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  • Apple's AirPower mat inches closer to release, again said to arrive in March

    I dunno... this is just part of the bizarre shortsightedness and lack of preplanning that seems to inflict Apple at times. They made a conscious decision to change the new iPhones to wireless charging, yet had no advance thoughts about manufacturing and selling these charging pads at the same time the new products went on sale.
    Your conclusions aren’t presented by the facts. I’m sure they did have advance thoughts about their upcoming charging mat and the X and 8 which can charge on it. Just because it was ready at launch doesn’t mean they were shortsighted or failed to plan. 

    I’m fairly certain you don’t work in product. Sometimes things don’t go the way you’ve planned or hoped. Especially with new product, which has a much higher spin-up challenge, and where basically everything that can go wrong does. Eventually all the parties involved get familiar with the new product and better at producing it. 

    Oh but Apple is magic and the humans working for it should be impervious to things that affect us all. Right. 

    Anyway, shortsighted is the last conclusion I’d draw about Apple, the only still standing computing titan from over 40 years ago, still doing what they do. They have shown time and time again to take a long view. The very opposite of shortsightedness. 

    Don’t quit your day job. 
  • Another test finds HomePod frequency response flat, but results potentially meaningless

    nht said:
    zoetmb said:
    That's not a flat frequency response.  Back in the hi-fi days, the measurement (with pink noise input) had to be from 20 to 20,000 Hz +/- 3db with no more than X% distortion (preferably 1% or under).

    But even if it was flat, a flat frequency response won't sound very good to most people.  That's why hi-fi equipment had tone controls and loudness compensation (which increased the bass and treble at low volume levels according to the Fletcher-Munson curve and which gradually had less effect as the volume was raised).

    I happened to be at an Apple store yesterday to listen to the HP.   IMO, it has an over-emphasized bass.   On new, digitally recorded material, it sounded pretty good.  But on tracks I tried from the 1960's-1970's (which I was pleasantly surprised were in the Apple Music library), it sounded kind of dull.   And while the Apple person was a bit confused and had to look things up, a single unit is NOT stereo.   At first, he claimed it was because "it contains lots of speakers", but when I told him that the number of speakers was not relevant and that it sounded mono to me, he did some more research and admitted it would take two for stereo and that stereo is not currently supported even with two units, but it would be with some future update.   

    Most of the reviews said the sound was great but that Siri sucked.  But in my tests and even in the noisy store environment, Siri did really well - it never played the wrong track or artist that I called out and it properly heard me say "louder" and "softer" and "pause".  It was far more accurate than the Apple TV achieved in the same environment. 

    Mmm... I certainly hope that Apple persons don't become typical Sound Store Lizards!
    Your get stereo from the tweeters (i.e. treble only) but not the mids or bass.  So it will sound mono for a lot of material.  But if you own a home pod try going into GarageBand and create a track with separate left and right and then listen.

    The kid was right and zoetmb wrong.  The number of speakers do matter, home pod supports stereo but its a tiny little thing so not a whole lot of separation possible especially if it doesn't have a surface to bounce the left quadrant and right quadrant tweeters off of.  

    This also explains why Apple says it sounds the same around the room (the one "woofer" handling mids and bass) and but has ambient directional cues left and right.  It can only widen it's treble sound stage via the tweeters.  So there will be some directional cues but not enough for most material to matter beyond "ambient".

    Note that "true" stereo will not be supported even when Apple releases support for two units.  Apple says "stereo-like" in it's product literature because you won't designate one home pod as left and the other right.  Instead it will use beam forming from both to try to create the "immersive" sound stage.  
    Nope, apple doesn’t use that term “stereo-like” on their product page at all. It says:

    ”Create stereo sound with a second HomePod.

    Put another HomePod in the same room and they automatically detect and balance each other. With advanced beamforming capabilities, a HomePod pair is able to create a wider, more immersive soundstage than a traditional stereo pair“

    ...balance here refers to left and right.
  • Telegram was pulled because of child pornography, says Apple's Phil Schiller

    maestro64 said:
    okay, do not use telegram, and not 100% sure what it does, but how did Apple determine that users were posting stuff they should not have been, the app says it is encrypted communications. Does Apple have back door? also does Apple monitor its own messaging app for illegal content that user my be transmitting to one another? They obviously did not catch Anthony Wiener.
    Stop spreading FUD -- there are no Apple backdoors. They've said this time and time again, and they'd be crucified if they were lying.

    If you'd spent 10 seconds doing research you'd find the facts of the Weiner case have nothing to do with what you claimed. Wiener was using other tools for his illegal sexting with the minor:

    "The 15-year-old girl initially contacted Weiner through a direct message on Twitter in January 2016. Weiner and the girl continued to communicate on social media sites, including Facebook Messenger, Skype, Kik, Confide and Snapchat. ... Weiner asked the teen to 'engage in sexually explicit conduct via Skype and Snapchat, where her body was on display, and where she was asked to sexually perform for him'"

    ...facts, what a concept, huh?

    As for Telegram, I'm sure somebody tipped off somebody.
  • Lesser-known Android phone makers copy look of Apple's iPhone X

    rrrize said:
    Rayz2016 said:
    I think the reason behind the notch is to improve the user experience. If the camera array was above the screen the users would have to look avbive the screen to trigger FaceID then refocus on the screen after being granted access. The notch means they just look at the screen and they’re in.
    Well, I own an iPhone X (256GB) and my experience is when watching a movie in full screen, the notch is the star of every film because it literally replaces that film that would be in that area. I've also noticed that may video news broadcasts like NBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX do not optimize their apps to take advantage of the iPhone X full screen because they don't want their content cut off. So when watching news with their apps you are looking at bezels on the left and right. I have a very dark wallpaper so when I am on the home screen I don't notice the notch, but as soon as I launch any app with a white or light colored backround (which is MOST apps) like Mail, Instagram, Messages, Twitter, etc... the notch just... hovers. Some people say they just got used to it, but I can't get used to it. Like when I am in Messages, texting, my eye often gets drawn to it and it seems like a piece of electrical tape and I just want to peel it off.  And because of the notch, the battery percentage cannot be displayed... because there is not enough room!!  How insane is that, that you cannot see the battery percentage  easily and at a glance on your $1300 cell phone.  I could go on. The notch does not work to improve user experience in my experience. In my experience, it ruins the screen.  I mean, a screen is supposed to be... a screen - viewable in its entirety. Especially on a small device do you not want to obstruct any portion of the screen. That being said, I really like my iPhone X. It's buttery smooths, fast as heck, photos are phenominal. But the experience is ruined EVRY time I go to watch a movie or any kind of video. defaults to NOT being zoomed-and-cropped. By default you cannot see the notch in a video as the edges end where the notch begins. So you’re saying you intentionally double-tap the screen every time you watch a video in order to zoom-in, which in turn crops off the left and right edges of the video, losing content. Why would you do this?
  • Apple confirms HomePod audio sources limited to Apple Music, iTunes purchases, podcasts & ...

    maestro64 said:
    Ok this is clear is mud, can any confirm it will support your iTunes Library even if it does not include iTunes purchases. My entire library consisted of CD which I ripped over the last 20 yrs, I have not bought too many digital only songs from Apple iTunes store. It announcement make it sound like only iTunes purchases are supported. I am assuming if i stream from my computer it will work. I am thinking if you have purchase it know what you purchase will play them via siri requests. My Homepod is due the 9th so i will see how it works, but a heads up would be nice.
    Yes it will but you have to use iTunes Match and pay monthly.

    Then its all accessible and you can even use Siri
    "Hey Siri, play songs from my iTunes library"
    "Hey Siri, upload all of my vast iTunes music to Apple, charge me to store it there, and them stream it back to me."

    We're talking about an Apple iTunes library here people!  This is not a "third party" situation!
    It's completely free to open iTunes, or the iTunes Remote app, and playback to an HP endpoint, as one has always been able to do with AirPlay speakers. The paid services are to have your entire music library accessible via the cloud and voice-controlled.