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  • China lifts lockdown on Foxconn's iPhone plant in Zhengzhou

    ronn said:
    lkrupp said:
    CCP has changed. It is listening to people and making changes. New lockdown will be small and last only one day. It might take five to seven days to see if this new method will stop the growing of cases. 
    God, what an obvious CCP plant you are. Do you really think we are stupid enough to not know who you are and what you were sent here to do? Tell your CCP handler comrades that it’s not working.
    Obvious 50 Cent Army member!  :D
    You are wrong! I am truth and fact bearer. 
    Perhaps China should accept western vaccines.  I’d bet Apple would be happy to purchase 1 million Pfizer shots to provide first, second and booster doses to every worker at Foxconn if it would mean they could come and go freely. 
    Do you know China has implemented heath codes? The vaccines shots has to be recorded into the health agency. In US, the Wallet app will show the dates I received the shots. In China, just receiving the shots does not mean you will get the green code. You have to be tested negative. Some local places require test every day. Since there are so many people in China, just getting a test is a huge inconvenience. This is one reason there is such wide spread protests recently. But CCP has relaxed the rules today. 
  • Man beaten, robbed of $95,000 worth of iPhones outside Apple Store

    Recently NYU officials are accused of giving themselves raises while reducing budget for security forces. 
  • iPhone 15 Ultra: What it may look like, and what to expect in 2023

    JP234 said:
    JP234 said:
    "Thunderbolt speeds would be a massive improvement for creatives, especially those working with massive ProRes video files."

    Massive ProRes video files? On a PHONE? Sounds like an exercise in high tech torture! Maybe use a MacBook Pro, a Mac Studio or an Apple Silicon Mac Pro (soon, soon…).
    Got to shoot it on something.
    LOL! In the good ol' days we used to shoot pro video on pro camcorders. And edit them on pro computers (Powermac G4/5's, Mac Pros). Doubt "Foundation" was shot on an iPhone!
    Probably not for "broadcast," but the pre-imaging and test shots were.

    An iPhone doesn't replace the pro video cameras, obviously. But lots of stuff is shot on them, and getting the video off faster is a good thing.
    Apple should work with professional digital camera makers to create an interface so photos and videos can easily and quickly transfer to iPhone while you shoot. 
  • iPhone 15 rumored to get advanced image sensor from Sony

    By flipping the structure of the optics by 90 degrees, you can increase the focal length by expanding the structure from, say, the top towards the bottom of the phone, or from side to side, instead of from the front to the back, so you don’t need to increase the phone’s thickness to increase its focal length. 
    Excellent! So an optical zoom of 10 or even 100 can be easily done and there is no bump!
  • Foxconn paid 20,000 rioting workers to leave the company

    Madbum said:
    Madbum said:
    Madbum said:
    Whole thing staged by CCP to hurt American company Apple and Taiwanese  Foxconn.         “ indirectly”

    Not a conspiracy, it’s fact. A week ago, Local Chinese government offered retired communist party members and soldiers to work for Foxconn. These were the same people protesting yesterday clock work like military. And today these same people says they are leaving… Gee whiz?

    How do you prove they are the same people. LOL 
    Because these people haven’t even started working yet and they all extorted money from Foxconn. So they know exactly who they are. 

    Sounds like we have CCP sympathizer ?
    Foxconn told you they have not started? Where do you get the information? 

    but just read this head line 

    “20k people paid and told to leave”

    They were hired last week and  and their argument was Foxconn breeched  contract because they thought they were getting their money upfront

    but Foxconn contract clearly said full bonus will be paid at end of 6 months

    so Foxconn decided to pay these 20 k new people brought in by Local CCP government and told them to leave.

    so Foxconn don’t even want them there anymore… in the middle of worker shortage. So Foxconn knows what is up 

    Let me ask you one more time. Is this exactly what Foxconn said?