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  • What MacRumors forum has become lately ...

    ericgtr12 said:
    Good points, while they are upfront and clear about the rules, the biggest problem with them IMO is the total lack of consistency. I have brought this to the attention of staff and the answer is always something like "we are very consistent with our moderation" but the opposite is true, depending on the day and the moderator you'll get two very different results from the same "infraction" or if you're favored (which they do have their favorites) you'll be shown more leniency. In the end, they apply their rules in an ambiguous and subjective way so there's no way they can ever be consistent.

    What I like most about Reddit is that the users dictate whether or not something you say is worthy of displaying by their upvote/downvote system. No need to report something (although you can) if enough people downvote your post it'll become hidden, to me this seems far more democratic.
    Yeah, I guess it's their prerogative in how they police their forums. I'd like more consistency too, though that said (knock on wood) I've never been banned there.

    re: Reddit - The problem with this (and democracies) is that you can be right, but if you aren't popular enough, you're out of luck. That's why a pure democracy would suck! Big masses of people are often pretty stupid.
  • US Senator demands Apple & Google pull app used by Saudis to oppress women

    lkrupp said:
    Global tech companies getting caught between the rock and a hard place of global politics. I wonder if Senator Wyden is willing to compensate Google and Apple for their loss of business should they be banned in Saudi Arabia because of his demands. What about Chinese and Russian demands for customer data to be stored in-country? Do you really think Huawei and Samsung would have any misgivings taking over the Saudi Arabian smartphone market because Apple is forced out? 
    I guess it depends. If they are going to go down the road of caring about ethics (as they seem to in some cases), then it shouldn't be a matter of 'how much do good ethics impact our bottom line.' You do it because it's the right thing to do, not because it makes the most money.

    On the other hand, I'd rather see a company getting into ethics have some kind of grounding and consistency. I haven't seen that from Apple, so maybe better they just don't play the game.
  • What MacRumors forum has become lately ...

    ericgtr12 said:
    He's a nice enough guy but whether he admits it or not, he basically sits around all day issuing infractions and seems to get off on it. I guess what I don't get is why they would even have this forum when it basically means they have to spend so much time policing it to conform with their (ridiculously) stringent rules. Lately I've been hanging my hat over at Reddit, where the users decide what's good and bad, not some tightly wound forum cops.
    I guess what's puzzling me is the 'stringent rules.' As was mentioned above, I see some calling names, while others seem to get banned for doing the same. So, I guess it's best just not to call names (duh... kind of like the police only pull over some small percentage of speeders), but I also see it in other ways. Some discussions can get quite hostile, political, etc. and seem to carry on, while others seem to get smacked down. Certainly inconsistent.

    re: Reddit - I think I like that even less though, as you end up being policed by the aggregate of Internet stupidity.
  • Amazon acquires mesh Wi-Fi router startup eero as part of smart home push

    seanismorris said:
    That’s funny.  China has been monitoring EVERYTHING on the internet for at least a decade.  The Great Firewall of China...
    I’m not saying trust the other companies mentioned (I don’t) but China is on another level.
    For example, better not be a Muslim in China or you’ll be disappeared into a “re-education” camp.  You’re assumed to be a terrorist until proven otherwise, and sometimes not even then.
    I wouldn’t be posting here if I lived in China.
    Yeah, I hear what you're saying. But, I don't know exactly what China is doing, what their motive are, and most importantly, how that will impact me. On the other hand, I do know what Facebook, et. al. are doing, and I know it can and is being used against me. Maybe China is just as dangerous, but I know Facebook, et. al. are!

    And, the way things are going in the USA/Canada (heck, most of the 'West'), I don't think we're really all that far behind. We'll probably just be better and more efficient at it than China.

    I am so disapointed that Apple seems to be ceding the entire home automation market to others...
    This is a market made for Apple and their skills in integration of multiple devices as well as privacy -- both of which are critical reuirements of this market.
    Or, could they just be waiting for 5G to replace cable,  LTE and WiFi before jumping in?
    I guess I'd chalk this up to pie-chart thinking and other distractibility (ie: AI cars, etc.). I'm sure things like routers, home automation, etc. are pretty darn small pie-slice slivers to the Apple execs.

    re: 5G - that sounds like an even bigger nightmare. Health concerns aside, isn't the idea that we won't even have/need WiFi, routers, etc. anymore? We'll just all connect directly to the telco hub with our devices. Boy, now THAT wounds like a good idea... NOT!

    SpamSandwich said:
    BREAKING NEWS: Google just bought Synology...
    Seriously, though... it might be worth considering just buying some flexible/compatible router and loading Tomato or something like that... or maybe finding an Airport Extreme to buy up for now. I guess that doesn't solve the mesh problem, though.
  • Amazon acquires mesh Wi-Fi router startup eero as part of smart home push

    omar morales said:
    Maybe you should read the following book before making such statements. 
    Interesting... thanks for the recommendation. One of those things has me especially worried, but it isn't necessarily China, at least in the shorter-term.

    I think Apple is more likely to acquire SpaceX or partner with Musk on his Starlink internet service for connectivity everywhere rather than develop another Wi-Fi router...imagine every Apple device with terabit Internet connectivity built-in for free or way less than 4G/5G.  Read more about it at:

    Do you think this would motivate people to upgrade their 4 year old iPhones???  ;)

    All I’m saying is if I had billions at my disposal, I would be thinking big like this instead of coming out with another “me too” Wi-Fi mesh router supporting Wi-Fi 6...
    That looks pretty sketchy. And, the phone would still need some kind of communication ability to the nearest ground tower that is communicating with the satellite. I'm not sure this solves anything on the WiFi/5G, etc. level. It seems more infrastructure oriented.