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  • Apple Card offers simplified and secure Goldman Sachs-backed credit card with daily reward...

    melgross said:
    My question involves that card itself. Apple said that it was for when in an establishment that didn’t (yet) accept Apple Pay. But, with nothing on the card other than the chip, we’re (see, I already committed to getting this) going to have a problem for all of those places that are tardy enough to have not yet gotten chip readers. And despite the deadline having passed last year, I think, I still encounter places, mostly small, that can’t use a chip card.

    well, still carrying other cards would be wise for a time.
    The promo video clearly shows a mag strip on the back, so I think we’ll be okay.
  • 'AirPods 2' rumored to launch in spring alongside AirPower, feature new black color option...

    svanstrom said:
    The black option will function exactly the same but cost $100 more, right?

    So… you rushed to make that joke about Apple pricing because… all their other black versions of anything have a higher pricepoint… or…?
    I'm sure he meant it in a lighthearted way but the meme is getting ridiculous.

    As if Apple offers nothing in their pricing.
    To be fair, that’s exactly what Apple did with the black MacBook back in the day. Exact same internal specs, but higher price strictly because of color. Although that is the one and only product I know of that they’ve ever done that. (And to be fair to Apple, it did look super cool!)
  • Google's brand worth more than Apple's, if you believe this BrandZ survey

    sflocal said:
    Google does do a lot more in the background in terms of collecting information about users and selling them out to 3rd-party people.
    You seem to be pretty uneducated too. Google sells ad-space, which they can charge a premium for because they hold all the data. Why on earth would Google then sell that data to any third parties? Ask any advertiser that works with google, they receive very generic, anonymous information about their ad targets, and Google does the rest. He’s, they collect data, but they are one of the most responsible companies with that data that’s out there.
  • Video: What's new in watchOS 4.3 for the Apple Watch, featuring portrait Nightstand mode, ...

    matrix077 said:
    matrix077 said:
    Tuubor said:
    I don’t understand. I’ve had iPhone music controls on my series 2 watch all this time. Use it constantly when cycling to work. 
    I think the video is doing a poor job of explaining this. Basically what you're talking about is Now Playing but what the video talking about is Music app.

    In OS 4.x Apple got rid of iPhone music control in Music app. The result is anyone that want to use the watch to "play" music on iPhone, say you're lying on bed, watch on wrist, phone at charger, you want to use the watch to play "music on phone", you can't! You can only play music that stored on watch. This is not the case for OS1.x to 3.x
    Now Apple has fixed this.
    Or when you are swimming in your pool and using your Apple Watch to control or select music on your iPhone that is playing music to Bluetooth speakers, you could no longer do that with WatchOS 4.0, 4.1, or 4.2.  They finally fixed that and restored the feature with WatchOS 4.3.  Sorry Apple, you are not going to force people to pay for Apple Music by removing software features.
    Hmm.. when you're swimming the watch will be in water lock mode so you can't interact with touch screen at all.
    It doesn’t automatically do that, and the Series 3 especially is very good at telling the difference between water and a human finger. Use it in the shower all the time to play music, and have no issues with usability even with water hitting the screen the whole time.
  • Chicago flagship Apple Retail store roof not well suited for snow, ice

    LukeCage said:
    This seems pretty normal to me, what’s the problem? If you live in a cold climate falling ice is something you have to deal with. 
    So other stores in Chicago have similar signs? That’s interesting because I live in Minnesota and no retail stores I go to caution me to watch for falling snow or ice.
    If you're ever in Chicago during the winter months, walk down Michigan Ave. These signs are everywhere. Long ago, someone got killed from falling ice from a skyscraper, so these started popping up and down the street. This is not news.