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  • Apple Watch and staying alive - a reluctant wearer's conversion

    I enjoy these ‘peek behind the curtain’ articles.  Same with the ones about AI staffer home working set ups, thoughts on events etc.

    More importantly, fair play Mike for opening up and sharing. Glad to hear you are ok, long may it continue.
  • What you need to run iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

    I am chuffed my 6s is still eligible. I fully expected it, and therefore my series 5 watch which is coupled to it, to be left behind this year unless I upgraded.

    I saw some horrifying stats, from a reliable media source, regarding the emissions and water it takes to create each new smartphone so will hang on to it a little longer given that it works as new and won't hold back my watch.

    Fair play Apple!
  • Microsoft unveils Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Pro 8, Surface Duo 2

    I am all in with Apple outside of my work devices so not in the market for any of these; but I am glad Microsoft experiments and keeps pushing the design envelope. Not as profitable a model as Apple’s limited, popular form factors and SKUs but the different designs can only be good for the consumer, both Windows and Apple.
  • Mac mini may keep existing form factor in 2023, says Ming-Chi Kuo

    mpantone said:
    This is a good example of why they are often referred to as ANALysts.

    Let's see now...

    Apple just launched a BRAND NEW MAC PRODUCT that has undoubtedly been in development for YEARS with dozens (hundreds?) of prototype designs, all of which got nixed save the ONE winning design that is essentially a tall Mac mini. Basically Apple could have made the Mac Studio any shape they wanted including a circular trashcan, a cube, or a mini tower like the last AirPort Extreme and yet they chose the tall Mac mini. Did they simply not think outside the box?

    Gee, perhaps crazy to imagine this but maybe Apple thinks this basic Mac mini design is pretty good.

    I really wish AppleInsider (and other Mac sites) would track the accuracy of ANALysts like Starmine or sports analytics. Use something like OPS or WAR.

    Hell, there should be a Fantasy ANALysts League. Bet money on the accuracy of these jokers. LOL, Gene Munster...


    Let's also point out that the Mac mini has a big datacenter presence. There are tons of commercial grade accessories (like rackmount adapters, VESA mounts, etc.) for the current Mac mini form factor. Apple doesn't gain anything from making a future Mac mini 8" square or 7.5" square versus the existing 7.7" square.

    Appletrack do it. Ming Chi Kuo at about 3/4 accurate so far…
  • Apple TV with A12X ready to go at any time, claims leaker

    dewme said:
    justinpe said:
    Prediction: The remote will get a U1 chip so you can locate it using the Find My app. 

    I truly understand the sentiment.

    The ATV is a great product but the remote control is a human-factors engineering disaster. You can't really hold it in your hand comfortably because its like trying to drive your pickup truck with a Barbie Car steering wheel. Was it actually designed for Hamster hands? But if you put it down, its slick surfaces and wafer thin profile means it's going to disappear nearly instantly underneath or into something in your TV viewing area or anywhere around your house. When you buy an Apple TV, Apple should send a sales associate over to your house in-advance to pre-hide your ATV Remote somewhere in your house where you'd least expect to find it, like in the cat's litter box, in a diaper (yours perhaps?), or next to the emergency fire extinguisher under the kitchen sink. This would serve as a proper tutorial and training exercise for newbie ATV Remote owners.

    Okay okay, I'll concede that if you actually live in a padded cell, like the designer of the ATV "where the **** is it?" (WTFII) Remote probably does, you should be able to locate it rather quickly, assuming your padded walls and floor are not upholstered in a very dark decor. Mine aren't. But then again, if you do manage to pick it up in an upright orientation in your tiny trumpian hands, there's still a 50-50 chance you're going to be grabbing it by the wrong end and stroking its shiny side and pressing its Pause button whilst nothing responds on your ATV screen. It's a Homer-Doh!-Fest ridiculous excuse for anything that is supposedly designed for use by creatures with fingers and an opposable thumb. Like me.

    The ATV Remote should be inducted into the Apple Design Hall of Shame. It gets my vote. Just put the damn thing in there, but good luck finding it. It's probably hiding under the puck mouse or next to the Newton.

    I have been reading this forum for 10 years and a post has never made me laugh out loud before, let alone twice. Brilliant! 
  • iMac Pro is 'currently unavailable' from Apple in the US, Canada [u]

    sflocal said:
    I truly think the next iMac will signal an end to internal expansion.  The M1 has the RAM built into the chip.  That was the only think left that was upgradeable on the current iMac.  I don't see Apple moving away from that with future ASi chips.  Current iMac also has the SSD soldered in as well, and even the 4TB-8TB models (I have the 8TB model) the SSD is non-standard, and it shared with a soldered SSD on the motherboard.  

    The ASi iMac will essentially be a gigantic iPad with extra ports and zero ability to upgrade anything internally.  

    I'll say one thing about that... based on the horrible experience I had with my 2020 iMac during its first three months due to faulty RAM (by OWC), I can understand why Apple is going the way of UMA.  Not only will performance be so much better, but gone will be the days of system instabilities due to crappy RAM that was not Apple's fault, yet has to deal with countless service calls and repairs.  I'm sure Apple got fed up with that.

    I wonder how Apple will handle the RAM situation.  It will certainly hurt it Apple charges the crazy-high RAM prices for their ASi systems as they were doing with the Intel versions.  I'm good for at least five years beforeI upgrade my iMac, so it will be interesting to see what Apple does.
    I think you have hit the nail on the head with everything here.
  • Nearly every Mac rumored to see an update in 2022

    Havetenthousandthings said:
    Someone in one of the other threads pointed out that Apple uses Max in their iPhone marketing. Thus,

    iPhone : iPhone Pro : iPhone Pro Max
    iMac : iMac Pro : iMac Pro Max

    iPad : iPad Air : iPad Pro (2)
    MacBook : MacBook Air : MacBook Pro (2)

    Mac Mini : Mac Mini Pro : Mac Pro

    Having a MacBook and a MacBook Air doesn't make sense anymore, since they are almost the exact size and weight. The difference is so small it's basically an illusion as this point. The curved shell of the Air is not very efficient for the components or the battery. The only important selling point of the Air is really its name.
    Maybe so, but much the same can be said for the iPad : iPad Air. The MacBook Air will get a redesign, possibly in a few weeks (I don't imagine the M2 will come so soon, but it's possible, and welcome), with colors and a sharp stylistic differentiation from the basic entry-level MacBook. Just like the current iPad Air versus the entry-level iPad. So "Air" will also mean colors. 

    I don't know when or if an entry-level MacBook will ever reappear, but I think there's a place for it in Apple's lineup, just like there's a place for the basic iPad, at nearly half the price of the iPad Air. 
    I wonder if the new MacBook Pro 13 could in fact be a MacBook in the old 13 Pro’s body. Just like they do with the SE and the iPad, they could reuse the old shell for a cheap option and reinstate the ‘good, better, best’ line up.

    - iPhone: SE, 13, 13 Pro - budget option in old shell, colours and light/thin design for mid-range, fewer colours with performance focus and promotion at top-end. Previous 1/2 year’s phones retained to hit more price points.

    - iPad: iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro - budget option in old shell, colours and light/thin design for mid-range, fewer colours with performance focus and promotion at top-end

    - MacBook: MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro - budget option in old shell (new 13 inch MacBook in current 13 inch MacBook Pro shell), colours and light/thin design for mid-range (rumoured MacBook Air range), fewer colours with performance focus and promotion at top-end

    - iMac (maybe): iMac 24, iMac 27/28, iMac Pro - colours and light/thin design for low & mid- consumer range, fewer colours with performance focus at top-end

    - Mac: Mac Mini, Mac Mini Pro/Max, Mac Pro

    Might be me focussing on line up and naming too much over pure sales but it would bring a nice clarity to the line which has been missing for a while.
  • Apple's iPhone SE and Mac mini spring event is on March 8

    DAalseth said:
    “PEEK Performance “? Hmm. Wonder if that means we’ll get early looks at MacPro and such to come this fall. 
    Hmmmmm. Hadn’t thought about it that way. Interesting…