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  • New super high-end iPhone could arrive by 2024

    JP234 said:
    "camera improvements, an even faster chip, and a larger display"

    This is just the kind of incremental update that the iPhone does NOT need, and has comprised every update for years. If Apple wants to drive sales of an "ultra" premium phone, at an ultra premium price, it has to include some feature that millions of people have to have. I don't know what that is, but if Apple can't come up with it, they should scrap that idea, and fast.
    Apparently you missed the part about the other rumored insignificant features including a Ti frame, under-screen Touch ID, Thunderbolt, or port-less design. I can’t imagine millions of people wanting any of those things either. 
  • How to decide between two HomePods or a Sonos system for a home theater

    gatorguy said:
    rundhvid said:

    I'm currently using two of the mentioned Ikea/Sonos Symfonisk speakers together in stereo, wirelessly paired to the AppleTV. I don't have an audiophile's ears but they sound really great. And with the built in AirPlay I can easily stream music to them too. To me this is the perfect setup for someone on a strict budget, at just $240 for the pair. I know there's no Atmos with this setup and obviously no surround sound whatsoever, so I'll eventually upgrade and have these on my secondary TV. But in the meantime these are 1,000x better than the built in TV speakers, cheaper and higher quality than many sound bars, and offers more separation between the L/R channels than a sound bar. They work well with the AppleTV, but they can't be set to default like the HomePods can be, so my only real complaint is that it's fairly often that I have to select them again as audio output from the control center.
    Unless your hearing is compromised, you absolutely do have the ability to enjoy high-fidelity audio!

    I myself have had the privilege of listening to the same setup that is reviewed here:

    I dare anyone claiming that high-quality audio is just a scam to charge exorbitant prices for non-relevant equipment, to challenge their preconceived notions with a demo of said equipment! 30 seconds of listening is enough. And you don’t even need an open mind—you’ll see.

    What's cute is your apparent seriousness of this being an option. "Just listen!"

    Dare accepted. I absolutely do NOT  "have the ability to enjoy high-fidelity audio!" if the cost of entry is $40K for a stereo pair. 

    Now with that out of the way I chose to go the Sonos route for my TV and main music listening:
    2 SL1's and a Beam bought very-kindly-cared-for, and a Sub Mini purchased new, and kept the cost at under $750. I might have been able to patch together a system that sounded as good from high to low for the same money, dunno, but certainly not as easy to configure, as low-profile and blending into the background, or as cleanly connected and wife-accepted. ;)

    Neither Apple nor Google offered as complete a system so staying in the ecosystem was non-optional as far as I was concerned.
    They pretty clearly said that you can “have the ability to enjoy high-fidelity audiowith a “demo of said equipment”.  
  • Unopened first-gen iPhone expected to fetch $50,000 at auction

    laytech said:
    Apple did not shrink wrap products like that. So dodgy.
    Yes they did. 
  • Future iPhones could listen for chewing and tell you to diet

    And what if someone forgets to charge their iPhone? Will those people be able to survive without being told how to eat? I’m only joking, but seriously…if your phone can hear you when your chewing, what other private moments will it be secretly analyzing?
  • Apple Music launches Rihanna's Road to Halftime show in Spatial Audio

    Weird to see so many angry people on the forum of a story about Rihanna.