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  • Review: 27-Inch iMac 5K with i5 processor - 2012 on the outside, 2019 on the inside

    camc said:
    The question is: will this iMac overheat in a non-conditioned office running Adobe software? The mid-2015 MacBook Pro I'm currently on starts making noisy games with its fans as soon as Acrobat opens. In summer days it overheats on a regular basis, becoming slower and slower...
    I'm stuck with a couple of these machines because I can't figure out if a brand new iMac or a brand new MacBook Pro will do the same – any of you guys has suggestions? Should I go for an iMac Pro instead? (throwing away Adobe suite is not an option)
    When I first got my i7 mini (2018), I was a bit disappointed by how easily it got noisy. So, I started experimenting. I finally settled on just turning off turbo boost most of the time, and have found the machine much more pleasant... and not all that much slower (at least for what I do). Here is the app I use to turn it off:

    Eric_WVGG said:
    He's referring to Fusion-less HD-only models. By modern standards, they work so slowly that many would wonder if the computer was broken.
    John Siracusa went on a pretty good rant about these.
    Yeah, while a standard HD isn't unworkable, it pretty much impacts (negatively) every aspect of the user experience except storage space. I suppose if you have to have the absolutely lowest price and most storage, then it is what it is. But, I'd buy the base SSD (or even wish they had an ATA SSD based model) and plug in some external HD storage WAY before I'd ever consider a standard HD one. At least then, you narrow down poor UI/UX to just Spotlight and file dialog boxes (as it has to spin-up the HD for some crazy reason).

    Eric_WVGG said:
    frank777 said:
    Agreed on the port situation. Apple should have found the "courage" to go all USB3/Thunderbolt.
    If a future rev can go all USB-C, add SSD standard and a T2 chip, it would be pretty much perfection.
    The iMac Pro really got this right. 4 C's and 4 A's, freakin awesome.
    Yeah, I'm really happy my (2018) mini has the 4 Cs and 2 As. It is really nice just to be able to plug stuff in without mucking about with dongles. I'm not against C, but until there is more C stuff around, it's handy to have some As since there is plenty of space.

    tht said:
    I’ll raise my hands and say I prefer bezels. Don’t understand how some people don’t have their eyes wigged out from trying to focus on the screen versus the background at the edge of the screen, especially in high contrast backgrounds. My work monitor is not along a wow, and when I had my monitor by the window, yowsers the brightness outside sometimes.

    There needs to be some bezel, and while it may look cool and all if it was 3 or 4 mm thick, it makes it little harder to use for me. Heck, On the iPhone, I definitely prefer the sharper edges of the 4 to 5S models over the rounded edges of recent vintage. Maybe 10 to 15 mm bezels would work for me.
    Good point, and mostly the same here. Although, even w/ bezel, I can't stand sitting by a window when it's sunny outside or that kind of thing (need some kind of blinds). The bezel certainly helps, though. And, I find the tiny/no bezel stuff on phones/tablets to be a major pain. If you put them in a case, then doing the gestures is hard to impossible.

    sflocal said:
    What other machine - Mac or Wintel - with decent to big CPU's will run in a non-AC room without the fans eventually kicking in?
    True, though how much they run, how loudly, and how performance/longevity is impacted greatly varies.
    While the climate I'm at doesn't generally run too hot, my machine was making noise with even a slight load until I turned turbo boost off. At the same time, my eGPU is silent, even under 100% load. I understand the cylinder Mac Pro is silent too under load.

    I think the issue here, is that Apple could have redesigned it (as they've already done the work on the iMac Pro) to be silent or much more quiet with these lower-power internals (compared to the iMac Pro).... or, that in general, Apple seems to be favoring tiny to something that runs reasonably quiet/cool.

  • Benchmarks for high-end iMac 5K show 75 percent speed gain over 2017 model

    escargot said:
    May I ask what App you are using for doing the HEVC encoding?  FCP X?  Which six core i7 and on which computer are you comparing it to, the one that it is several times faster than?
    ScreenFlow and Handbrake so far.
    I'm comparing it to using the i7 on my 2018 Mac mini with h.264 (vs. h.265 which uses the T2). So, the same computer, just exported using different methods.

    Note, I'm not a video expert, so I've just tried to match what I think is similar quality settings. But, the difference is so obvious, that it doesn't really matter. I can double the quality settings on the h.265 export, and it is still way, way faster. (ex: just making it up for discussion... say the h.264 would take an hour to export, the h.265 might take 15 minutes and if I double the quality, then it might take 17 minutes) I'm also only working with 1080p output (sometimes higher input), so YMMV, but I think the difference is even more profound working with 4k from what I've read.

    escargot said:
    At least in the previous Gen (2017), the fusion drives maxed out around 2000 MBps read and 750 MBps writes. The SSDs could regularly get about 3000 MBps reads and 2000 MBps writes. So yes the SSDs are a lot faster, and consistently faster. But the fusion drives are no slouch either.
    I think my concern is more that the Fusion Drive seems to be a kind of interim odd-duck solution that even Apple has been a bit slow in properly supporting. But, otherwise, it kind of solves the problem of speed/storage size for the average user.

    bshank said:
    I’ve also read that the iMac has Quick Sync which is better for H.264, a feature iMac Pro doesn’t have. If true it may depend on what type of file, H.264 or H.265 one is using
    Hmm, that's interesting. My Mac mini (2018) should have that too, but the h.265 is considerably faster (which, I think uses the T2). I'm not sure how slow it would be without either (assuming I'm using Quick Sync).

    The trick is picking the right export, though. It is more straight forward in ScreenFlow. It was just recently added to Handbrake, and isn't entirely clear how to do it (you have to setup the video for H.265 (VideoToolbox) ).
  • Benchmarks for high-end iMac 5K show 75 percent speed gain over 2017 model

    As I mentioned on the other new iMac article...

    If you do video encoding work, carefully consider that these don't have the T2 chip (where as the mini or MBP do). I didn't care much about the T2 when I bought my 2018 mini, but now I do! The HEVC/h.265 encoding is several times faster than even the six-core i7, AND it keeps things quiet as an added bonus.

    If that matters to you... I'd save up for the cheapest iMac Pro, or wait until a future iMac, or get a mini/MBP, etc.
  • Cook promises shareholders Apple is 'planting seeds' and 'rolling the dice' on future prod...

    StrangeDays said:
    Do you likewise complain about Samsung, Amazon, and basically every single CEO? Jobs was unique in that he was a product manager, probably more so than an actual CEO, as he didnt do much the typical CEO job description and left that to Cook and others. CEOs are rarely "product visionaries". There's absolutely nothing troubling, concerning, yada yada about Cook being a normal CEO. He happens to be one of the greatest ones in modern history.
    I don't really follow those companies. And, I don't want Apple to be a normal tech company. They didn't get to where they are by being one. And, while they now have so much cash it would be hard to fail, they'll eventually pull it off if they make too many bad decisions.

    entropys said:
    Great Tim, where is my next iMac?
    Wait, I thought the chief whine was "Yeah but where's the new Mac mini!" lol...folks will just keep rotating it based on what's not out yet
    Isn't the complaint that all the product lines should be able to get something like an annual refresh so you're buying current tech and keeping up with the competition?

    ivanh said:
    Mind blowing? What about an AI Codingbot? So, everyone can code without writing a line in SWIFT? Is it what Swift 5.0 going to do?
    No doubt!!! If there were anything to this AI-baloney, we certainly shouldn't be pushing people to learn coding. LOL

    Apple is the only tech brand that can be trusted, quietly waiting to be surprised...
    At the moment, kinda sorta. But if you're ultimately placing your trust there, I think your surprise might end up being rather disappointing.

    avon b7 said:
    AppleExposed said:
    You're whining about a product you're not going to buy. I know it.
    You can't possibly know it and you also avoid tackling the point.

    Years waiting for a Mini update and over those years, not a single price adjustment.
    Yeah, and that's what they said about me, too. '18 Mac mini i7 sitting on my desk with a Blackmagic eGPU.

    It's funny how so many fan-boys hang around these forums complaining about those of us who complain about Apple, when those of us legitimately doing so are probably the biggest long-time Apple true fans. I want to see them do well, not just cheer them on (when I think they are screwing up).

    ireland said:
    ... Thinness, unreliabile keyboards and needing dongles for many things is not innovation that helps me, the user. ...
    Yep, that's the point people like Andy Ihnatko, Marco Arment, etc. (as well as so many here) have been making. It doesn't matter how 'innovative' it is if it isn't useful for a lot of the user-base. Super-slim keyboards, or even virtual ones (or foldable phones) are cool as heck from a technological innovation geek kind of perspective, but don't help much if you're a journalist, programmer, student, or someone trying to get real work done.

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  • Apple & Google accused of supporting 'gender apartheid' by hosting Saudi woman-tracking ap...

    spice-boy said:
    Apple as well as most (Western) mega corporations need to stop enabling oppressors by giving them the tools treat half of those counties population as property. We are all humans, we are born with rights and they should all be the same no matter your gender, race....etc.
    Unfortunately, Western society has tossed out the foundations of a consistent ethic... and we're now heading post-truth and emotive for a sense of direction. Apple seems to take more of an, 'when in Saudi Arabia, do as the Saudis do' (or China, etc.). This will clash with some other's priorities of what rights who should get. They will fight it out in terms of PR and the one who can muster the most power will win. :disappointed: I guess it's called, progress or something like that.