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  • The critics were impossibly wrong: Apple CEO Tim Cook was -- and is -- the right person fo...

    lkrupp said:
    MplsP said:
    Apple hasn't been perfect since Tim took the helm but I would agree with the article; overall they are doing well.

    Oh, and they were perfect under Jobs? Deal with your Cook hatred.
    Did he say he hated Cook? Was Jobs’ name even mentioned?  I must have missed that. 

    Why are you such a dick at all times? You could just pass right on by, but instead actively choose to drop in and share your negative energy with everyone. You obviously have significant hate issues of your own to deal with. Try meditation. Or marijuana. 
  • Next-gen Apple TV could output 120Hz video, beta code suggests

    I see zero use for an AppleTV now I have the Apple TV+ app on my Samsung TV.
    What is the device’s purpose other than supporting users that don’t have such a smart TV yet?

    Unless Apple would positioned it more as a console as well, including an exclusive game line-up?
    I can’t speak for anyone else, but personally I prefer the UI of my ATV to all the other smart devices in my house. These include tv’s, smart Blu-ray players,Fire sticks, PS4, etc…The UI is just more intuitive to me than those other devices. Also, it’s tight integration with all of my other Apple gear and services, data privacy, Fitness+, and screen savers make it my streamer of choice. After my iPhone, it’s actually my second most used Apple product. It’s not perfect, of course…The TV app is a mess, and the remote’s issues are well documented; but it’s still better than my alternatives.  Still holding out hope for that massive gaming upgrade next gen. 
  • Apple reportedly cuts iPhone 12 mini production amid tepid demand

    Fred257 said:
    I want a mini.
    Then go buy one.
  • Apple debuts new MacBook Air with Apple Silicon M1 chip

    docno42 said:
    elijahg said:
    I notice the price is the same as before, so rather than dropping the price due to cheaper CPU and increasing accessibility for people, they're just absorbing the extra profit. Great, that's the Cook Way. ߙ䦬t;/div>
    You aren’t buying a collection of parts, your buying functionality.

    If you don’t think the value proposition works for you, don’t buy it.  Frankly I’m surprised they didn’t raise the price - this little thing called inflation means they are already grossing less just from that alone.  

    If you want cheap crap there are plenty of other vendors to choose from out there.  Have at it.   I have no problem paying for a better experience.  I originally typed out paying more for a better experience, but comparing previous Air to this one you aren’t paying more for a machine that appears to be better in every way.

    Yup - damn those greedy Apple bustards!
    Lol yeah these dudes crack me up, they’re used to lemonade stand economics and that’s about it. No real world experience in product, don’t grasp value propositions, likely have never run a business, etc etc.. Just IT nerds doin what they do best — bitchin’. 
    What’s with you and the IT bashing today? Somebody make Mr. Disposable Income angry at work this week?
  • Apple TV+ to add multiple Russian-language shows in new deal

    I don’t know why an article about this wouldn’t at least include the names of some of Mr. Rodnyansky’s previous projects. You know, so that we readers can understand why this such a coup for Apple?  

    His company, AR Content has produced 3 of the last 4 films by Andrey Zvyagintsev, who is arguably one of the finest directors on planet earth. Along with Elena (2011), and Oscar-nominated Leviathan (2014) and Loveless (2017), they are working together on the upcoming What Happens (2021). 

    If this first-look deal includes exclusive streaming rights to What Happens, that would be a huge deal for Apple, as that film will almost certainly be an awards magnet next season.
  • Apple in talks with San Jose over homeless encampment on its undeveloped land

    mrd10 said:
    I feel like this is a really great opportunity for Apple to use its endless wealth to truly help their neighborhood. If Apple does absolutely nothing, scorns the homeless, and forces them away, they would have a massive PR problem. This is honestly kind of a marketing gift. Spend a chunk of change (which is pennies to Apple), do something magical with that Apple swirl on top, and poof. You demonstrate all your values, put your money where your mouth is, AND directly help the lives of the people in your own back yard. It’s a win/win and would cost them nothing. 
    You paint a lovely black/white image here, but unfortunately the situation is a little murkier than that. What happens when word gets out and suddenly 5000 people show up expecting something? What happens if crime suddenly becomes an issue? What happens when Apple finally needs to develop that land? What happens when homeless camps set up shop on unused corporate land all over the country looking to leverage that company’s PR image for help, and they all blame Apple for setting the precedent? What happens when Apple decides “enough is enough”?
    What then?

    Yes, you present a nice, utopian solution to the problem & your heart is in the right place. But, Apple needs to tread carefully here to avoid painting themselves into a corner they cannot escape. The fact that they haven’t done anything yet and are carefully considering a proper response shows that they know it too. 

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  • 'iPhone 13' could borrow always-on screen from Apple Watch

    daniPhone said:
    Wow! Only about 10 years behind android on that feature!
    Who cares? 
  • Patreon doesn't pay Apple's 30% App Store commission, and its CEO isn't sure why not

    sflocal said:
    The only think I got from this article is that the CEO is ignorant and lazy.  Jeez, at least he could have summoned the head of mobile development at Patreon before the interview and ask the person how it works.

    I just lost a huge amount of respect/care for Patreon.  Boot this CEO out and get someone that knows about tech.
    Great idea! Let’s just fire some guy based on a very brief summary of a much longer article. Cancel the bastard! 
    Ignorant and lazy…lol. 
  • Why you should buy Apple's MagSafe battery pack

    jd_in_sb said:
    Does it work with iPhones that have a case?
    According to Apple, it does work with MagSafe cases. For third party options, it might be trial and error. 
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  • UK Apple TV viewers blocked from seeing key football match

    This would most likely only affect people who have 'cut the cord' and no longer receive broadcast signals via aerials, satellite or cable and thus think they don't need to pay the mandatory UK TV Licence fee. Since watching any form of live-broadcast TV, however it's delivered, including online, requires a TV licence, most of the people inconvenienced by this will likely not have much of a leg to stand on to complain.
    Do you even know what you’re talking about?