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  • Apple's record $81.4 billion Q3 obliterates Street expectations

    Aaaaaand stock tanks. Go figure.
    What matters is the guidance and earnings call with analysts. 
  • Apple begins crackdown on leakers from China

    Is this the high moral standards the western world talking about?

    UN human rights commission voted on the alleged genocide by China on Uiguers. 22 nations voted yes, 66 voted no. The amazing thing is the 22 nations are western nations besides Japan. On the other hand, none of the Arab nations voted for. They all voted no. 

    And Bill Gates funded for this,
  • New MacBook Pro models predicted for Q3 2021, held up by mini LED shortage

    Oh no! Our national security is in danger. We depend too much on foreign supplies. lol
  • TSMC starts construction of 5nm chip plant in Arizona

    tmay said:
    tmay said:
    cia said:
    OK two things....

    One:  Isn't TSMC having issues making chips in Taiwan because of the drought that's been happening there?  If water can be such an issue, why are they building this plant in Arizona, the driest state in the US?

    Two:  By the time this plant goes online, 5nm is going to be old news.  Why aren't they aiming for 3nm or better?
    Let's be real ... the real threat to TSMC isn't water - it's Communist China and a potential for mainland China to invade Taiwan.

    Uncle Joe is too smart  to provoke another civil war we can't win.

    You seem unaware;


    I'm thinking, haven't heard anyone use "Uncle Joe" in relation to President Joe Biden; excepting you, but of course, "Uncle Joe" Stalin was a thing back before I was born.

    As for Taiwan, I do hope that the U.S. and our allies stand by Democracy in Taiwan, even at the cost of U.S. lives. Taiwan doesn't belong to the People's Republic of China, no matter what China states. After what happened to Hong Kong, and Tibet, Taiwan deserves to survive as a vibrant democracy.

    Taiwan is no more separate from China than Texas is from the U.S.   Both appear to want to be, but neither is.

    Yeh, Trump incited insurrection in Hong Kong and Taiwan just as he did here -- but in all cases sanity prevailed.
    Actually, Taiwan is an island with no land borders with the People's Republic of China, and you would be lying that Trump incited the "insurrection" in Hong Kong. 

    August 2, 2019


    HONG KONG (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump has described protests in Hong Kong as “riots” that China will have to deal with itself, signaling a hands-off approach to the biggest political crisis gripping the former British colony in decades.

    "Millions have taken to the streets in the past three months to protest against an extradition bill that would have allowed people to be sent to mainland China for trial in courts controlled by the Communist Party."

    The protests are the most serious political crisis in Hong Kong since it returned to China 22 years ago. They also pose the greatest popular challenge to Chinese leader Xi Jinping since he came to power in 2012 and come as Xi already grapples with a Sino-U.S. trade war and tensions in the South China Sea.

    Some activists have waved the U.S. flag during the demonstrations, while Beijing has accused U.S. officials of being behind the violent chaos and warned against interference.

    Trump was asked by reporters before leaving for a campaign event in Ohio on Thursday whether he was concerned by media reports that China might intervene in Hong Kong and said the city had experienced “riots for a long period of time”.

    “Hong Kong is a part of China, they’ll have to deal with that themselves,” he said.

    Trump’s labeling of the demonstrations as riots is certain to rile activists in the Asian financial center who have called on the city’s government to drop the use of the word to describe the protests.

    It was the Extradition Bill that was behind the protests, and it wasn't until about three months later that President Donald Trump actually reversed himself on Hong Kong;

    November 28, 2019


    An explanation of why Hong Kong reacted;


    For the record, neither President Joe Biden, nor Congress, appear to be interested in reversing the policies that President Donald Trump initially placed on the PRC.  

    Defending Trump, his insurrectionists, and smear campaign against China...   Got it.
    To be fair, Democrats incited Hong Kong riots. Trump is not that fanciful about democracy. Pelosi called Hong Kong protests a beautiful sight of democracy. 

    True!   Or, while they may not have incited them, they have other similar rebellions - which triggered Russian retaliation -- which ultimately got us trumped.   And, in the end, as you pointed out, they certainly cheered this one on.

    The weird part is:   everybody on both sides of the aisle recognize that China is quickly overtaking the U.S. as the world's leading economy and the leading influence in the world.   But what they don't realize is that these silly attacks only serve to weaken us and strengthen China's resolve to never be colonized or pushed around by the west again.

    A great example is central America:  we need their help and cooperation to stem the rising tide of immigrants entering this country.   But, in their time of need, they had to turn to China for help with vaccines while we refused them.   Waving the flag and cheering democracy isn't going to get us very far on the world's stage.

    I left out one important fact. The US embassy in Hong Kong is very supportive to the protesters. 
  • Google unveils wireless Pixel Buds A-Series Airpods competitor for $99

    Where are these 

    Pixel Buds made? My guess is Taiwan.