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  • BMW temporarily ships cars without Apple CarPlay

    sandor said:
    rob53 said:
    What? It’s software related so why does the hardware have anything to do with it? If they can update the software later to make AirPlay work they can do it now. 

    Why is the article mentioning a chip shortage when the solution BMW is proffering is an over-the-air software update "at some point in the future"?!?

    BMW has an awful track record with 3rd party support & i am sure the only reason these vehicles are not shipping with it enabled is because BMW chose not to do it.
    What it said is "The chips used by BMW for its infotainment system aren't fully compatible with Apple's CarPlay and Android Auto at the moment". So BMW used chip from a different company like Apple switching from Intel CPUs to Apple Silicon. And BMW software developer is not able to rewrite OS on time. 
  • Apple made secret 5-year $275B deal with Chinese government

    Does Information get paid by the $1.5 billion fund US government allocated for the media to write negative articles about China? LOL
  • White House shot down Intel plans to increase chip production in China

    The chip shortage will continue under Biden administration. Companies will not manufacture chips in US. They cannot make money. If they try to raise prices they need to double or triple the prices. And this route is not working. Democrats have no concept of capitalism. 
  • Apple reportedly agrees to TSMC chip price hike

    blastdoor said:
    It is not a price hike. Everything in US is getting more expensive. Gas price is $6/gallon. This is more than 6% higher than last year. LOL

    TLDR — way less than $6/gallon.

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  • Microsoft says that if Apple isn't stopped now, its antitrust behavior will just get worse...

    Apple is much too successful - we need to stop it now! -- Microsoft

    Microsoft is pretty pathetic, and Apple's privacy terms rankle Microsoft's nerves. Too bad Windows doesn't have the same privacy safeguards - with Windows attempting to force everything through Edge.

    Microsoft runs their own closed ecosystem with XBox, so it's a lot of Microsoft calling the kettle black.

    The real monopoly is in the enterprise software realm where Microsoft keeps boosting prices for their good enough software.

    What really pisses off Microsoft is that they don't have access to Apple Silicon ARM processors, so Windows ARM will run faster on Apple hardware than on their OEMs - or indeed on their own surface machines.
    Microsoft has a point here. In the 90s it was so successful it almost killed Apple. On the other hand, Steve Jobs resurrected Apple without having to stop Microsoft. 
    Worth noting Microsoft invested in Apple in the 90's. Apple may owe Microsoft to a degree.
    It is a settlement. Apple sued Microsoft for Windows infringement on MacOS. And Apple agreed not to participate DOJ law suit to split Microsoft into two parts, OS and Office. 
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  • Amazon closing all of its brick-and-mortar bookstores and '4-Star' locations

    Hank2.0 said:
    Microsoft tried and failed...Dell tried and failed...now Amazon tried and failed. Apple succeeded. Why? I don't know. Maybe because Steve Jobs made Apple a business and a cult. Generally speaking, I think most PC owners see their computers and cell phones as tools. No particular loyalty to the brand. The Dell dies; no problem, Lenovo is having a sale. But there are Apple owners (cough, cough) who see their Macs and iPhones as gifts from the gods. Entrance to an Apple store has the solemnity second only to that of a medieval cathedral...without the candles. Permission to enter is required beforehand though penitents may wait before the doors in the hope a "Genius" has an opening. New Mac or iPhone owners walk out with a glow of happiness. Ok, maybe I exaggerate...just a bit. But I think there's enough truth to explain why Microsoft tried and failed...Dell tried and failed...Amazon tried and failed.
    PC owners are loyal to Microsoft. They think Bill Gates is God. 
  • Samsung prepares to raise chip production prices by up to 20%

    Xed said:
    The pandemic has ushered in an orgy of price gouging from corporations. Profit margins in general are well above what you would expect if they were simply passing along increased costs to consumers.
    This is happening because US government since Trump has suppressed competition from China. The notable example is the killing of Huawei.
    Since Trump? Trump was POTUS back in 2012? That’s news to me.

    Trump signed an executive order in 2019, but he didn’t need to since there was already a bipartisan bill in the senate for this ongoing concern that was going to pass. He simply did what was going to happen because it played well to his jingoistic agenda. As noted  by your post, you give him credit and erase 7 years, and the entire senate, and everyone else involved. You are clearly some of the people that can be fooled all of the time.

    Your timeline should move back to 2018 when Trump launched the trade war against China. He charged $500B/year tariffs on Chinese goods. He claimed all the cost are absorbed by Chinese manufacturers. Biden said he is proud that US government deficit did not increase in his first year. He forgot the extra $500B is added to the federal income. Over the last several years the economic system has figured out how to add this $500B/year back to the prices. 
  • Samsung prepares to raise chip production prices by up to 20%


    The sooner companies leave China in the dust, the better. 
    LOL Samsung is a South Korean company. Where do you live? Mars? 
  • If US lawmakers are good at anything, it's failing at technology

    viclauyyc said:
    Not 100% true about digital yuan.

    Many mainland Chinese are using a message app called WeChat. You can do a lot more thing than WhatsApp or iMessage. People can put money in their WeChat account and e-transfer money to other or use it to pay for services and buy things online.

    So preemptive to stop using digital yuan  in US is actually a good thing. 
    Agreed. The author is coming from an ideology not consistent with real life. 

    Would also be great if USA based companies were restricted from investing hundreds of billions of dollars into countries that hates the USA. 
    Correction. What you really want to say is "Would also be great if USA based companies were restricted from investing hundreds of billions of dollars into countries that the USA hates." 
  • China smartphone market plummets as Apple gains ground

    Apple is doomed. China is not our friend.  :s