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  • The critics were impossibly wrong: Apple CEO Tim Cook was -- and is -- the right person fo...

    lkrupp said:
    MplsP said:
    Apple hasn't been perfect since Tim took the helm but I would agree with the article; overall they are doing well.

    Oh, and they were perfect under Jobs? Deal with your Cook hatred.
    Did he say he hated Cook? Was Jobs’ name even mentioned?  I must have missed that. 

    Why are you such a dick at all times? You could just pass right on by, but instead actively choose to drop in and share your negative energy with everyone. You obviously have significant hate issues of your own to deal with. Try meditation. Or marijuana. 
  • Next-gen Apple TV could output 120Hz video, beta code suggests

    I see zero use for an AppleTV now I have the Apple TV+ app on my Samsung TV.
    What is the device’s purpose other than supporting users that don’t have such a smart TV yet?

    Unless Apple would positioned it more as a console as well, including an exclusive game line-up?
    I can’t speak for anyone else, but personally I prefer the UI of my ATV to all the other smart devices in my house. These include tv’s, smart Blu-ray players,Fire sticks, PS4, etc…The UI is just more intuitive to me than those other devices. Also, it’s tight integration with all of my other Apple gear and services, data privacy, Fitness+, and screen savers make it my streamer of choice. After my iPhone, it’s actually my second most used Apple product. It’s not perfect, of course…The TV app is a mess, and the remote’s issues are well documented; but it’s still better than my alternatives.  Still holding out hope for that massive gaming upgrade next gen. 
  • Apple reportedly cuts iPhone 12 mini production amid tepid demand

    Fred257 said:
    I want a mini.
    Then go buy one.
  • Apple debuts new MacBook Air with Apple Silicon M1 chip

    docno42 said:
    elijahg said:
    I notice the price is the same as before, so rather than dropping the price due to cheaper CPU and increasing accessibility for people, they're just absorbing the extra profit. Great, that's the Cook Way. ߙ䦬t;/div>
    You aren’t buying a collection of parts, your buying functionality.

    If you don’t think the value proposition works for you, don’t buy it.  Frankly I’m surprised they didn’t raise the price - this little thing called inflation means they are already grossing less just from that alone.  

    If you want cheap crap there are plenty of other vendors to choose from out there.  Have at it.   I have no problem paying for a better experience.  I originally typed out paying more for a better experience, but comparing previous Air to this one you aren’t paying more for a machine that appears to be better in every way.

    Yup - damn those greedy Apple bustards!
    Lol yeah these dudes crack me up, they’re used to lemonade stand economics and that’s about it. No real world experience in product, don’t grasp value propositions, likely have never run a business, etc etc.. Just IT nerds doin what they do best — bitchin’. 
    What’s with you and the IT bashing today? Somebody make Mr. Disposable Income angry at work this week?
  • 'Apple Glass' details leaked, will cost $499 and work with prescriptions

    JinTech said:
    lkrupp said:
    Let’s see if a killer app emerges that will jump start sales. In addition people are very particular about their eyewear in terms of styling. It’s very personal and I hope Apple offers different styles. If it’s a one-style-size-fits-all that could be a hinderance to adoption.
    I don't think there needs to be a killer app to jump start sales. I mean five, almost six generations into the Watch, there really isn't a killer app, just the actual hardware. Sure the health apps but that is really just taking advantage of the OS and the hardware feature set. I can see (no pun intended) the same thing happening with Glass.

    I agree, I hope they have different styles. I have a few pairs of glasses for that reason. I can see them working with or licensing the lenses with a company like Warby Parker or maybe even in the future, buying them out. If this product will indeed have an option for prescription lenses, that requires Apple Store employees to have some optic knowledge.

    If Glass is some how able to monitor eye health, which I am sure it will, this will be an absolute game changer in health and Apple will have a real winner on their hands.
    They already have, or had, an agreement like the one you propose...

  • Apple offering free three-month Apple News+ trial through November 30

    After getting countless offers for another free trial of News+, I clicked on this offer last night while half asleep, assuming it was the same thing. It wasn’t, and I was charged $9.99. So I immediately canceled and submitted a refund request today. I’m not complaining, as it’s on me for having assumed that I was one of the “eligible subscribers only” referenced in the fine print since I get these offers almost weekly. I’m only writing to warn others not to make the same mistake I did. This is literally only for those who have never tried it before, regardless of how many notifications and emails they send to lure you back. 
  • MagSafe Duo Charger limited to 11W with 20W adapter

    As predicted last week. 
    So, let’s see... that’s a total of $148 for a compromised charging speed OR $178 for a slightly better, yet still compromised, charging speed? Lol, I can’t wait to hear how it gets defended now.  
  • Apple's next event will be on April 20, Siri says [confirmed]

    4/20. Everyone can exhale now. 
  • Foxconn increases bonuses for staff assembling iPhone 12 as demand increases

    Beats said:
    There goes “greedy Apple” again, handing out bonuses to their slaves.

    Apple is DOOOOOOOMED but srsly this is a $180-$200 stock... how many expectation-smashing quarters does Wall Street want for it to value AAPL anywhere close to the valuation given to TSLA, AMZN, GOOG?
    AMZN = 1.660T
    GOOG = 1.590T
    TSLA = 0.648T

    AAPL =  2.173T

    The value of a stock is not the same as it’s price per share. By market cap, Wall Street clearly values AAPL far more than the companies you’ve listed. Do you know anything about investing, or did you just come here to troll?
  • Apple TV+ review: 'The Mosquito Coast' a slog that wastes a strong cast

    So, it’s a slog. But, it’s a worthwhile slog? And strong performances “can’t save” the show, yet Justin Theroux “successfully carries the show”? 

    This review is ALL over the place. 

    I initially had no desire to watch this one, but this review changed my mind. Similar things were said about Ted Lasso after the first few episodes were released, and we all know how that turned out.