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  • AppleInsider answers all your HomePod mini questions

    I've had two HomePod's in my bedroom for 6 months now. 

    Cons: Siri - Love the privacy and the integration, but Siri is a constant disappointment.

       Incredible with movies and even some TV shows. I've been re-watching Star Trek Discovery and Picard episodes because the sound is so luscious. It's not true surround sound, but it often feels like there's an audio continuum. Pointing to "where that sound came from" seldom leads directly to one speaker or another.
       The music sound stage is also rather incredible. I'm into intricate classical music and jazz. It doesn't sound like 2 x $200 speakers. They aren't $5000 speakers either, but they definitely punch above their weight with surprisingly little distortion.

    There's a huge difference between one HomePod and two, paired in a room. Some music passages are delivered so well that I've had to rewind because I think I can actually hear a particular string on a cello and point to it.

    I wouldn't expect the same from a HomePod mini but, other than Siri, I have not been disappointed with my HomePods.
  • Apple renews 'Ted Lasso' for a second season

    I must be Apple TV's target demographic.

    I love Ted Lasso...can't wait for the 4th episode. I adored Mythic Quest...can't wait for more. Ditto with For all Mankind.. Loved the Morning Show excluding the ditzy and way too long opening sequence. The Banker was fabulous. Greyhound too. 

    It's easier to say what I haven't liked...Oprah. Haven't hated her content, just haven't been excited about it. Kinda boring. 

    Everything else on Apple TV+ has been incredible stuff that I've watched multiple times and told my friends about.
  • Intel hacked, first wave of stolen chip data released in 20GB dump

    Ouch. I once worked in DCG at JF5. Thankfully I left a few years ago because all those documents were daily tools for my group. In fact, I'm thinking of a particular disgruntled, self-absorbed employee who may have leaked the information.

    The leaker may be easily caught because the intersection of the groups that worked on each of those projects will point back to a small number of people... 3 at best, and 1 "development partner."
  • Apple announces four-for-one stock split

    ...doing well during a pandemic...

    WW3 could start and Apple would announce record sales. I guess when you're hot, you're hot. 

    Splendid call on leaving Intel. 

    Microsoft wants to stay close since Apple Silicon Macs will help Office sales and may be a great new gaming platform.

    Apple TV+ doing better than expected.

  • Windows 10X delayed, devices won't arrive until 2021

    Windows users don’t know it yet, but Microsoft is putting its emphasis on the enterprise and not fretting over the consumer market. Office 365 works well on Apple Silicon. Gaming is either Xbox or Apple Silicon going forward. Microsoft is doubling down on Azure. Windows 10 may be dead in 3 years.
    I wouldn't bank on that.
    Well, Windows for Workgroups 3.11 lives on and is powering equipment at many a building. Let's see if Microsoft is willing to just milk that cow rather than seek out new pastures. They can keep revenue going nicely by promoting thin clients that connect to Windows "in the Azure cloud."