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  • Rumored 15-inch MacBook Air release could be in April or May

    glh said:
    I have a 2017 12" Macbook, which still works well, running the latest Ventura. I really wish they would bring back a 12" machine -- its size is ideal for traveling.
    Me too - would love a 12"MacBook (Air) I still have a working 12 inch MacBook, and it's so light (significantly lighter than 13 inch air. 
    Me three. Thinking about getting the M3 Air whenever it comes out but would much prefer something smaller and lighter. With Apple Silicon the 12 inch would be amazing. I am not convinced we are getting it any time soon though...
  • Apple upgrades 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro with M2 Pro, M2 Max

    So much for the „MBP with M2 delayed once again“-rumors, I suppose.

    I pulled the trigger in December replacing my i2017 iMac 5k with a 16“ M1 Max + screen and with the discount I got plus the price hike here in Europe I totally don‘t regret not to have waited.  The only thing I catch myself occasionally still doing is reaching up formte keyboard to double tap a word, or move the cursor on the screen, like I‘m used to do on my iPad/magic keyboard combo. So much for pristine screens as well, I suppose ;-)
    Wonkothesane lives in California. You must be an imposter! ;)
  • Preorders for iPhone 14, AirPods Pro 2 have started

    Pro, Silver, 512GB.

    Ordered eventually but Apple Pay failed a few times. I now appear to have 2 on order! Had a text confirmation about the pick up but no email yet.

    Fingers crossed...
  • Apple's iPhone SE and Mac mini spring event is on March 8

    DAalseth said:
    “PEEK Performance “? Hmm. Wonder if that means we’ll get early looks at MacPro and such to come this fall. 
    Hmmmmm. Hadn’t thought about it that way. Interesting…
  • Nearly every Mac rumored to see an update in 2022

    Havetenthousandthings said:
    Someone in one of the other threads pointed out that Apple uses Max in their iPhone marketing. Thus,

    iPhone : iPhone Pro : iPhone Pro Max
    iMac : iMac Pro : iMac Pro Max

    iPad : iPad Air : iPad Pro (2)
    MacBook : MacBook Air : MacBook Pro (2)

    Mac Mini : Mac Mini Pro : Mac Pro

    Having a MacBook and a MacBook Air doesn't make sense anymore, since they are almost the exact size and weight. The difference is so small it's basically an illusion as this point. The curved shell of the Air is not very efficient for the components or the battery. The only important selling point of the Air is really its name.
    Maybe so, but much the same can be said for the iPad : iPad Air. The MacBook Air will get a redesign, possibly in a few weeks (I don't imagine the M2 will come so soon, but it's possible, and welcome), with colors and a sharp stylistic differentiation from the basic entry-level MacBook. Just like the current iPad Air versus the entry-level iPad. So "Air" will also mean colors. 

    I don't know when or if an entry-level MacBook will ever reappear, but I think there's a place for it in Apple's lineup, just like there's a place for the basic iPad, at nearly half the price of the iPad Air. 
    I wonder if the new MacBook Pro 13 could in fact be a MacBook in the old 13 Pro’s body. Just like they do with the SE and the iPad, they could reuse the old shell for a cheap option and reinstate the ‘good, better, best’ line up.

    - iPhone: SE, 13, 13 Pro - budget option in old shell, colours and light/thin design for mid-range, fewer colours with performance focus and promotion at top-end. Previous 1/2 year’s phones retained to hit more price points.

    - iPad: iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro - budget option in old shell, colours and light/thin design for mid-range, fewer colours with performance focus and promotion at top-end

    - MacBook: MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro - budget option in old shell (new 13 inch MacBook in current 13 inch MacBook Pro shell), colours and light/thin design for mid-range (rumoured MacBook Air range), fewer colours with performance focus and promotion at top-end

    - iMac (maybe): iMac 24, iMac 27/28, iMac Pro - colours and light/thin design for low & mid- consumer range, fewer colours with performance focus at top-end

    - Mac: Mac Mini, Mac Mini Pro/Max, Mac Pro

    Might be me focussing on line up and naming too much over pure sales but it would bring a nice clarity to the line which has been missing for a while.