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  • Texas Rangers serve Apple with warrants for access to Sutherland Springs shooter's iPhone

    genovelle said:
    The warrant makes no sense. It has been well documented and I’m sure Apple told them they can’t access the phone, so why even make such a legal request when it is moot. The only possible reason is deflection. 
    My guess is that it's just a matter of procedure. What would people say if they didn't try?
    I don't think there is much of a mystery around this case, or much need to discover anything, aside from providing some answers to family of the victims.

    The big failures in this case were the military in how they handled it (reporting him to civilian authorities), and the failure of our health-care system and VA treatment of mental health. Also, big pharma might be involved too, if the info I've heard is correct.

    The guy had a violent history... even more violent than people knew because the military failed to pass the info along. Apparently he tried to get psych counseling, but couldn't afford it (that should be a shame on our veterans care system!). He also supposedly started on some meds... and having had some mild personal experience with this in the past... that can lead to some really bad stuff. Throw in family problems and such, and this isn't exactly rocket-science.
  • Should you get a wired or wireless controller for Apple Arcade?

    When Apple announced iOS 13 earlier this year, they also opened up support for Sony's Dualshock 4 controllers and Microsoft's Wireless Xbox One controller. So if you already have these two controllers at home, you'll be able to connect these controllers to your Apple devices when Apple's new OS goes live in a couple of weeks.
    I have to disagree some here, and advise to just buy a Sony DS4 or Xbox controller and wait a bit (unless you really, really just have to get playing now). While I do like my Nimbus, it isn't a DS4 (in feel, or possibly even quality). It's hard to describe, but it just isn't quite as responsive or ranges/engagement-zones aren't as well designed as the DS4.

    So, instead of 'if you have already' I'd say you're more likely to just want to start there.
  • Zoom iOS update removes 'feature' that sent user data to Facebook

    Why the heck are people still using these social login methods?
    It wasn't a good idea back in like 2012 when it started to be pushed, and certainly shouldn't be a good idea these days when we know all the bad things that have resulted.

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  • Dongles & AirPods emerge as most popular Apple products at Best Buy

    claire1 said:
    "I do it every time I go for a longer-than-few-minute drive in the car."
    My goodness that sounds tedious.
    What I bolded in your comment is actually VERY very very common, which is why I always though "wireless" charging was dumb, especially when Sammy bragged about it. Which is also why I believe Apple will remove the lightning port but add a Watch-style clip-on charger that clips to the Apple logo or the whole back of their devices. OF course before they actually crack real wireless charging.

    But handling 2 cords just to listen to music is ridiculous and never heard of anyone doing it until Apple removed the headphone jack and morons(not you specifically) suddenly parroted the meme against Apple.

    "In terms of Apple-stupid, removing the 3.5mm jack ranks right up there near the top. "
    Kinda how they were stupid for removing the floppy disk drive, the CD Rom drive, SCSI Drive, Mobile Keyboard etc. etc.

    "No but this time's different!"
    Heard it before too.
    Much easier than spending $50k for a newer car, which probably wouldn't solve the problem anyway. I suppose I could use a BT adapter and only have 1 cable, but it's not much harder to plugin in 2 than 1, and I get better audio quality that way. And, if I didn't plug power in, then the phone goes to 'sleep' unless I go in and change settings (which is a bigger hassle). Also, if using navigation and playing podcasts, etc. it's nice to have it all charged up when I get to my destination.

    So, I guess I have to ask... what's the alternative I'm missing?

    re: wireless charging - Yeah, I suppose a 'mag-safe' like cord/disc could be a reasonable charging solution. But, there are many other uses for Lightning (or whatever DATA port is there). But, seeing Apple thinks a 3.5mm jack is 'legacy' maybe efficiently/reliably transferring data is too? I don't put about any level of silliness above Apple these days. :(  And, I hope they never crack 'real' wireless charging, as that just sounds scary.

    re: 2 cords - Like I said, my wife and son do it all the time. It isn't just to listen to music either, but watching YouTube or playing a game, etc. My son especially does this, as we often don't want to hear all his gaming noise (so make him wear headphones), and the games suck the battery down. I guess I thought I was actually the unusual one, as I'm disciplined about charging every night and use low-power consumption apps and settings, turn my wifi/cell off when not needed, etc.

    re: floppy vs 3.5mm jack - not even in the same ballpark. 3.5mm jacks are still widely in use, and I see no reason they won't be for a long time. They are also mechanically superior to Lightning, which is important on devices people tend to put into pockets (assuming you see the dongle as a solution to the lost compatibility).
  • Apple launches keyboard service program for 'small percentage' of MacBook, MacBook Pro own...

    danvm said:
    I suppose you haven't work with a Thinkpad's in years if you call them brick.  The X1 Carbon is lighter than the MBP 13", without losing the ports and it has what many people call the best keyboard in the market.  They even are spill resistant.  The 15" models are a little bit heavier than the MBP, but without compromising ports or keyboard quality.  Maybe the MBP 2017 is the best one you ever owned.  But I'm not sure the MBP 2017 is better than the competition.
    Yeah, I don't think some of we Mac people realize how much at least the higher end of the PC industry has caught up.
    Aside from reading various reviews on machines like the Dell XPS, when my wife brought home her new Lenovo Miix (work issued), it really hit me. We've been in a bubble. While I'm sure many of the PC laptops still suck, it's quite clear there are a number of them, now, that don't.
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  • Review: dbrand skins are one way to protect your Apple Card

    I don't even know how to react to this...
    One of the first times I'm kind of embarrassed to be associated with Apple.
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  • Ex-Apple designer targets HomePod with Syng 'Cell' speaker startup

    The question is whether they will be smart enough to include an audio-in port of some type...
  • Apple employees with kids feel overworked despite internal support efforts

    slurpy said:
    Even someone who works an hour a day can feel "overworked" while at home with kids.

    What the hell is Apple supposed to do, customize the work schedule SPECIFICALLY for every SINGLE employee, that is most ideal for their unique situation? I'm sure Apple is doing what they can based on reasonable limitations and requirements. 
    I think the better question is whether they've reduced the expectations (and by how much). Flexibility might not be enough.

    Working from home can be quite a challenge, which some handle better than others (even IF the kids are at school). Throw in the whole family at home, and the whole game changes. What I hope doesn't get lost in this 'remote work experiment' is that remote work doesn't have to mean (in normal times) from home. Society would benefit a lot from remote work where groups of employees work in local spaces (rather than big commutes), or from spaces designed for remote-working. Home might work for some, if the home and environment is properly setup (for some), but if that doesn't work, hopefully we don't just decide to throw the idea out.

    apple ][ said:
    They can always quit their jobs, if they think it's too much to handle.
    Nice. Everything gets disrupted... government orders everyone into a situation... and your solution is just 'deal with it?' It isn't like most of these people have just decided to become lazy.

    lkrupp said:
    tyler82 said:
    Shut up and die for capitalism!!!
    Spoken like a true follower of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who said that everyone should have a living wage income whether they want to work or not. Then there’s that old Soviet proverb, “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.”  You’re in good company.
    No doubt. I think some of these people need a few more years of reality under their belt. And, possibly a history lesson or two. Sheesh.

    How is it different for Apple employees who are working from home with kids than it is for anybody else working from home with kids?
    Probably because Apple is one of those work-a-holic as lifestyle type companies. That just doesn't work unless you're single, or can off-load most of the normal family responsibilities. Too many companies are like that. Some of the smarter ones are starting to recognize the longer-term problems.

    ihatescreennames said:
    Despite not having to commute an hour each way my wife is putting in MORE hours working from home than when she goes to the office.
    Yeah, that is certainly the case for some (my wife included). I'm working less hours, but feel more busy overall.
    I keep reading posts by bored people, and thinking... I haven't been bored since I was like 10 years old. If it weren't for the money, I'd love me at least a couple months of quarantine!!!
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  • Tesla stops accepting BitCoin, nearly entire cryptocurrency market hammered

    Musk just pivoted because he got hit by the 'noodle gun' (you'll have to listen to No Agenda to get that one).
    Selling eco-car while backing eco-destruction thing is bad PR. Whatever reality there may or may not be to that is irrelevant. He can't risk mob-'justice'.

    The value in crypto is like the value in anything, utility and/or storage. Government backed fiat has value, until it doesn't. The USA spends trillions backing up the value of the USD with the US military. If that scheme ever falls apart, though, it will come quickly crashing down. And, there are a lot of powers gunning for that (but internal collapse will likely get it first).

    I think a lot of the interest in crypto, is certainly, hype. It reminds me a lot of the dot-com ramp up. I remember being dragged to a couple 'investment' meetings by friends because I was the tech-guy they knew. You'd hear these pitches about how much a 'click' is worth and how much more it will be worth tomorrow.

    BUT, the other side of crypto, is a recognition of how fragile fiat is and the crazy place the world has become. It is a system of storage and transaction outside the system. For example, if you're 'deplatformed' you might not be able to take payments/donations via any of the normal channels we think of. But, you can take crypto, and no one can stop you.

    There are also technological advantages. Take a look at what Adam Curry is doing with Podcasting 2.0 and Lightning Network (it doesn't have to be that, but it is where they are starting). cf. Basically Lightning Network is kind of like the cash-drawer & safe at your store. Because Bitcoin transactions have a cost, you store up a bunch of them, and then at the 'end of the day' take them to the bank to settle out. It could work with other forms of crypto as well, but this gets around the Bitcoin 'cost' issue.

    What they are doing is baking in a value block to the podcast RSS feed, which directs and splits streaming funds when someone wants to support a podcast. The funds (micro-payments) will automatically end up in different parties wallets (think podcast host, audio editor, podcast app developer, podcast host, etc whoever you want.) with no 3rd party in the middle to meddle, control, or charge. This could work for lots of things. The documentary people have been talking to Adam. It could happen to the music industry. etc.

    This would be hard to do with other forms of payment, and you'd have a middle entity involved. This was just to give you an example on the utility side.

    Personally, I think we'll eventually see a few major forms of crypto shake out of all of this. Maybe Bitcoin and Etheurum. But, I suppose it could be something else too. It's just like hundreds of competing 'standards' right now, and a ton of speculation about which will win and what is will eventually be worth. But, you're fooling yourself if you don't think there is value here at all. The question is how much.

    As for the whole power and environment thing, a couple of points. First, if you look around, there have been some lengthy (and fairly technical) papers written to debunk much of the hysteria. But, more importantly, we're not going to stop using energy. I'm all for efficiency and improving tech, but unless we wipe ourselves out, we'll always need and use it. We have to find better ways of creating it, not poo-pooing things that use it.

    For a long time I ignored crypto. Then the world changed. I can no longer ignore it, but I also wish I hadn't in the past. While I was using my computer resources to substantially contribute to [email protected], I could have secured my future if I'd done some crypto-mining. I can't go back and fix that, but I can stop ignoring it. Just like the dot-com bust, the silliness went away, but the Internet and websites remain... and are more important than ever. I think something like this will happen to crypto as well. The silliness will get ditched, and then what remains will become a crucial aspect of society.
  • Apple unveils macOS Monterey at WWDC 2021

    Probably too early, but any indicators on the future direction concerning GPUs, eGPUs, etc.?

    charlieF said:
    ... Anyone else a little pi**ed that there wasn't even a hint of hardware to take full advantage of this amazing new OS? 
    Didn't watch it, but I guess that indicates there were no hints or talk about upcoming hardware at all (I know no announcements of particular products)?

    Yeah, that ticks me off a bit, mainly because I want to know, especially stuff about GPU support and where Apple is going with GPUs. I'm pretty confident whatever they come up with in terms of CPU will be fine to exceptional (just scaling on what we've seen with the M1).

    It seems like the kind of thing developers would want to know, instead of spatial audio and crap like that. (Again, these software events are just filler mostly, IMO.) I suppose (and hope) that kind of thing will come up in the breakouts, but I'd think the world would want to know that kind of stuff instead of relatively inconsequential software demos.