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  • ACLU says US border agents have 'near-unfettered' ability to seize iPhones, other devices

    spice-boy said:
    I never take phones, computers or iPads with me when traveling outside the US. Why invite the scrutiny and why invite the possibility of seizure of these devices, if not by US law enforcement, by foreign immigration officers?
    If that were true don't you think the lack of at least a mobile phone would seem suspicious. 
    Are we really going to have to start wargaming for the best outcomes when traveling outside the US even as citizens? We're really reaped what we've sown with this administration.
  • Apple wins UN Climate Action award for environmental work

    Rayz2016 said:
    lkrupp said:
    But, but, but... no Google, no Amazon, no Microsoft, no Facebook, no Samsung, no Huawei on the list. Only Apple among the big tech companies, Samsung especially. Aren’t they a bigger manufacturer of electronic goods and consumer durables? Why isn’t Samsung 100% renewable like Apple? Why isn’t Samsung investing hundreds of millions in grants for environmental projects like the above Kenya grasslands? Does Samsung have a Liam to disassemble and recycle its smartphones?

    The world may have to rely on fossil fuels for some time to come yet but at least Apple is trying to do something about it. What about its competitors?
    What's worse is that Apple's doing all this green fluffy save-the-planet nonsense, instead of giving me a SCSI port on my iPhone.

    If Steve were alive ...  etc.

    I don't have one handy, but pretty sure even the SCSI-5 connector was thicker than the current iPhones. Perhaps you could go Lightning > USB > SCSI. After all, nobody should stop you from connecting a iPhone 11 MAX to your PowerMac G3. =)
  • Facebook plans to launch new experimental apps under NPE Team name

    I saw NPE and immediately thought, Null Pointer Exception. Clearly someone didn't think this through, or they are going to be trolling their users.
  • Plugable Thunderbolt 3 NVMe SSD review: Just as fast as your MacBook Pro storage

    Tempting device, however the captured cable is a non-starter. I'm regularly moving 10GB files and my current portable USB 3.1 type C device is conveniently small and fast enough to not lend enough temptation from the likes of this.