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  • Mac mini may keep existing form factor in 2023, says Ming-Chi Kuo

    mpantone said:
    This is a good example of why they are often referred to as ANALysts.

    Let's see now...

    Apple just launched a BRAND NEW MAC PRODUCT that has undoubtedly been in development for YEARS with dozens (hundreds?) of prototype designs, all of which got nixed save the ONE winning design that is essentially a tall Mac mini. Basically Apple could have made the Mac Studio any shape they wanted including a circular trashcan, a cube, or a mini tower like the last AirPort Extreme and yet they chose the tall Mac mini. Did they simply not think outside the box?

    Gee, perhaps crazy to imagine this but maybe Apple thinks this basic Mac mini design is pretty good.

    I really wish AppleInsider (and other Mac sites) would track the accuracy of ANALysts like Starmine or sports analytics. Use something like OPS or WAR.

    Hell, there should be a Fantasy ANALysts League. Bet money on the accuracy of these jokers. LOL, Gene Munster...


    Let's also point out that the Mac mini has a big datacenter presence. There are tons of commercial grade accessories (like rackmount adapters, VESA mounts, etc.) for the current Mac mini form factor. Apple doesn't gain anything from making a future Mac mini 8" square or 7.5" square versus the existing 7.7" square.

    Appletrack do it. Ming Chi Kuo at about 3/4 accurate so far…
  • Microsoft unveils Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Pro 8, Surface Duo 2

    I am all in with Apple outside of my work devices so not in the market for any of these; but I am glad Microsoft experiments and keeps pushing the design envelope. Not as profitable a model as Apple’s limited, popular form factors and SKUs but the different designs can only be good for the consumer, both Windows and Apple.
  • What you need to run iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

    I am chuffed my 6s is still eligible. I fully expected it, and therefore my series 5 watch which is coupled to it, to be left behind this year unless I upgraded.

    I saw some horrifying stats, from a reliable media source, regarding the emissions and water it takes to create each new smartphone so will hang on to it a little longer given that it works as new and won't hold back my watch.

    Fair play Apple!
    Japhey[Deleted User]watto_cobra
  • Rumor claims future Apple Pencil will come in black

    Yellow like an actual pencil might be kind of neat. 
    You can get skins like that if you are interested. I see them on YouTube reviews etc. Not quite the same but they exist if you want them.
  • Zoom plans encryption upgrade just for paid users

    rob53 said:
    The title should have said Zoom will continue to be unsecured unless you pay for it. I have lots to say about the organization who think people wanting secure free software are riff-raff but I'll leave it to others to yell at these idiots. As far as NYC's Dept of Education, I presume they are paying for licenses for the schools but are they also paying for licenses for the students to use at home on their own computers?

    FaceTime is free software, as long as you're using Apple products, and it along with Messages uses end-to-end encryption. It's about time Apple stands up and ports Messages and FaceTime to other platforms. iTunes is available for Windows (through the Microsoft Store) but "the relatively small number of users and the cost to port and support programs on Linux, it's highly doubtful iTunes will make the leap to that platform" (ref: lifewire). Porting to Android could be done but we know Apple doesn't want to do it, making sure it's a product that will make people convert to iPhones. Apple used to be huge in the educational market but left when netbooks and cheap laptops/tablets were forced upon schools. Apple continues to be one of the few companies that think security first and if they want everyone to have secure products, they should suck it up and port FaceTime and Messages to Windows (desktop/laptop) and Android (even though there are tons of versions that would need to be supported).

    It seems to me that they only make their software cross-platform when they can monitise it e.g. iTunes, Apple Music, Apple TV+ etc. I would really like it if FaceTime were free so I could stop using Zoom for conversations with Windows and Android users but I can’t see it happening as I can’t see the benefit to Apple.