and what is twisted. Many of us have actually stopped reading them been blocked as they we lack any balance and often credibility.
    Fixed that for you. DED understands his beat -- where market analysts and tech pundits get Apple wrong. He is among the experts here, along with PED, Horace Dediu, and the Macalope...three dudes who also make a living with this beat, much to the butthurt of the knockoff apologists.

  • Apple debuts iPhone 11 Pro from $999 with triple rear camera

    dicebier1 said:

    dougd said:
    A thousand bucks is just too much for a phone. Count me out
    Cool, get the regular iPhone, $699. Oh but you waaaant the Pro. 
    Just wondering....are you working as a PR rep for Apple? People....check his threads....its ridiculous, he critisizes anyone who doesn't drink every ounce of cool aid that is poured by Apple.

    and as far as me "reading up" on Apple's history? Cmon man....

    iPhone 1 was REVOLUTIONARY
    iPhone 4 was REVOLUTIONARY
    iPhone 7 was arguably the best iPhone made
    Biometrics was REVOLUTIONARY 

    there were plenty of REVOLUTIONARY products released in the past 10 years so please show me a post where you don't defend anything that Apple shows you.

    BTW don't EVEN call me a troll, I love Apple and their products and their ecosystem BUT I will call out when something deserves a yawn.

    Apparently you won't
    Howdy, newbie. Nope, I don’t, and if you weren’t a drive-by-wonder, you’d know that already (I’m an enterprise software dev). As for my posts, I simply discuss the value of the tools I enjoy using. I often critique what I think are poorly reasoned opinions; aka whiners. Judging by my likes-to-posts ratio, people seem to like what I have to say. 

    Sounds like you’re new to Apple. Iterative product development is the name of their game. Gruber wrote about this almost a decade ago. Read up:

    ...It’s how we got from the original iPhone/Mac/Watch/whatever to the current versions, or iterations.
  • Foxconn used five times more temp workers than permitted for 'iPhone 11' assembly surge

    Yeh, that's what Carnegie and and the mine owners told their U.S. workers 100 years ago -- before we had unions and labor laws.  
    If unions are so hot, I am sure you can explain why this happened (btw, the graph for Europe is nearly identical):

    Here’s what you should actually be concerned with — similar chart but with overlaid with the destruction of the middle class:

    ...I doubt it’s coincidence, as unions helped produce America’s golden age of middle class earners via collective bargaining, etc. The removal of unions benefits only one group - the wealthy corporation executive class. Doubt many here belong to that club. 

    Robert Reich dismantles 5 other corporate lies about unions here:

  • Fifth Avenue Apple Store's iconic glass cube is unwrapped


    "Rather than leaving the glass clear, the cube has been coated in a multi-colored wrap, Quartz reports, with the semi-reflective material providing enough light to see the hanging Apple logo, but still preventing onlookers from seeing into the underground retail space. It is likely the film will be removed for the grand opening."
  • Samsung launches Galaxy Fold with new materials, tweaked design

    avon b7 said:
    There's no getting away from it. This is cutting edge technology and it doesn't matter how it plays out - today - from a technology perspective. This is first generation. A necessary first step. If there are to be more steps in this area, it will be thanks to these phones, both in terms of technology improvements and for price.
    Not really. If, say, Apple were to release a folding device, I very much doubt it will be based on this crap, and instead on their own internal R&D. But nice attempt at claiming Apple future products are beholden to your knockoffs. 

    And you people would blow your gaskets if Apple releases a $2,000 working prototype—I mean, first generation phone.