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  • Testing an AMD WX 9100 eGPU with the 15-inch i9 MacBook Pro

    nVidia refuses to give Apple the information necessary to make Metal work well with their GPU's. They are trying very hard to push CUDA, which is exclusive to nVidia. That's why Apple led the way with OpenCL support (which is vendor agnostic), and now Metal, with which they are able to support both Mac and iOS devices.

    nVidia wants CUDA to be the only GPU language in town, which is understandable.

    Apple wants to be able to choose any technology they want to make their devices better, whether nVidia, AMD or internally developed GPU's.

    nVidia has managed their account with Apple poorly, often revealing Apple's confidential information, hiding flaws in their devices until it's too late to replace them, outright lying about schedule slips and refusing to correct security issues while simultaneously refusing to provide adequate information for Apple to fix those issues independently. Then there's appropriating Apple technology for their own devices/contending over patents and copyrights.

    nVidia makes great products; AMD isn't in the same league, honestly. So Apple's only play is to stick with AMD until their internal offerings surpass both while meeting their needs.

    Apple will always choose to control its own destiny rather than trust another company.

    Intel is an even worse partner, not that Apple is always completely innocent, but you would be amazed at the stuff these companies try to get away with... to the extent that Tim has had to call BK (former Intel CEO) and call foul.

    The Mac platform will move much faster once Apple has jettisoned their "partners" like Intel, Qualcomm and nVidia, but they aren't going to rock any of those boats until and unless they have proven internal development ready to deliver superior replacements. Steve might have gone thermonuclear over any number of situations, but Tim is Spock-like in deciding when "enough is enough."

  • Apple posts WWDC Platform State of the Union video with deeper dive on new features

    I plan to buy 3 stands, 1 for home, 1 for work, 1 for client visits. Now I need a Pelican carrying case for the Mac Pri and the monitor. 

    Im budgeting $60K for my video editing setup. The stand pricing is tiny compared to my $25K editing monitor plus it’s $5K calibrating spider.

    i May need to re-budged up to 100K and raise my rates. Wish this were an 8K monitor.
  • Mac Pro now available with $2600 8TB SSD option

    @lkrupp ;
    Indeed. I amused myself with a Linus Tech Tips (LTT) YouTube video last night where he put together an impressive petabyte disk array.

    While I certainly have the chops to do such a thing myself, my hourly billing rate (and that of many professionals) dictates that any time spent worrying about hardware issues or downtime due to flaky third-party memory is simply not worth it.  An hour spent diagnosing a problem that causes my team to lose an hour of work is a five-figure loss, not to mention the loss of reputation.

    I am hoping Apple comes to market with a still more Pro Mac Pro. Maybe dual-socket CPU complex for twice the cores. And I have projects that approach 8 TB, and would eagerly buy 32 TB for an extra $10K.

    An 8K pro sensor (just the sensor, not the whole camera) costs more than a fully-loaded Mac Pro. See https://www.red.com/dsmc2 High quality glass (lenses) can be five figures easily.

    The reason why more "pro" users aren't responding to this nonsense about the Mac Pro being "expensive" is that they're too busy making money, not trying to save $500. Speaking of which...
  • USB-C cable shopping for an iPad or Thunderbolt 3 Mac is still a nightmare for consumers

    Remember that the faster you charge the battery, the quicker you’ll need to replace it.

    Apple pairs it’s devices with chargers that match its goal of 5-year battery life. For example, using the 5W on an iPhone 7... fast charging the same phone reduces battery life to 2 years. It won’t die at that point, but the power drawdown curve will become erratic, such that the device may suddenly power off, and actual run time can sharply decrease too.

    Heat is the enemy for batteries, especially when charging.

    I always charge slowly overnight and use fast charge for emergencies. Also, don’t constantly charge your device. That kills the battery even faster,

    peter volksEwalkaceblu
  • Intel hacked, first wave of stolen chip data released in 20GB dump

    Ouch. I once worked in DCG at JF5. Thankfully I left a few years ago because all those documents were daily tools for my group. In fact, I'm thinking of a particular disgruntled, self-absorbed employee who may have leaked the information.

    The leaker may be easily caught because the intersection of the groups that worked on each of those projects will point back to a small number of people... 3 at best, and 1 "development partner."
  • AppleInsider answers all your HomePod mini questions

    I've had two HomePod's in my bedroom for 6 months now. 

    Cons: Siri - Love the privacy and the integration, but Siri is a constant disappointment.

       Incredible with movies and even some TV shows. I've been re-watching Star Trek Discovery and Picard episodes because the sound is so luscious. It's not true surround sound, but it often feels like there's an audio continuum. Pointing to "where that sound came from" seldom leads directly to one speaker or another.
       The music sound stage is also rather incredible. I'm into intricate classical music and jazz. It doesn't sound like 2 x $200 speakers. They aren't $5000 speakers either, but they definitely punch above their weight with surprisingly little distortion.

    There's a huge difference between one HomePod and two, paired in a room. Some music passages are delivered so well that I've had to rewind because I think I can actually hear a particular string on a cello and point to it.

    I wouldn't expect the same from a HomePod mini but, other than Siri, I have not been disappointed with my HomePods.
  • Apple decorates McEnery Convention Center with WWDC livery [u]

    Many conventions have moved to San Jose because the homeless and crime issues are simply out of control in SF. While there are definitely homeless in SJ, you’re nowhere near as likely to step on human feces or be mugged on the way to your hotel.

    When median single family homes reach $5 million in SF predicted next year thanks to Lyft and other IPOs, and the difference between having an apartment or not is $4000, not $400, the homeless issue will become quite worse in both cities.

    I live in San Jose. Almost everything worth attending has come here. Hotel rates have soared to 500-1000/night mid-week.
  • Apple announces four-for-one stock split

    ...doing well during a pandemic...

    WW3 could start and Apple would announce record sales. I guess when you're hot, you're hot. 

    Splendid call on leaving Intel. 

    Microsoft wants to stay close since Apple Silicon Macs will help Office sales and may be a great new gaming platform.

    Apple TV+ doing better than expected.

  • Apple transition to own ARM chips in Macs rumored to start at WWDC

    Parallels weeps!

    One of the reasons why, as a serious developer, I love the Mac is that I can run macOS, Windows, Linux and OpenBSD simultaneously.

    i hope there will be laptop and Mac Pro options that have both ARM and x86-64 processors.
  • Apple renews 'Ted Lasso' for a second season

    I must be Apple TV's target demographic.

    I love Ted Lasso...can't wait for the 4th episode. I adored Mythic Quest...can't wait for more. Ditto with For all Mankind.. Loved the Morning Show excluding the ditzy and way too long opening sequence. The Banker was fabulous. Greyhound too. 

    It's easier to say what I haven't liked...Oprah. Haven't hated her content, just haven't been excited about it. Kinda boring. 

    Everything else on Apple TV+ has been incredible stuff that I've watched multiple times and told my friends about.