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  • Russian man sues Apple for 'turning him gay' after cryptocurrency mixup

    He just needs his firmware rebooted.
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  • Apple debuts 2019 iPad Air with A12 Bionic chip and enhanced 10.5-inch display

    Fucking idiots and crybabies on parade.

    2013 — iPad Air, 64G, WiFi – $699; 128G, WiFi – $799
    2014 — iPad Air 2, 64G, WiFi – $599; 128G, WiFi – $699 
    2019 — iPad Air, 64G, WiFi –$499; 256G, WiFi – $649

    This without even chronicling the added features with each new version.

    You can spend more or less to balance screen size against features. If you're too stupid or lazy to grok the pricing and features, get a Surface, ream your rectum and pull your collective heads out of your asses.

    iOS_Guy80 said:
    Like the new tablet line up; new Mini, 9.7” and new 10.5”.  Then the Pro models. Why bother though with 64 gb as the entry level on any model? I know, marketing and profit margins.
    There's also the fact that some people will be using iCloud and no computer, and 64G leaves a fair amount of room and keeps the price low. A LOT of people will buy the 256G and never come close to using it all. Maybe you should be asking why no 128G.
  • Tim Cook lambastes Bloomberg for iCloud spy chip report, calls for retraction

    Bloomberg said they have:

    > 100 interviews
    17 individual sources
    3 full statements from companies
    1 statement from China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    0 tampered boards 

    One board wouldn't prove that Apple, Amazon, or any company was an unwitting conduit (supposedly) to CN. But it would prove that it happened to somebody, or at least that it exists. And yet nothing so far.

  • Kanye West makes bizarre claim about the 'YZY' brand being part of Apple

    Kanye is dipping into Musk's stash.
  • Apple 'finalizing' design of Amazon Echo rival based on Siri

    I have some Hue kit in the house. I had some trouble a while back but getting an additional Hue bulb to extend the mesh network clear it up and with HomeKit, Siri, although limited, works flawlessly.

    So that I didn't have to depend on my 5s, I got an Amazon Dot. The idea of just calling out instead of having to have my phone on AC or continually use my Watch, appealed to me.

    Alexa has been nothing but Siri's dumb little sister. All Alexa can to is tell me the weather and Chuck Norris jokes. She's been a major disappointment as far as trying to stream music or do anything else.

    Almost very time I try to get her to do anything  basic, she call time out and takes a break. She frequently tells me she lost connection with the Internet, even after I moved her to within 2' of the router. I ask her something, she very often lights up, blue goes to red, and she makes an excuse to not do what I said.

    One thing that bugs me though, is the requirement to give Amazon my WiFi password. In the setup process amazon 'explains' that if you store your pw with them, you won't need to manually reset all your Echo stuff in the event of a problem. Amazon will be able to restore all that for you. It's not an option. It's not stored on the Dot but on Amazon.

    Now your credit card is stored with Amazon and we assume they take great care to protect that data. It just bugs me that amazon doesn't need your password on their severs. they're just keeping it 'you know, just in case something happens we can help'.

    I packed Alexa up and sent her back to her mother.
  • Apple retracts two wrong specs on Titanium Apple Watch weight

    'Tiffany, get my lawyer on the phone! Everybody, this calls for a class action suit, and vilifying press for Apple. I smell money, people!'

  • How to find your Apple Card number to buy something online

    Man, if someone can’t figure this out on their own ...
    That's easy to say while looking at a tutorial.  That said, a UI should be intuitive enough where nobody has to 'figure' it out at all. And a lot of Apple UI is not well done.

    Also this little tutorial serves to answer all the panicky questions about buying online that people have been asking since the card was announced. Now they can know in advance without having to figure it out.
  • Editorial: Free advertising for Apple Card isn't coming from unit sales or market share

    From the ZDNet link DED referenced:

    The president of Mastercard North America, Craig Vosburg, recently explained on CNBC that this product is more secure because users get a one-time use number in the Wallet app. "The real key to the enhanced security here is happening behind the scenes where we're tokenizing the card credentials."
    He added, "We're taking the digital representation of that 16-digit number and scrambling [it] into a code that only we and Goldman Sachs can recognize. We know where it's meant to be used. We know it's meant to be used with that Apple device and if it shows up somewhere else, we know it's been compromised and we can kill it."

    I've been unclear about this bit and this is the most I've seen mentioned. If this is the case, that means that you don't have to get a phone call or text asking 'Did you do this?' This means that fraud is basically instantly prevented, a great thing for both us and G-S. 

    I wonder if any other cards are offering this specific, equivalent, or superior feature. This is much better than the typical 'You're not responsible for... if...' protection.

    People who dislike the Apple Card, here and elsewhere, deny it's unique benefits while extolling the virtues of their many cards of preference. Something of a less than objective comparison. So among them I wonder which issuer offers this particular feature.

    This is not the one card for everything. No one card is. But for many, there is one card that ticks enough boxes that they don't need Bullwinkle's wallet. Others prefer the 'Pick a card, any card'. 

    Whatever works of any given individual is fine by me. But they should at least be honest about why they do what they do.

  • How Jony Ive's design passion made Apple what it is today

    ralphie said:
    hypoluxa said:
    Glad to see he'll still be working with Apple with his new company.
    He won’t be, that was just PR spin to appease Wall Street. Once he’s out the door, he’s dead to Apple, and good riddance. He’s been phoning-it-in far too long. Just the face of design, not the real brains for 5+ years. Fresh ideas are long overdue. 
    Utter bullshit.

  • Apple fans line up for iPhone 11, Apple Watch Series 5 as first orders arrive

    I remember those days. Lots of fun. I don't miss them, but I do feel a little nostalgia.