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  • Jony Ive is now looking for funding to jump on the AI development train


    the rich guy looking for a handout 

    It’s not for himself. It’s venture capital. 

    While different story. 
    Which is still for himself, so he doesn’t have to spend his own money. The guy is worth three-quarters of a billion dollars, he could fund much of it if he wanted to spend his own money, but they never do. 

    Why he needs $1B for this startup is a separate question, that seems really high. 
  • Tesla wants Apple's help to beat Autopilot death lawsuit

    it’s ridiculous that they’re able to market this and full self driving when they are very plainly not. 
  • Jon Stewart opens up about Apple interference in his show

    charlesn said:
    chelin said:
    The company that funds the show having a say in the material is nothing new. That dynamic has been around since the beginning of media. Stewart himself has been known to adhere to the principles of both-siderism when it comes to political topics which isn’t exactly the most honest way of presenting information.
    To be compared with HBOs Last week tonight… where neither ATT nor HBO have control of the content
    WBD has been Oliver's corporate daddy the last two years, but he has been as blisteringly critical of it as he had been of his prior corporate daddy, ATT. Apple's attempted control of Stewart--which begs the question of WHY would you ever hire Jon Stewart if you wanted a puppet as a host--really exposes Apple's beliefs--contrary to its liberal image--about free speech when it conflicts, even theoretically, with its business interests. It's going to pick its business interests every time. It has been doing so in China for a long time and we now see it here with the cancellation of Jon's show.  
    Incorrect, a studio controlling its productions has zero to do with “free speech”. There is no government involved here which is the only place “free speech” is a topic. Private businesses controlling their own product isn’t a free speech matter. Like when Space Karen booted the kid who was publishing the location of his private jet on Twitter. 
  • Spatial Personas adds 3D calling to FaceTime on Apple Vision Pro

    ForumPost said:
    Still does not full figure e.g. the back of the head/body is blurry 
    This is not surprising considering the AVP has no data of that to show you. Perhaps one day the persona scanning task will incorporate having a friend scan you in 360, but right now it’s limited to what you capture of yourself during set up. 
  • Apple Stores will soon start updating iPhones while still in the sealed retail box

    lotones said:
    Seems like that could cause heat concerns, and if done a few times, low battery levels. Pretty nifty though. 
    yeah, also seems like a major security hole. But what I know...  🤔
    Yep, it's a huge security hole.

    What an incredibly bad idea.
    Gosh it’s a shame Apple doesn’t have security specialists and hasn’t thought of these things before reading about it today on a web forum 🙄