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  • Review: Apple's powerhouse iMac Pro wows with stellar performance and design

    Sounds like a solid option.

    There are people who will complain about the price, but if tasks are completed at least twice as fast, then that is one less bottle neck in productivity. The real cost is the human element waiting on the computer to finish its task. More work done means better value for the business.

    If this is a home purchase, then it is a fun luxury for the person who can afford it, depending on how they plan to use it.   
  • Aspyr ends 32-bit Mac game sales in shift to 64-bit support only

    razorpit said:
    Isn't this just a matter of re-compiling to 64-bit?
    Not always. For example, if there were any assumptions made about the size of an integer, for example that can break things or an assumption was made on how an external function does things, but that function has its own bugs revealed with the change in bitness.

    Some other are indicated here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9728250/migrating-from-32-to-64-bit-releases
  • Core Slack, Discord technology Electron now supports Apple Silicon

    And there went all the performance improvements.... (sigh)
    Not really... People would have been running these apps under Rosetta anyhow, so by having the NodeJS engine (V8) native will likely improve performance. 
  • Nobody in America cares about pixel loss caused by iPhone notch, says judge

    gatorguy said:
    DAalseth said:
    Frivolous lawsuits should have consequences.  

    Pay for wasting the courts and Apple’s time...
    Yes, I've come to support Loser Pays all expenses in these kind of suits. I understand the arguments against the model, but I've come to feel that the benefits outweigh the costs.
    Sometimes lawyers (actually the plaintiffs) are ordered to pay, it depends on the specifics of a case. Apple right now is demanding recompense from one of he companies who had brought a frivolous case against them and so far the judge has looked favorably on it. 

    Loser pays as a general rule of law tho would not be a good idea IMO. 

    Any 'loser pays' rule should be surrounded by a bunch of conditions, because while it could help dissuade frivolous lawsuits, it may also dissuade legitimate lawsuits. For the latter the offending corporation could just pad the bill and scare off any plaintiff. At the same time, if a lawyer is in the business of organising the class action, in the sense they are the one who initiated it and recruits members, then they should certainly be on the hook, since it then could be considered suing 'for income', as opposed to 'for cause'.
  • Verizon includes Apple TV 4K in residential 5G rollout plans

    It is pretty doubtful Apple will release a 5G capable iPhone in 2018 or 2019, given Apple's past delayed approach to a variety of new technologies...
    If history is to go by, then they will do so when both the chips can be had in large enough quantities and when the chips are at a certain power draw. Two things that were issues in the original 4G chips apple used were: not supporting all variations of 4G is across the globe; being too power hungry. 

    It is sometimes better to be late to the game, but with a solution that is better thought out than everyone who has gone before. 2019 in this case sounds like a reasonable release date for 5G on iPhone. 
  • Tim Cook responds to Facebook's attack ads with tweet about privacy

    I wonder how much the small business position is even valid. Brick and mortar stores don’t get access to this sort of information, so I suppose making it harder for online stores helps level the playing feel to an extent. 

    Note, that in certain cases loyalty cards do help physical stores work out customer buying patterns.  
  • Intel-based MacBook Pro is Intel's latest anti-Apple campaign target

    Intel drops the ball, AMD picks it up and Apple decides they'd go with ARM. Intel is now in the process of doing damage control.

    Apple on the other hand never targeted gamers and has always been a joke for gamers. Deprecating OpenGL and leaving it in a seemingly unmaintained state does not help the game developers who do want to port to macOS. On the other hand, while this is a barrier for a certain number of game developers, that iOS has a healthy selection of games, may mean there is a chance that these games will be ported to macOS. Also, I wonder how many Apple users simply turn to a console for the gaming experience?
  • Rumor: Apple's 2016 iPhone will be dubbed the 'iPhone 6SE'

    I actually have a hard time believing this, since to a good number of people the "iPhone SE" is known as the "iPhone 6 SE". Marketing wise this would likely cause confusion, since people would likely be asking why is Apple releasing another phone by the same name?
  • Microsoft releases preview edition of Visual Studio for Mac

    Is this a case of 'Visual Studio is dead', long live Visual Studio'? In other words is the rebranded Xamarin Studio the new Visual Studio on all platforms?
  • Apple one step closer to Indian stores after latest finance ministry decision

    The company has resorted to keeping older models on sale as result, in some cases well after they've been pulled from shelves in other countries.

    It will be interesting to see if the situation in India forces Apple to think more about the window of acceptable performance degradation? Currently, you are good for about three years of OS updates, on an iPhone, and at that point your should probably evaluate whether that final OS update will lead to more frustration than it is worth. Additionally, what will this mean for the app store and third-party vendors?