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  • Foxconn increases bonuses for staff assembling iPhone 12 as demand increases

    Beats said:
    There goes “greedy Apple” again, handing out bonuses to their slaves.

    Apple is DOOOOOOOMED but srsly this is a $180-$200 stock... how many expectation-smashing quarters does Wall Street want for it to value AAPL anywhere close to the valuation given to TSLA, AMZN, GOOG?
    AMZN = 1.660T
    GOOG = 1.590T
    TSLA = 0.648T

    AAPL =  2.173T

    The value of a stock is not the same as it’s price per share. By market cap, Wall Street clearly values AAPL far more than the companies you’ve listed. Do you know anything about investing, or did you just come here to troll?
  • The critics were impossibly wrong: Apple CEO Tim Cook was -- and is -- the right person fo...

    lkrupp said:
    MplsP said:
    Apple hasn't been perfect since Tim took the helm but I would agree with the article; overall they are doing well.

    Oh, and they were perfect under Jobs? Deal with your Cook hatred.
    Did he say he hated Cook? Was Jobs’ name even mentioned?  I must have missed that. 

    Why are you such a dick at all times? You could just pass right on by, but instead actively choose to drop in and share your negative energy with everyone. You obviously have significant hate issues of your own to deal with. Try meditation. Or marijuana. 
  • More supposed evidence of rumored next-generation Apple TV remote surfaces

    ITGUYINSD said:
    mystigo said:
    The current AppleTV Remote is arguably the worst design they ever came up with. At least with the hockey puck mouse you could feel for the wire. In a dark room, if you are lucky enough to even find the remote you have a very low chance of doing what you were hoping to do. I have turned captions on by accident more times than I have hit the button I wanted the first time.
    And Apple knew it.  And still, after 5 1/2 years, we're still suffering with the crappy remote that everyone learns to hate.

    The new one better have simple buttons to fast forward/rewind and a frigging MUTE BUTTON.  
    Thank you! The friggin mute button should have been there all along. How I long for one whenever I’m forced to listen to a Big Pharma or Jake from SFarm commercial 6 times in a row. Ugh!

     Also, can we maybe get wireless charging while we’re at it?
  • Apple highlights Caria, an app that uses AI to help women manage menopause

    The woman in the photo looks she has decades to wait before menopause will be an issue for her.
    Lol, I thought the same thing. Then I looked her up and found out she’s the CEO. 
  • Apple highlights Caria, an app that uses AI to help women manage menopause

    In a new feature, Apple has highlighted Caria, a women's health platform on the App Store designed to help users understand menopause using AI and debunk some of the myths surrounding it.

    Credit: Apple
    Credit: Apple

    Created by co-founders Arfa Rehman and Scott Gorman, Caria -- formerly known as Clio -- is described as a "a personalized guide to help users understand menopausal changes and manage their symptoms." The app has features like an AI assistant that women can chat with to understand what symptoms mean and to chart their journey.

    "In the field of women's health, medical advancement has focused on birth control and fertility treatments, even though women spend several years and an average of $20,000 in trial-and-error treatments, doctor's visits, and products trying to get the right diagnosis and treatment for menopause," Apple said of the app.

    Caria, on the other hand, is built from the ground up to use AI intelligence to offer personalized health data, insights, and tailored recommendations about fitness, wellness, and nutrition.

    "There is a lack of education about menopause and its treatments in the medical community, as only 20 percent of ob-gyn residency programs in the US have a formal menopause curriculum. As a result, many medical professionals don't have the training to diagnose and treat menopausal symptoms, often leaving women with insufficient options and support," Rehman, the app's CEO, said.

    Rehman and Gorman met an Apple Entrepreneur Camp in 2019, where they were able to work with a key engineer on the app. Both co-founders believe the program was "instrumental" in the app's development in terms of features and design.

    "As a design-centric healthcare company, developing on the Apple platform and leveraging the capabilities of iOS have made meeting our priority for user privacy and security while delivering a stellar user experience easier," Rehman added.

    The women's health app will also soon partner with the University of Illinois at Chicago in a study on the app's efficiency in relieving menopause symptoms. Current surveys suggest that 85% of women report improvements in symptoms after using Caria.

    Caria is available on the App Store. The app offers a free tier with basic features, and a premium option with "unlimited expert-created programs" that's available for $9.99 a month or $49.99 a year.
    $5.99 a month. $47.99 a year.