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  • Apple unveils plans to ditch Intel chips in Macs for 'Apple Silicon'

    Peza said:
    Well this was the best WEDC keynote they’ve ever done, probably the best use of that new theatre since it was built too.
    I do like the new Apple Watch, iPhone and iPads features, even if they are ripped straight from Android.. 

    But.. I think Apple could have just killed the Mac, they are asking a lot from development houses here. And when your total market share globally is in single digits, I’m not sure many will comply, most did it for Intel as that’s the platform PCs use anyway, so it was easy, but now asking them to make effectively two apps, one for PC’s and one for Macs and iPads and iPhones, I’m not so sure many will want to do that, or, you’ll end up with a severely less capable app from the iPhone running in your new Max with Apple silicone.
    You seem to have zero understanding of this.

    And if Apple lifted a feature or two from Android (Citations, please!), who cares? Android lifted the entire OS design from Apple!

    Adobe and MS are already in; so that covers about 90% of the software running on all Personal Computers of all Platforms combined.

    And Apple has made it super easy, with great transition tools, a realistic “few days” timeline for most recompiles/ports, and what looks to be a bitchin’ Translation framework baked into the OS.

    I think you need to rethink your comments.
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  • Apple executives say creating Mac Studio was 'overwhelming'

    This computer would never have made it to daylight if Jony Ive was still at Apple.
    Ports- plenty of them- even in the front? Unbelievable.
    Looks like it can cool itself- and isn't a funky shape that no one knows what to do with- ie Cube or Trash Can Mac Pro.
    Still not upgradeable- no slots- while every PC in this price range can and does do both.
    I'm waiting on one. We'll see what it runs like when it shows up.
    It has Virtual PCIe Slots; Six of them on the Ultra. They just happen to be serialized.

    And BTW, System Profiler reports Six Thunderbolt Busses on the Ultra version of the Studio (so I assume Four on the Max); so that’s a total of 240 Gb/s of raw potential expandability (of which 192 Gb/s can be PCIe data).

    Now all we need are the peripherals to take advantage of it!

    in a lot of ways, this is the Cylinder Mac that Apple couldn’t build in 2013. But now, Thunderbolt has matured, and is getting to be as LightPeak was first envisioned. Let’s just hope some peripheral manufacturers get on the ball!

    But until then, much I/O expansion can also be accomplished through the use of another function of those TB4 ports, namely USB.

    Is it possible to find other PCs that have TB4 ports? Yes. Will they have Six of them?

    Not bloody likely. Nor is it likely to have Six PCIe slots.

    Not expandable? No Slots?

  • Apple unveils plans to ditch Intel chips in Macs for 'Apple Silicon'

    nubus said:

    We didn't see any benchmarks comparing Apple Silicon to Intel and we didn't get any info on power consumption. It was just "this can run on Apple Silicon in 1080p" without showing frame rates. 
    That’s because this isn’t the silicon we’ll actually see in the new Macs. The demos (all of them during the entire Keynote!) were done on their prototype Development Platform, which was essentially an iPad Pro with an XDR Display running a recompiled version of macOS. Benchmarks at this point would be beyond pointless.

    With all that in mind, I am super-impressed, and you should be, too...
  • Apple unveils plans to ditch Intel chips in Macs for 'Apple Silicon'

    crimguy said:
    I am also skeptical.  All of this talk about virtualization, Rosetta, etc.  Very reminiscent of when we went from PowerPC to Intel.  The difference is, going to Intel was a boon because suddenly we had Macs that could run linux, Windows, etc.  It was great, and I promptly tossed my Windows machine out a window.

    Now?  We're going in the opposite direction, hoping all of these virtualization technologies won't take a bit performance hit (I've got news. They always do!).  He's talking about getting linux running on a mac, which is great, but are we talking about custom ARM builds?

    And graphics performance?  Anyone here really think Apple is going to magically be able to compete with nVidia hardware, with on-the-fly ray tracing support? I find it hard to swallow.  We will need to get AMD or nVidia to create drivers for OSX I suppose if we have their gpu's at all.

    Just so I'm not sounding too negative, I am very excited for the common development across iOS and OSX.  This should bring a ton of software across both platforms.  
    The first Rosetta was not built by Apple, and was obviously a only a stopgap to keep Photoshop and ProTools on the Mac until the Publishers could be arm-twisted into porting them to Intel OS X.

    This is night and day different. If there is a performance hit, it appears negligible.

    nVidia doesn’t own a patent on hardware ray-tracing; at least not on the concept. Apple will catch up to that in a couple of years, IMHO.

    And you know what comes with a ton of software? A ton of marketshare, that’s what! And you know what comes with a ton of marketshare? A ton of new Developers, that’s what! And you know what comes with a ton of new Developers? A ton of new software, that’s what! And you know what comes with a ton of new software...
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  • Mac Studio teardown demonstrates relatively easy disassembly

    xp17 said:
    zimmie said:
    So at least we know the SSD on the Mac Pro will still be replaceable, like it is today. There wouldn't be any reason to have a non-user-accessible flash cart if they didn't plan to make a replaceable one.

    I wonder if anyone has compared the pinout of the Mac Studio's flash carts to the flash carts in the iMac Pro and Mac Pro. The Mac Studio carts are shorter, so maybe the notch is moved to make them physically incompatible.

    I haven't yet been able to find a report of anybody who has changed the flash carts in an iMac Pro, but I bet it's the same process as the Mac Pro. Shut down, pull the SSDs, restore the T2 using Apple Configurator. The Mac Studio and new Mac Pro will probably be the same once Apple Configurator is updated for the new Mac Pro.
    You're wrong. This is not SDSD. it's just NAND memory modules. All electronics, drivers are on the motherboard. This cannot be changed
    But the modules can be changed, added-to, and upgraded, providing a few rules are followed:

    1. All modules remaining after the Update must be the same manufacturer and capacity as each other (but not necessarily the same capacity and mfg. as the original module(s)).

    2. You must make a Time Machine backup (if you value your data!) of the entire machine.

    3. You must use DFU mode and IPSW tools to prepare the “Secure Enclave” inside the M1 SoC to accept the new storage configuration.

    Sorry for cross-posting; but…

  • Don't upgrade Pages, Numbers, or Keynote for iOS if you rely on WebDAV

    Never fear, Third Party App Publishers to the rescue! A third-Party Cloud storage service called "Koofr" apparently has a solution: I have no idea who this is; but there you go...
  • Apple unveils plans to ditch Intel chips in Macs for 'Apple Silicon'

    Riker said:

    Quit with the Hater shit, willya? It gets really old. Take it to MacRumors; it’s all they’ve got there.
    There are opinions in the world that differ from yours.
    True; but it does get tiresome. They all allege the same ol’ stuff; but never back it up with even a scintilla of fact.

    And there is a difference between allegation and opinion.
  • Apple executives say creating Mac Studio was 'overwhelming'

    michelb76 said:
    A lot of red flags in that interview, oh my.
    I’m sorry; are you Triggered?

    Better go to your Safe Place!

    Oh, I’m sorry; did the Exclamation Point Trigger you?
  • Apple's iPhone repair tool kit that it rents is wheeled and weighs 79 pounds

    Paul_B said:
    mknelson said:
    crowley said:
    crowley said:
    Trust Apple to make it way more complicated than it needs to be.
    When is the last time you performed ignition timing on your vehicle.  Or swapped out a bad wrist pin on a piston?  Some folks have the tools to do these jobs at home, but they aren’t free or cheap.  Nor are the instructions simple. 
    Do those folks rent them a week at a time, with the replacement cost up front, and “a fee and a tax” if they need them any longer than a week?

    As I said, more complicated than it needs to be, to fuel Apple’s control freakery and Nicole and diming.
    Nicole? Yes, that's pretty much how it goes if you rent automotive repair tools… Checks a few sites… deposit = purchase price.

    Who Rents Automotive repair tools?  You either own them and don't need a manual to fix the automobile, because you've either been taught, or a mechanic friend helps.  I don't know of a single place that rents a lift, and you have to be a ticketed mechanic to buy the diagnostic computer or get one on the black market.  My brakes on my Challenger Skat Pack are worth more that 4 iPhones, my Bridgestone tires are worth 2 iPhones.  iPhones are pennies compared to most useful products.  My Tenor Selmar Sax is worth six iPhones.  Are we talking pennies or Dollars?
    Who rents automotive tools?

    Me, from my local AutoZone; when I have to pull a Flywheel or Main Pulley once every 20 years.

    And I don't even play Sax; but I know it's Selmer; not Selmar!
  • Elon Musk says Apple's 30% commission rate is 'definitely not ok'

    bobroo said:
    I hope Musk teams with Berkshire Hathaway and they buy out Apple.
    They couldn't do that, even if they teamed with Bill Gates and the Sultan of Brunai.