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  • Google teases Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro with new Tensor AI chip

    crowley said:
    crowley said:
    Interesting, how does the camera bar communicate with the "Pixel phone"?

    It's part of the Pixel phone.  It'll communicate in the same or similar way to how any other camera on any other smartphone communicates with the phone that it is the camera for.

    How does the iPhone camera communicate with the iPhone?  The Pixel camera bar will do that.
    iPhone camera is mounted on the same board as the AX chip? 
    Yeah?  Why would you think the Google Pixel camera wouldn't be mounted on the same board as the Google Pixel CPU?  I'm pretty darn sure it will be.

    I'm not sure what you've misunderstood here.
    I do not misunderstand. I do not understand how the camera communicate with the CPU. It looks like it is separated far away from the CPU. 
  • Apple's record $81.4 billion Q3 obliterates Street expectations

    Aaaaaand stock tanks. Go figure.
    What matters is the guidance and earnings call with analysts. 
  • Google given two months to reform flight and hotel search results in EU

    jimh2 said:
    It’s a free service. How can someone regulate free. If one does not like it then look at all the individual websites to find the best price. 

    This is an example of wanting something better than free for free
    This is an old tired argument. Advertisement is also free, right? In other words, the websites are essentially advertisements. 
  • US Government, NATO accuse China of Microsoft Exchange attacks

    crowley said:
    The Microsoft Exchange hack and many other attacks were caused by gangs working with the Chinese government, the Biden administration and NATO claim.

    Actually, NATO didn't claim that.   Aside from the usual crowd of the U.S., Britain and Canada, others are saying that Chinese hackers did some bad things -- but they are not attributing it to the Chinese government.

    From Reuters:

    "While a flurry of statements from Western powers represent a broad alliance, cyber experts said the lack of consequences for China beyond the U.S. indictment was conspicuous. Just a month ago, summit statements by G7 and NATO warned China and said it posed threats to the international order.

    Adam Segal, a cybersecurity expert at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, called Monday's announcement a "successful effort to get friends and allies to attribute the action to Beijing, but not very useful without any concrete follow-up."

    Some of Monday's statements even seemed to pull their punches. While Washington and its close allies such as the United Kingdom and Canada held the Chinese state directly responsible for the hacking, others were more circumspect.

    NATO merely said that its members "acknowledge" the allegations being leveled against Beijing by the U.S., Canada, and the UK. The European Union said it was urging Chinese officials to rein in "malicious cyber activities undertaken from its territory" - a statement that left open the possibility that the Chinese government was itself innocent of directing the espionage."

    With the U.S. in full attack mode on China, it puts their allegations / assumptions into question.

    Apparently there was a hack and also a release of information to others on how to exploit it.  But there does not seem to be a lot of evidence that it was initiated and supported by the Chinese government.

    But, regardless, if the hackers were operating independently in China, it is up to China to shut them down -- at least.
    Or, as the EU put it:
    "The European Union said it was urging Chinese officials to rein in "malicious cyber activities undertaken from its territory""

    How could a government rein in "malicious cyber activities undertaken from its territory"?
    For someone so defensive of China you sure do have a low opinion of their police force.
    Stop being political! I know high-tech more than you. I have given the reason not just opinion. Please respond directly to my reason. 
  • AirTag, Find My key to recovery of lost wallet on NYC subway

    This is an encouraging success story. I think the number one lost item is umbrella. Any one know how to attach the AirTag to an umbrella?