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  • Apple releases fourth public beta of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15, watchOS 8, macOS Monterey...

    davgreg said:
    I cannot imagine who at Apple thought that the changes made to Safari were anything that was needed or wanted.
    I completely agree. The new Safari absolutely sucks. I thought after a month I would have gotten used to it, but instead it just pisses me off more every single day. Hopefully they make the changes optional, like on macOS, by the official release. 
  • Apple's record $81.4 billion Q3 obliterates Street expectations

    polymnia said:
    Not paying much attention to the content of the vaccine discussion, but trying to reel this discussion back on topic:

    lately my most successful  individual stock purchases have been BNTX & MRNA (BioNTech & Moderna). MRNA technology has been in development for a long time and COVID has been it’s coming out party. For a version 1.0 product (or as discussed above, maybe a Beta product) it has been quite successful. These companies are delivering their first high-profile products based on this tech. The scientists think this tech has many other health applications that are not well served by traditional med tech. 

    Reminds me of a certain fruit company and it’s disruption of the PC industry. 
    Haha, it definitely came off the rails quickly on this thread. From quarterly earnings to vaccine passports in the blink of an eye. Anyway, thanks for trying to bring us back on topic. And cheers to you…you’re having a pretty nice month, yes? Those are some good looking ascending triangles you’re holding there. 
  • Apple's record $81.4 billion Q3 obliterates Street expectations

    DAalseth said:
    Japhey said:
    sunman42 said:
    fallenjt said:
    And AAPL after hour trading drops over 1%. What kind of WS bullshit is that?
    Please. Apple has been on a tear the last few trading days, presumably because most investors figured they'd see another band-up quarter — and they did. Then some of them decided to "profit take," and cash in. It's all part of the capitalist game.
    You mean traders. Otherwise, spot on. 
    How about speculators?
    How about them? Investors and traders are both speculators. One is concerned with long term profit, and the other with profit through short term price fluctuations. I don’t understand the question…
  • Apple's record $81.4 billion Q3 obliterates Street expectations

    fallenjt said:
    And AAPL after hour trading drops over 1%. What kind of WS bullshit is that?
    Buy the rumor, sell the news. Are you new?
  • 'The Office' writers credit first video iPod with boosting show's popularity

    Japhey said:
    sbdude said:
    Can't make a show like The Office today. Too bad, too. We could all learn to not take ourselves too seriously.
    Why not? 
    Because there are too many people who would feel like they should be offended by some of the content. The show would proverbially run out of town on a rail in no time at all.
    And yet, it was the #1 most streamed show on Netflix for years. Until January, when it moved to Peacock. Now, according to NBC, it is even more popular there  than it was on Netflix. That doesn’t sound like the offended people are running it out of town to me.