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  • Intel-based MacBook Pro is Intel's latest anti-Apple campaign target

    Intel drops the ball, AMD picks it up and Apple decides they'd go with ARM. Intel is now in the process of doing damage control.

    Apple on the other hand never targeted gamers and has always been a joke for gamers. Deprecating OpenGL and leaving it in a seemingly unmaintained state does not help the game developers who do want to port to macOS. On the other hand, while this is a barrier for a certain number of game developers, that iOS has a healthy selection of games, may mean there is a chance that these games will be ported to macOS. Also, I wonder how many Apple users simply turn to a console for the gaming experience?
  • Game engine maker Unity expects $30M hit from Apple's App Tracking Transparency

    Gaby said:
    Personally I think Apple should purchase unity and retain the engineers. Then slowly integrate it into their SDK. It would help in myriad ways with the benefit of stifling Epics betrayal and scheming. Moreover if any of these court cases do result in Apple having to open up iOS somewhat and allowing 3rd party stores or payments then it would be another way to justify the commission model, and provides an additional incentive by offering a seamless high quality platform to retain devs and apps for the Appstore, rather than them having to pay Sweeney and Co. And additional percentage of revenues on top. All the while allowing for increased competition. Thus regulators would have no justification to complain. 
    Given that Unity uses C#, it would be more suited for Microsoft to purchase them, than Apple. 
  • Discord spokesperson blames Apple for NSFW content removal

    Others have made the point that given that Discord is in many ways simply a transport of content, it should not be treated any differently from Safari. 

    This means Apple should either make Safari 18+ or accept that a generic platform should receive the same rating as Safari. 

    Individual Discord servers can already warn about content rating, which you need to click through before seeing. 
  • Tim Cook responds to Facebook's attack ads with tweet about privacy

    I wonder how much the small business position is even valid. Brick and mortar stores don’t get access to this sort of information, so I suppose making it harder for online stores helps level the playing feel to an extent. 

    Note, that in certain cases loyalty cards do help physical stores work out customer buying patterns.  
  • Windows on Apple Silicon is up to Microsoft, says Craig Federighi

    Microsoft already does the “Surface Pro X”, which is an ARM based device running Windows. It also runs on the Raspberry Pi, but that seems to be more of a Windows CE variant?

    At the same time making Windows work on M1 based computers likely won’t be enough, because people are generally using Windows to run stuff that is not available on macOS. If the application doesn’t work on Windows ARM, then that will be a deal breaker. This makes me wonder whether Apple would be willing to licence Rosetta 2 to Microsoft, for use with Windows?