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  • JPMorgan to shut down Chase Pay app in early 2020

    Remember, Apple Pay only works for Apple customers -- and not at all in many countries.
    You mean just like how Samsung Pay only works for Samsung Users?  At the end of the day, Apple developed their own platform and they are going to keep it proprietary for now. If they want they can release an android version of Apple Pay, just like they did for Apple Music. 

    As as far as countries, Apple Pay is in 56 Countries, and that  is nothing to sneeze at.
    Yeah, but until Antarctica is on board, is it really a viable platform?
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  • Apple TV+ to reportedly launch in November for $9.99 a month


    I really think Apple are missing the mark on this.  I’m confident - in a years time - they will have to rethink 
    this strategy.
    Yeah, I'm not seeing the mass appeal here. Netflix has some pretty great, established original shows, as does HBO. Disney+ is both cheaper, has a huge back catalog, and the original shows look very appealing so far. Apple's entire "services" pitch is, I think, going to struggle pretty bad. News+, Apple Arcade, and this are nowhere near anything I would actually spend money on.
  • Comparing the features of the Surface Book 2 vs 13-inch 2019 MacBook Pro

    I have to say, I purchased a Surface Book 2 last year with the intent of it being my primary, daily computer. The feature set, impressive performance (the 15” with the GTX 1060), and aesthetics were all very impressive. The keyboard was great and the trackpad, while small, was very good. It is, without question, the closest thing to the Mac feel that can be had on the Windows side.

    However, I ended up returning it after 3 weeks because Windows itself is just not there. It’s very good and MUCH better than it’s ever been, but macOS is so much cleaner, smoother, and overall easier to use and maintain. The trackpad on my MacBook Pro is MASSIVE and absolutely perfect, I’m one of the crazy people that love the feel of the butterfly keys, and the performance is great. The integration with my phone, watch, and Apple TV is the clincher, too.
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  • Apple creates Memoji tribute to US Women's World Cup victory

    claire1 said:
    Hmmm. Would Apple have rooted for an opposing team? I think inclusion is important and they should have but would they have?
    Apple is an American company, and that is where their connection to the American women's team is. Apple has no connection to The Netherlands women's team, so it'd be a little odd seeing Apple congratulate them on an American technology web site after theoretically beating the American team. Apple has a plenty good enough track record with inclusion when it comes to Pride Month, Black History Month, Women's History Month, Chinese New Year, etc. They are also the only major tech company that includes all religious holidays in their holiday calendar (Ramadan, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, etc.). Most other calendar providers, including Google, only provide the typical Easter, Christmas, etc. There are plenty of things you can criticize Apple for, but being inclusive is not one of them. As a straight, white, Christian, conservative (gasp!) American male, I appreciate what Apple does, and hope they can lead other technology companies to do that same by example.
  • Apple creates Memoji tribute to US Women's World Cup victory

    Congratulations ladies!  The women are the most fun to watch!

    Question:  Does the governments pay their World Cup players to participate? Or, is it FIFA and backed by advertising? Or, a bit of both...
    The vast majority of the players’ money comes from sponsorship deals and the contracts they have with their club teams. The average national team player makes around $40,000, and the teams have a salary cap of $800,000, so there’s not a lot of relative money to go around. Even the best women’s players like Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan probably are multi-millionaires in the sense that they have around $2 million. It’s why they fight so hard for equal pay, because at least in their case, they are a more attractive draw for fans than our men’s team is for sure.