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  • What to expect from WWDC 2021 - and what not to

    For WWDC 2021 I'm hoping Apple decides it's finally time to compete with Google's search engine and FaceBook's social network. Apple's advantage over those companies will be that Apple doesn't collect personal information. WWDC seems like a good time to announce new services like these. Apple could choose to require a subscription, eg, Apple One, to be able to access these services. Or Apple could require a subscription only for creating content, not accessing content, on these services.
    Sounds good, and I'd pay for that. But, I don't think Apple has it in them. They can't even seem to do basic search well (let alone Google-level), and remember any of Apple's attempts at social? I guess there is always a first time, but they have a really, really bad track record.

    k2kw said:
    By forking iPadOS off of iOS they can always say they didn’t merge them.
    Even if they did, they could just go ahead and do it anyway. Wouldn't be the first time.

    The thing is, I think there will always be differentiation, if nothing more than 'modes' the software goes into. They could certainly put MacOS on an iPad and iPadOS on a touch-screen MacBook, but both would suck if they didn't go into a proper mode that fit the 'ergonomics' of the device and use-case. A touch-based system is just plain different from a keyboard/input-device system. As far as I'm concerned, it always will be.

    No new hardware, what else is new? What good does new software do, if don’t have a computer that can run it, plus other software one needs? WWDC 2021 is a non event for me now. 
    I'm bummed, but they'll probably just release them as they come out. IMO, that is a waste of prime exposure the Keynote provides, but at this point, maybe Apple doesn't need that exposure anymore? And, I think now hardware at WWDC is kind of new (well, i think it happened once or twice before, but it's more rare than the hardware release events).
  • Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Hexagons review: A more grounded smart light

    Oh, and I stopped by this thread to say that as this kind of lighting goes, this is one of the better ones I’ve seen yet. Nice.
  • Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Hexagons review: A more grounded smart light

    mobird said:
    I suppose, but doesn’t some high-percentage of products (let alone electronic ones) fall into that category?
    If we’re truly worried about waste/pollution (which I think we should be), there are much lower hanging fruit, but my main issue is the hypocrisy of the ‘green’ movement being so insane over gasoline cars while not realizing stuff like this is petroleum driven (including most of the packaging of what they buy at the grocery store, or product packaging, or the zillions of boxes Amazon uses to deliver one gadget per box, several per day, etc.).
  • Apple Silicon advances at WWDC expected to drive post-event Apple stock climb

    What dream world is this analyst living in? Have they been following Apple for more than a year or two. Its share price moves inversely to good news. Apple posts record profits? Stock price drops. Goes back to the old “Apple is doomed” meme. 
    No kidding. They always act like there is some kind of rationality undergirding Wall Street.
    It’s a casino, and the majority of players aren’t informed. I think it’s that simple. If you’re good at gambling and human psychology, you’ll increase your odds.
  • Google made it hard for users to keep location data private

    Beats said:
    … Another thing these people also say is “well... Apple probably does it too!” And that’s another problem. Anything negative they can claim Apple probably also does. 
    I agree, but I think my main concern would be whether Apple truly cares more than it is a marketing advantage at this point. What happens in the future with them? I guess some of the stuff is designed such that they couldn’t get/use it if they change their tune, but I don’t think everything is, and it’s hard to switch platforms if anything ever changes. I personally don’t trust that Apple has this strong belief deep in their core that will never, ever change (I’ve seen them ‘hold their finger to the wind’ too many times, or make ‘business decisions’ when push comes to shove).

    Loralye2 said:
    This is just ONE reason why I hate and never use google and I’m barely using FB as well.
    Yeah, the problem is that if you want to compete, business-wise, or in the arena of ideas, etc. you have to be on these platforms. This is why there need to be strong alternatives, and why their censorship activities are so dangerous. One can think of a recent example that cost hundreds of thousands of lives because they controlled the narrative. We can debate all day whether free-speech should apply to a company, but at some point, when a company reaches a certain level of influence, we can’t have them controlling speech, the ‘news’, the ‘facts’ and/or using that control to help crush any competition. I don’t care what term we use to label that, but it is insanely dangerous!

    FileMakerFeller said:
    … More damning for Facebook is the requirement to surrender your copyright to any materials you upload to the service. That provision (which I last checked several years ago, so apologies if it no longer applies) is abhorrent because there is literally no user benefit for that requirement.
    Don’t they have to make something of that sort, so they can distribute it on their platform and potentially others they partner with and not face a lawsuit? Sorry, I don’t know the details there, but are you actually surrendering your ownership, or are you giving them a kind of derivative sub-ownership to then do as they wish with the things you’ve posted there? Yeah, the former would be pretty scary.