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  • Chicago flagship Apple Retail store roof not well suited for snow, ice

    LukeCage said:
    This seems pretty normal to me, what’s the problem? If you live in a cold climate falling ice is something you have to deal with. 
    So other stores in Chicago have similar signs? That’s interesting because I live in Minnesota and no retail stores I go to caution me to watch for falling snow or ice.
    If you're ever in Chicago during the winter months, walk down Michigan Ave. These signs are everywhere. Long ago, someone got killed from falling ice from a skyscraper, so these started popping up and down the street. This is not news.
  • NYPD handcuffed by investment in Microsoft's Windows Phone, now switching to Apple's iPhon...

    ph382 said:
    I wonder if this will cause Apple to invest extra effort in detecting apps that send out the phone's location ( a la AccuWeather ) ?  That's information that could certainly be misused.
    If it's anything like the phones they issue us in the military, they will be heavily locked down to only approved, pre-installed apps, and most all of the privacy settings will be strictly locked down as well.
  • USB 3.0 & USB 3.1 merger into USB 3.2 branding by overseers further confusing USB-C

    As an engineer myself, this is the kind of crap that happens when the engineers get to do the product naming and marketing. My expertise is definitely NOT in marketing, but even I know this is going to be complete garbage to the average consumer.
  • Apple says Spotify 'wants all the benefits of a free app without being free'

    aaargh! said:
    To be fair, Spotify has little choice but to use the App Store, it's not as if you can distribute iOS apps to consumers in any other way. Apple would have a point if Spotify could just put the IPA up on their website for users to download, but they can't. 
    You’re missing the point. Simply using the App Store does not make Apple take 30% of Spotify’s revenue. The only portion of revenue Apple takes is of in-app purchases for Premium, and that drops to 15% after a year. Spotify could easily go the Netflix, Hulu, etc. route and simply not offer in-app purchases, instead relying on customers to be smart enough to open up Safari and sign up there. Netflix, Hulu, all the streaming live tv platforms, Amazon, etc. don’t seem to struggle with this, yet Spotify can’t seem to figure it out. Desperate move from a desperate company.
  • Comparing Apple's iPhone XR versus Google's Pixel 3a XL

    jbcreate said:
    spend the extra money on a device with a sub 1080p display lol... ok... a phone $350 less with the best camera out, 1080 amoled...ya..better get the ipxr I get it, finally an iphone can be touted heavily against a google pixel/nexus device but this phone isnt about the specs, its about the software and UX. We can talk about processors and RAM all day but will the average consumer using instagram notice? not at all.
    Thanks for registering just to post this single troll comment, but you can leave now. Will the average user notice the speed difference? No, not right away. But in a couple years, it will be painfully obvious. The Pixel 3a will have the equivalent of 5-6 year old technology in it by then. The iPhone XR has the exact same performance as the fastest flagship phone on the market, and therefore will be just as fast as them for the entirety of its lifespan. My XR could easily last me 4 years if I so choose. Can you say the same of the 3a?
  • Apple Card offers simplified and secure Goldman Sachs-backed credit card with daily reward...

    melgross said:
    My question involves that card itself. Apple said that it was for when in an establishment that didn’t (yet) accept Apple Pay. But, with nothing on the card other than the chip, we’re (see, I already committed to getting this) going to have a problem for all of those places that are tardy enough to have not yet gotten chip readers. And despite the deadline having passed last year, I think, I still encounter places, mostly small, that can’t use a chip card.

    well, still carrying other cards would be wise for a time.
    The promo video clearly shows a mag strip on the back, so I think we’ll be okay.
  • Android Oreo exits developer beta program, coming to Google's Pixel, Nexus soon

    Notification Dots are small dots on the app's icon, advising that the app has a notification for the user, a function that has been used on iOS for a considerable amount of time since its inception. 
  • 'Apple TV HD' is the new name for 4th-generation 1080p Apple TV

    entropys said:
    Still at $149? What a joke. How can anyone recommend this to anyone else?
    Old hardware rebranded. It’s insulting. Tim Cook talks the talk, but I suspect he doesn’t think much of Apple users.

    One would hope the 4K version, which obviously won’t be getting an upgrade or better pricing either in the near future, comes with some serious investment in controllers to go with the Apple Arcade subscription.

    Yup.  People won't even buy $99 4K Blu-ray players to go along with their new shiny premium UHD TV.   A 1080 Apple TV for 149.99 looks silly next to a Roku $39.99 4K HDR streamer. 

    Except I have had both, and still use the Roku box, but the experience and ease of use of using the Apple TV is absolutely three times better than that $40 Roku box you mentioned. That thing is so terribly slow, and Roku apps are simply terrible. The $100 Roku box is a better comparison, but Apple TV, I would argue, is still at least 50% better than that too.
  • Apple services chief Peter Stern described as well-liked, but not interested in solving me... the article intimates, is the fundamental problem ... ?

    If there was ever a 'corporation' that might tackle such an issue might it be Apple ?

    Is that actually the plan...?

    Or is Apple simply boiling frogs with a trojan horse of internal (vs marketed) data collection that is promised as 'secure' (for now?) and kept from 3rd parties (not yet externally monetized) under 'we care about privacy' representation (caring is one thing, is guaranteeing another?), and yet forever enshrined (and validated for highest ultimate value) in the iCloud servers...?

    Given the Patriot Act and the current administration (make America what again?) supported by so many, I'd ask who should rely on any representation promoted beyond such psychic or national borders...?

    the sequel

    Which brings me to my next point, kids.... don’t do crack!
  • New noise-cancelling 'AirPods 3' rumored for end of 2019

    entropys said:
    It would have to be a completely different design to have noise cancelation. Ego, they are not airpods. And why not beats?
    Apple used to make noise isolating wired buds and the regular wired EarPods at the same time, so there’s no reason to believe they couldn’t have two models of AirPods too.