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  • AppleInsider answers all your HomePod mini questions

    I've had two HomePod's in my bedroom for 6 months now. 

    Cons: Siri - Love the privacy and the integration, but Siri is a constant disappointment.

       Incredible with movies and even some TV shows. I've been re-watching Star Trek Discovery and Picard episodes because the sound is so luscious. It's not true surround sound, but it often feels like there's an audio continuum. Pointing to "where that sound came from" seldom leads directly to one speaker or another.
       The music sound stage is also rather incredible. I'm into intricate classical music and jazz. It doesn't sound like 2 x $200 speakers. They aren't $5000 speakers either, but they definitely punch above their weight with surprisingly little distortion.

    There's a huge difference between one HomePod and two, paired in a room. Some music passages are delivered so well that I've had to rewind because I think I can actually hear a particular string on a cello and point to it.

    I wouldn't expect the same from a HomePod mini but, other than Siri, I have not been disappointed with my HomePods.
  • Intel hacked, first wave of stolen chip data released in 20GB dump

    Ouch. I once worked in DCG at JF5. Thankfully I left a few years ago because all those documents were daily tools for my group. In fact, I'm thinking of a particular disgruntled, self-absorbed employee who may have leaked the information.

    The leaker may be easily caught because the intersection of the groups that worked on each of those projects will point back to a small number of people... 3 at best, and 1 "development partner."
  • MI5 head wants 'exceptional access' to encrypted communications

    Unfortunately, 22july2013, you're requesting debate in an area where logic defines most of the responses.

    It is not possible to allow any government, or any entity, with a backdoor while maintaining integrity. 
  • Mac Pro now available with $2600 8TB SSD option

    @lkrupp ;
    Indeed. I amused myself with a Linus Tech Tips (LTT) YouTube video last night where he put together an impressive petabyte disk array.

    While I certainly have the chops to do such a thing myself, my hourly billing rate (and that of many professionals) dictates that any time spent worrying about hardware issues or downtime due to flaky third-party memory is simply not worth it.  An hour spent diagnosing a problem that causes my team to lose an hour of work is a five-figure loss, not to mention the loss of reputation.

    I am hoping Apple comes to market with a still more Pro Mac Pro. Maybe dual-socket CPU complex for twice the cores. And I have projects that approach 8 TB, and would eagerly buy 32 TB for an extra $10K.

    An 8K pro sensor (just the sensor, not the whole camera) costs more than a fully-loaded Mac Pro. See https://www.red.com/dsmc2 High quality glass (lenses) can be five figures easily.

    The reason why more "pro" users aren't responding to this nonsense about the Mac Pro being "expensive" is that they're too busy making money, not trying to save $500. Speaking of which...
  • Apple posts WWDC Platform State of the Union video with deeper dive on new features

    I plan to buy 3 stands, 1 for home, 1 for work, 1 for client visits. Now I need a Pelican carrying case for the Mac Pri and the monitor. 

    Im budgeting $60K for my video editing setup. The stand pricing is tiny compared to my $25K editing monitor plus it’s $5K calibrating spider.

    i May need to re-budged up to 100K and raise my rates. Wish this were an 8K monitor.