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  • Future iPhones could listen for chewing and tell you to diet

    And what if someone forgets to charge their iPhone? Will those people be able to survive without being told how to eat? I’m only joking, but seriously…if your phone can hear you when your chewing, what other private moments will it be secretly analyzing?
  • TV app on Apple TV hardware frustrating users with large libraries

    chadbag said:
    I only have a few movies so this issue is not one I care about. 

     But as someone who doesn’t care about the latest movies or tv shows I hate the way the TV app doesn’t just go to the main “desktop” of I stalled apps any longer but sticks you in some stupid movie/TV limbo and you need to get out to get to the main app listing screen.

    If I’m understanding your problem correctly, there is an option in settings under “remotes and devices” where you can change what the TV button does. I believe the default is “Apple TV App”, but you can change it to “Home Screen”. Or maybe you already knew that and I misunderstood.
  • AirPods Max back-ordered, but don't expect new model

    cgWerks said:
    Japhey said:
    I actually don’t experience any clamping at all with them. But, to be honest, they are my first pair of premium headphones so I can’t really compare them to anything else. But I can say that they sound amazing and that I wear them for long periods of time and forget they’re even on. I only suggest a lighter gen 2 model because I’m anticipating wearing them with whatever AR device Apple eventually releases. 

    As for the case…if you decide not to use it, I would definitely recommend a stand to keep them looking good. 
    Thanks, again. Yeah, a stand would be nice. I’m a glasses wearer, so maybe the ‘clamping’ is more an issue as they tend to push on the glasses bows. I’ve experienced it with any I’ve worn, just to more or lesser extent. Good to hear you find them comfortable, though. If you don’t mind another question… have you used the mic on them much, and do people say they sound good?

    I love my AirPods Pro, but one bad point is the mics. They really don’t sound that terrific to the person on the other end, and it’s almost like they magnify background noise, such that I’ve had people complain that it was really bad. From some of the audio samples of the AirPods Pro 2, they sound *way* better, though I’m not sure about background noise yet. Curious how AirPods Max work in that regard.
    I use them mostly for music and movies, so my experience with the microphones are limited. But based on the feedback I’ve received after the few times I did use them, it barely sounds like I’m using headphones. There was a slight muffle from background noise, but mostly only noticeable when actively listening for it. The result was consistent both on a noisy train and in my quiet house. Hope that helps. 
  • AirPods Max back-ordered, but don't expect new model

    cgWerks said:
    I guess that is a bit of a bummer, as I’m kind of in the market for such a product (though need to save up a bit more). I had hoped we’d see AirPods Pro 2 type improvements. I’m curious though, what owners of them think needs to be fixed/updated on this 1st gen, aside from that. I also wonder if they could software-update some of that Airpods Pro 2 improvement, but I suppose it would need the new chips.

    Late 2024 is still quite a way off, yet. Bummer.
    Assuming the 2nd gen model gets the same AirPods Pro 2 upgrades, there are really only a few things I would personally like fixed. First, USB-C. Second, they could be a bit lighter. And third, they absolutely need a better case. Many will say they want lossless support, but that’s not as important to me. 

    This article makes it seem like they are nearing the end of the line. But, in reality, they are only barely past midway of their rumored 4 year cycle. I say go for it, you won’t regret it. And if you do, at least you have 2 years until you have to worry about it. 
  • Tim Cook salary to drop 40%, at his request

    Xed said:
    amar99 said:
    How will he survive on such a low salary? What a guy.
    Actually, he is, but you clearly aren't because you see a story about a CEO suggesting to lower his own salary because the stock is underperforming (which is no fault of his, but purely due to larger issues) and decide to make a snarky comment about him not being able to support himself.
    Is it possible that they were just making a joke?